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James W's Experience

Feel free to contact James at E-mail:  skywalk04601@yahoo.ca


Experience description:   

Please note that this story is a little longer than usual as I want to relay as much detail as possible, I apologize in advance for this but for the people that want to study these things I felt it necessary to provide as much information as possible.  For the people that doubt, I do not blame you as I was even more of a sceptic than most, however, not a day goes by that I wished it never happened, not one.   

Experience happened September 11, 2005 time was around 5 o’clock a.m.  I have to say “around” 5 as my electronic alarm was turned in such a way as I could only see the first digit.  It might have been 5:01 or 5:59.   I do not know how long it lasted but when I “returned” the first digit on my clock read 6: ??   It could have been 2 minutes or 118 minutes.  It did feel like the full 118 minutes but I did not look. I was really shaken up after this OBE and the last thing I thought of doing was recording the time away.  It was very emotional for me.  Never in my life could I have even remotely entertained the idea of this experience happening, these things only happened to “enlightened gurus” and even then I did have a slight biased towards them.  I used to watch the Krishna people or the Watchtower people at the airports during stopovers, and I admit to thinking “my goodness what a bunch of flakes, get a life  dude” today I say to all people already aware of higher beings I do sincerely apologize.  Before the experience I would quite easily say, I am spiritual; believe in higher beings, like Angels and that sort of thing but certainly no more than the next person on the street.   Always found it interesting to watch programs on television dealing with OBE’s but again, its make belief, this can not happen in real life.  I certainly know the difference between being asleep, dreaming, and simply imagining I have never experienced anything like this before.  This was so noticeably different to such a large extent that I can not simply shrug it off.   

My experience is a bit difficult to relate as it involves another very real and very much alive human being, (female).   I do not want to even mention her first name for privacy reasons.   I feel terrible for the hurt I caused her after this experience and do not want to exasperate the situation.  In place of her name I put XXXXX.  I have included italics in places where I felt like saying or wondered perhaps this is what could have been said. This is my true story exactly how it happened.   

September 8th three days prior to my OBE I was in the local coffee shop, it is fairly early in the morning in S.E.  British Columbia, Canada (small mountain town).   Just as I turn to walk out of the coffee shop XXXXX walks in.  I only know this person through friends of friends, nothing more.  Small talk ensued, trivial stuff really.  “Hello, how are you today?’, nice weather, well I am late for work, talk again another time, bye for now” that sort of thing. Nothing of substance simply talk you would expect to give this type of acquaintance.  However this day something different was immediately noticeable about her.  I still today, October 16th 2009, can not explain it.  It was XXXXX but it was a different XXXXX?  It is difficult to make sense of but it was the same person, yet not?    I do not intend to sound cryptic, but something was noticeably different about her.  Without me even thinking about it I said “I was thinking about you the other day”  please try and understand, I did not consciously say it, it was not pre-thought and then put into spoken word, it just “came out”.   The reply from XXXXX was, “I saw you the other day”, for me a rather shocking thing happened just as she said that, a sensation in my stomach area, almost a “tingling” sensation, erupted.  It was similar to getting the chills??  It was localized only to my stomach region and I felt it wash over, my very first thought to myself was “my goodness what just happened? Best divert your eyes so she does not know that something strange is happening to you” I can not explain it all that well, but it was most certainly noticeable.  I admit to panicking a little and very quickly said my goodbyes and tried to hide the fact I was confused about what had just happened. It did not last long, perhaps at most ten seconds.  As soon as I left the coffee shop I turned to walk up the street and noticed a friend of mine was just parking his vehicle so he could grab his morning coffee at the same place I walked out of.  I try to act casual, and stop to chat, very much trying to hide the fact that “something” happened while I was talking to XXXXX. While I am talking with my friend beside his vehicle, XXXXX walked by staring at the ground, which is very unusual for her.   Her character is always outgoing and seemed on the outside to be rather upbeat about life in general.    At that point I realized whatever happened to me also happened to her.  The only clue I have is, I notice she is staring at the ground, and walking a bit too fast.  I understand that is not much to go on, however, something amiss was created.  At the time I had no idea about what we were both preparing for.  

September 9th, I had a long drive ahead of me to Victoria, B.C. in order to attend a wedding.  It is a full day drive, easily 12 hours and left early the next morning for the trip.  For some reason I could not put that “feeling” out of my mind and was looking forward to talking with my close friend about this unusual sensation I felt the day before.  Arrived in Victoria after the long drive and just after unpacking my belongings for the week end stay mentioned this “thing” that happened to me, we both agreed it was interesting and simply shrugged it off as an anomaly that sometimes happens to humans.  I admit to still thinking about it though, as it really caused something to happen inside me that I could not explain.  

Saturday September 10th, 2005, enjoyed a great wedding.  Drive back to my buddies where I was staying for the week end.  Home around midnight and go to bed expecting nothing.  I was alone.   

What happened next is the most profound experience that I have ever had and most likely will ever have for the rest of my life.   For me, even though it has taken this long to talk about, it is so clear and so incredibly detailed that it might have well happened ten minutes ago.  I can still remember all of it with amazing clarity.  At 5: ?? my eyes popped open, again this incredible “tingling” sensation in my stomach area only this time I felt the sensation of being pulled out of my body, most incredibly, my arms and legs stretched almost like they were made of elastics?  My  torso first then my arms and legs “snapped” out,  I hope this makes sense and I realize what I am saying sounds far fetched but after reading everything on this website I am glad I am not alone.  The very first thing I remember thinking was, my goodness what a strange high pitch vibrating sound.  Immediately followed by “wow, I am going to see XXXXX” I had no idea why. I did not think, my goodness I am dying or anything like that.  I just somehow was instantly aware I was going to see XXXXX.    I was incredibly excited about this happening to me.   I distinctly remember travelling at great speed, again, please note that I could not see a thing, it was pitch black but I was travelling at a tremendous speed,  not that a wind was blowing against my face, I just somehow felt it?  Perhaps, what seemed like twenty seconds or so, I came to a complete stop. I felt like I was in a room of some sort.  I could not see any walls, doors, windows etc but for some reason it felt like a room. 

I was standing but could not feel the floor beneath me? I then immediately became aware of an incredibly powerful spirit that seemed to be on the other side of this imaginary /real wall.  Again, this might sound strange, it was almost as if this spirit was so powerful and so awe inspiring that it had no choice but to conceal itself from me for my protection.   If I was to describe the feeling today I would mention the cat and mouse scenario.  Although I felt perfectly safe and somehow new that this spirit would never, ever purposely cause me harm the feeling was deep in the pit of my stomach. This again might sound weird, a being so powerful that I felt the power of it in my stomach?  I did not get the imprint it was God but I most certainly received the impression it was way more powerful than me.  Certainly the me, that was standing rather close to it, perhaps my spirit was just as big but was currently busy somewhere else…lol. Just a guess.  If this spirit wanted to “swat” me around and play the cat and mouse routine with me it would have absolutely no problem.  Again, I never had the feeling it wanted to cause harm, only that it could if it so chose.  As for physical size,  if you could picture sitting half way back in any movie theatre and having to look up at that angle, that would describe the perceived size of this spirit or whatever it was.  I was never afraid at any time.   

I clearly recall the sensation of “wow” this spirit is powerful and way bigger in size than me?  Why did I know this?  I could not see anything but I felt this sensation in the pit of my stomach. This spirit, or whatever it was, was very powerful. All of a sudden not 10 feet away from me was TWO of XXXXX.  Where the light came from that illuminated this next scene was beyond me but this bright light coming from somewhere had illuminated these two (one) person(s) One XXXXX was crying, looking away from me, and hugging the other XXXXX???  I perceived two ages, the younger XXXXX, the one that was crying and looking away?  Why I new that it was another XXXXX was beyond me, I just knew.    The other XXXXX was the exact same XXXXX that originally confronted me a few days earlier at the coffee shop.  I was just so pleasantly surprised to see her again and as incredible as this must sound I have always somehow known this XXXXX, although as a different human in another life.  I realized then that we have always been best friends??  I realize this must sound unusual but I truly feel like I have known this woman for an extremely long time. It was so very good to see her again after all these long years.  I do not have any idea how long I stood their watching the other XXXXX cry.  The most amazing thing then transpired, her voice which sounded so unbelievably beautiful just entered my head.  Her lips did not even move, it was the most incredible situation I have ever witnessed.  It was English but with an accent of ancient dialect.  The first words that entered my mind, “James, don’t be afraid”, then, “XXXXX must listen”   I can not remember if my mouth moved when I spoke but I ended up saying “Why is XXXXX crying?”  Before the reply came let me say that it did not even occur to me that I am looking at two of XXXXX?  Not long lost sisters or anything like that, I was completely aware that I was staring at two XXXXX’s and it mattered not to me!  This might be a bit difficult to understand but the reply was put into feelings and was somehow pushed into my mind. 

 I found this part a bit upsetting.  I would even go so far as to mention that it is the worst feeling I have ever had in my life. The reply was “XXXXX is starting to doubt her womanhood”  The sadness I felt for this woman was more than I had anticipated and even though I was in the spirit part of me I still felt tears streaming down my face.  I honestly do not remember feeling so sad for another.  Yes, of course I was upset when my mom passed on and I section this is a very close second. A truly awful feeling. 

What happened so far was bordering on magical I would have been just so content with this experience if it ended here and I simply floated back or whatever had to be done so I could say my goodness isn’t life amazing!!!    I don’t think I would have minded that.   

The following scenes very quickly changed my entire view of life.    Without question and I am not the first to notice this, time is not what we all perceive it to be.  I can say with certainty that time is meaningless in the spirit world.  I travelled back in time.

No words were spoken between us but all of a sudden I was in what looked to be a huge field in a time period that I was given the impression was millennia ago.   I was firstly in what felt to be a blacked out room, then the next thing I notice I am in a large field like place and I can see for quite a distance.   It was an utterly horrific scene.  The amount of blood, the unfathomable distress I felt frightened me completely.  The information relayed to me, or at least the impression that entered my mind was one of total and complete insanity.  You would not want to experience this situation I witnessed.  Insanity is the only word that comes to mind.   What I was witnessing is the result of what happens to men, when woman start to doubt their womanhood.  I watched very frightening scenes as men literally ate their own bodies.  I stood what appeared to be three or four feet away from a man who was eating his own arm, while it was still attached to his body. Another was tearing the flesh off his leg similar to a lion eating a zebra or what have you.   So much blood.  I looked across at men walking off cliffs and devouring each other???  Complete insanity.  The entire area as far as I could see was covered in blood.  I do not watch zombie horror movies or any scary movies for that matter, and this was a real life situation I was witnessing.   I was very concerned and very frightened.  From this new found perspective, all men should, at any cost, make absolutely certain that woman have no misunderstanding how beautiful they are.  We men are responsible for this.  The impression I was then given is men should try their best to  show woman how beautiful they are, and, what’s more, woman must find a way to show them so that we can understand.  The woman already know this in their hearts and we all hear it, “beauty is on the inside, etc. etc”, certainly a lot of  men already know this but few men really are certain of this.  Unfortunately I was once one of the not knowing types, but no more.  If we fail in this task the result is woman become doubtful and men in turn, become insane??  I will never forget the feeling of helplessness.  I have absolutely no answer on how to do it other than if you see a woman do something kind to you don’t let it slip by, notice and comment on it.  Perhaps hold the door open for a stranger, whatever it takes dude.  I am not trying to preach, I am not a prophet of any kind.  Perhaps it means something totally different from what I thought but I just do not want to take the chance and keep this to myself.  This is how I perceived the scene that was shown to me.  I welcome any suggestions on differing views. Over my past years we all see physically attractive woman on tv or in advertisements and the announcer saying “oh is she not the most beautiful..etc. etc. ” HOGWASH, they just want you to purchase something, beauty is in every single woman we just have to figure out how to see it.  The more physically attractive a female is MORE difficult it is to see how beautiful she is, I am truly sorry for the attractive woman in the world but I really think it true.  Judging by what I saw with my own eyes you can bet I do it as much as I am able if I can muster the courage. (terribly shy around woman)  It is worth mentioning here that I was given the impression that this already happened during a long forgotten time.  Perhaps another civilization could not figure it out and this created a complete breakdown of attitudes between men and woman.  This civilization winked out of existence because men and woman could not figure it out??   I just wanted to leave immediately, watching the man eating his arm upset me a great deal.  The impression I was given was that this happened a very very long time ago and they were definitely humanoid in form.

“James we have to go” entered my mind.  I was startled as I had no idea that XXXXX was with me, watching me being a witness this frightening scene.  I did not even see her or feel her presence but the next thing I was aware of, I am standing in the middle of a dirt street.  No plans made like, where do you want to go or, rushing of time/space or anything like that, I simply realized I was standing in the middle of a dirt street?   I would almost explain it like we were in one room, opened the door to another, and just stepped into it?  Instead of rooms it was scenes and we did not walk over to the next scene it just surrounded us?  The best part of this was listening to XXXXX’s voice.  According to her it was “James, welcome to the year of our Lord, 1348” If it were within my power I would have stayed their forever just listening to her voice it was that beautiful.   Proper English, perhaps like Shakespeare would have talked if he was born female? I will never forget her voice. Although I could see, it was not a normal vision.  It was like looking through a fish eye camera lens.  It could also be described this way, you know when you see horse jockeys put those blinders on horses that allows them to see only what is directly ahead of them?  Perhaps this way might help.  Take both your hands and put your right one just beside your right side eye and the other on your left.  If you wanted to talk and look at the person beside you, you would have to turn your head a complete 90 degrees right or left.   During this time I did not see XXXXX but I felt her presence greatly.  One of the first things I noticed was I/we were surrounded by guards.  I did not feel or get the impression that the guards were taking us somewhere or that some sort of crime was committed, it was like they were surrounding me/us to keep people away from me/us?  I did not think to count them but I suspect about 5 or 6?  I started walking and the guards kept the circle and walked beside us/me as if it was their job to do so.   Looking to my right I noticed a fairly large stone structure with tall skinny openings for windows or where windows should be?  The door we walked by was large thick planks of wood, large gate like hinges that were ornate looking.  I guessed the building to be about a small city block long, perhaps a few hundred feet at most.  Not tall, perhaps a story or two in height.  I did not get the feeling it was a castle or any such thing but it certainly was a large important building and XXXXX was somehow associated with it, either she lived or worked their, she did not say and I did not ask.  Although I say us, I did not see XXXXX.  I was so completely and utterly stricken with what was happening to me I honestly never remembered to turn to XXXXX and see if she was beside me. But I certainly was not alone. I could feel her presence. On my left was rolling hills with small houses that had thatched roofs.  For some reason I was fixated on a corn broom that was leaning up against a porch.  After taking this all in I became aware that even though I was in a village their was very few people around, the animals looked  unhealthy, almost as if nobody even bothered to tend them.  Everything seemed overgrown.   Picture really thick grasses with stalks about three feet tall, a large rainstorm comes in and pushes all of it at some acute angle?? The sun tries to dry it out but again more rain comes.   Moisture was in the air although I was not wet, it was not raining but I could not place what was happening here.  I noticed doors that should be closed were left open, the very few people I did watch, were covered with flowers as they walked around us?    Certainly fear was felt not just by me but everyone.    

I personally found the next part very interesting to witness.  I am certain I did not travel to the next scene but rather the thoughts were somehow transferred into my ability to think?  XXXXX was attempting to tell me why she was sad in this lifetime today and it started when she/us was in this huge theatre.  To explain it a bit different, I have to call it a dream within a dream.  Somehow a thought was either pushed or I let in this thought into my brain and the main premise was I was in an absolutely huge auditorium tens of thousands of people all dressed in robes and all eyes fixated on a large stage where twelve beings all dressed in robes were standing.  The voice simply appeared in my head.  Again this was just incredibly interesting as the stage was far away that I could just barely make out the figures yet they were talking like they were beside me with perfect clarity. Hold your hand in front of you and between thumb and index finger measure about half inch at most. I came to the realization that the earth was somewhere in the midst of a mass die off that took a lot of innocent lives.  I did get the impression these people standing on the stage were really important for us all.  Maybe they were the Arch Angels?    I truly felt the impression that these beings on the stage were explaining that something terrible was happening on earth and they needed volunteers to help repopulate it.  I sensed XXXXX put forth the thought that, in her own words, “I will go to this hell that is on earth”.    Never did I get the impression , of haughty, proud, look at me, am I not the worlds greatest shining star, but rather it was almost matter of fact attitude, I am the best suited for the situation at hand so I will go.  When do you want me to leave?  Simple as that!  In preparation XXXXX was told that she would be made physically attractive for this time period and any other time she lives a human life on earth, either as Male or Female.  It does come with a price though.  Being physically attractive has a responsibility and that is to make certain you can show people how beautiful you are on the inside.  This can be very difficult depending on your upbringing and thoughts throughout your life journey.  Sometimes, no problem, other times your beauty can be a hindrance to you.  If beauty is hidden it can cause unhappiness.  This makes sense, if you’re physically attractive to our species you can help expand life.  I did not look around or anything of the sort but I was amazed at the amount of people all located in this one place we have nothing on earth this size.  XXXXX was (chosen?) to go. 

Back to what was happening on earth, and I now had knowledge about the why of her matters, 

The guards I witnessed were actually protecting XXXXX possibly due in part as she was not getting sick and with so many people dying perhaps they were a bit angry with her for being not affected?  Or perhaps she was somebody important? Again, please note, I did not ask her any questions, firstly because, either I could not see her or I forgot to look beside me, I do not know.  It was a bit unusual looking through this fish eye lens??  It was so utterly fascinating to look around in the year of our Lord 1348.  As for location I had the impression it was somewhere in England/Scotland.  The reason being as the language that was spoken is incredibly beautiful perfect English.  The homesteads looked like the ones you see in movies with thatched roofs, and little plots of land.  The animals as mentioned, were in sorry shape, not skinny or anything like that, but not cared for either.  The fields had lush very thick green grasses about 3 feet tall but needed serious tending with no one bothering to do it.  Street was about 15 feet wide or so, somewhat dry mud but you had to walk around puddles as a fairly big storm had just passed through a day earlier, nothing different from today.  Guards had red cloaks and walked about 5 feet away from us. People most certainly kept a distance but I could see that they were far more interested in covering themselves with fresh flowers??  Not meant to be in a fashion sense but at the time of my experience I was curious as to where everyone was, why the open doors to houses, why leave livestock not tended, grass and foodstuffs not attended, and brooms leaning up against posts as if they were dropped suddenly?  And why flowers around the armpits?  At the time I had only the thought that something bad was happening and XXXXX volunteered to come here to help repopulate.   

What happened next, was quite simply the most astounding and certainly the most beautiful thing that one human can do to another.  It was/is so unbelievably beautiful, so incredibly moving that words can not describe it.  Even today almost 50 months later I still feel the reverberations from what happened.  I truly feel I will go to my grave still feeling the same emotion, and there are days I wished this part never ever happened to me, or at least the emotion that was given to me.  I still lay awake at night and get very emotional thinking about it.   This is the most incredible part of what is only now known to me as being an OBE!! 

All of a sudden I was standing directly in front of XXXXX.  I was about three feet away and noticed she had her right hand held open palm facing upwards.  As I mentioned a few paragraphs back, XXXXX was not visible to me however I am certain she was beside me? Or somehow her thoughts were very close to me.  Then, all of a sudden, she was directly in front of me?  I did not see her approaching from down the street or anything like that.  She was just there?   I looked down at her opened hand, and then into her eyes.  Apparently I was then supposed to try and guess what the opened palm of her hand meant.  I do not remember all of my replies but I certainly remember hers.  “No James try again” however, what I found very amusing was the uncontrolled laughter after every guess.  We both would laugh as if it was the funniest thing we both had ever encountered.  I would try another guess, “No James, try again” and then we laugh and laugh.  It is also interesting to note that every “No James, try again” was the exact same scene.  To try and explain it a bit different; play a DVD, hit the rewind button for a second and then hit the play button.   Do it as quickly as you can.  It was XXXXX saying “no James, try again” but after every incorrect guess as to what the open palm, or what the five meant I would look into her eyes and get the exact same “No, James try again”  After witnessing that horrible time/place where the men were eating themselves this was a welcome change.  For the record; some of my guesses were, “am I guard number five?” “are we going to meet again five centuries from now? “Five ounces of gold?”, “Five children in someones family” After each guess “No, James try again” and then laugh and laugh.  All together a really good time.  It was a very welcome feeling as the original place with the insane men rather upset me a lot.  However, XXXXX then looked at me, smiled and said “I am sorry James but we have to go” immediately followed by, “Will you give me this” I was way too busy laughing and trying to understand what the five meant.   I simply said nothing. 

The next thing I noticed or felt was, all of a sudden I feel that we both are in the same room that I first arrived in??  I have no idea why I was aware it was the same room, it was absolutely pitch black, no walls, no doors or ceiling, I was standing for certain but I do not remember feeling a floor beneath my feet.  If the original huge powerful spirit was on the other side of the imaginary wall, I could not sense or feel its presence.  The same illuminated XXXXX, but this time only one, the original female that was talking to me from the beginning.  I looked at her and noticed that the one hand that was by her side moved outwards a few inches, perhaps ten or so.  (if both arms were outstretched she would make the letter ‘T’) The other hand, which previously was open palmed with me looking down at it slowly moved down to her side then out the same distance.  She looked at me and smiled.  From this second onwards my life truly changed.  I would have to call it plasma light that slowly curled out of her womb area.  It was not light as we know it.  It was not like someone switching on a flashlight or lightbulb or even a lazer light which are all instantaneous light sources.  This curled flowing pure energy took about two or perhaps three seconds to reach me.  I will try and explain it differently.  Have a slow motion camera fixating on someone pouring water out of an ordinary 5 gallon bucket from a height of about 10 feet.  The water naturally takes its own path through the air, no constraints; it just curls up and flows directly to the ground.  Take the film turn it sideways and slow it down so that the water takes about two seconds or perhaps a bit longer to reach the ground.  Instead of water use pure concentrated light.  When that light reached my torso area my world changed forever and will never be the same.  I have never ever been filled by so much love.  I do not know what else to call it.  It was so powerful, so all encompassing love that I literally felt it exploding into and throughout my entire body.  Every single cell in my body was filled with so much love and with such intensity it literally blew me back about twenty feet from where I was first standing.  My goodness I literally felt every finger on each hand explode with this new type of love/energy??  I did not look at any part of my body but I certainly felt it throughout.  I was very aware as it permeated my entire being.  The next thing I realized I was on the ground?? Although I do realize I am saying ground but I already mentioned that it was much to dark and could not feel any “ground”.  But there I was on my back, easily twenty feet from XXXXX just starting to lean up on my right elbow to see what had happened to me.  The feeling was absolutely beyond imagination, I truly wished every single person reading this could share in it.  I truly wished I could find the correct words or even a song about it, only a select few humans on this planet can relate and I find that just so unfortunate.  How the world would change literally overnight if we all could experience this love?? Perhaps as a comparison, if the bad things I witnessed earlier with the insane men and doubting woman were put into the coldness of a single snowflake, then the love I now felt was like standing on the surface of 1000 suns.  No comparison what so ever.  I do not know what else to call it if not love, but my god, it felt so good.  When I did get up onto my elbow to look at XXXXX, Her smile was the happiest I have ever seen on another human.   What a spectacular gift to give another.  She most certainly was aware of what she did.  I noticed three things; the first immediately, the plasma light was gone.  The second, I notice at almost the exact same time was she was now looking at me through a window in what appeared to be a small backyard with a few steps on the right, as you are looking at the home viewed from the backyard.  Her words again, just sounded in my head, while laughing she said “James I have no choice but to put this wall between us as my love will paralyze you”.  (my goodness understatement of the year…lol.)  The window in which she looked out at me from was about 2 feet square with me getting the feeling she was standing behind it, all I could see was everything above her breasts.  I did get the impression that she was protecting her womb area of her body for my protection.  Looking around I noticed it was a small clapboard house with the paint being a lighter color, perhaps yellow or crème in color.    The third and last thing I noticed was XXXXX had stopped looking at me. I was surprised because I had realized this was the first time since this happened that her attention was not at me, I was not jealous but I did feel disconnect. If I could just interject here and today say, I realize I am using the word jealous in an OBE, I realize that, but I had felt a bit unfortunate that she had stopped giving me this plasma type whatever it was feeling.  It truly was the most beautiful feeling I have ever encountered and I did not want it to EVER end.  I have no idea how this next part happened, but I was not leaning on my elbow anymore, the next thing I noticed, not only was I standing up ten feet away from XXXXX again, but she was looking to her right and downwards a bit.  I instinctively turned my gaze away from XXXXX’s eyes and looked to whatever it was she was staring at.  About 15 feet away, on my left, looking at a rose bush, was a little girl of about 5 or 6 years old.  She was standing with her back to me and pulling down the stems of roses and smelling them.  She had curly brownish hair that went down her back, summery type dress and no shoes.  The rose bush was running the length of this small white picket fence.  I have no idea what she looked like as I was so intrigued by the whole thing I could not even remember to speak.  Perhaps she would have turned around?  I then noticed a movement directly in front of me about four feet away.   I then realized that the ground was covered in a mist type of situation almost like dry ice you would see at a rock concert or live theatre.  A small blonde haired boy was playing with those little matchbox cars in the sand.  All I could see was the top of his head but I somehow just new he was a male, younger than the daughter, looked like a male version of XXXXX and had much the same personality as XXXXX.  Why I new this, as he was covered in mist is absolutely beyond me but I am certain of his looks, style and demeanour.  It was truly the most incredible experience two humans could ever have together.   I remember feeling really overwhelmed with love.  I was still getting incredible amounts of love from XXXXX but just as much was being diverted to these two children.  It was almost as if the more you have the more you get.  It never runs out.  

I turned to look at XXXXX and her voice again entered my mind “Do you understand?” then “Do you have any questions James?”  My reply was immediate “Yes” and “XXXXX, how did you do this?” 

In the blink of an eye we both were standing in what appeared to be three dimensional photographs.  The blackness disappeared and I became instantly aware that I was going to be shown how this experience came to happen.  Although very few words were spoken between us I clearly noticed that the photographs not only moved but were scenes of friends and such that we both are familiar with. As soon as I noticed the picture I nodded in agreement and the next picture or scene instantly came into view.  The procedure continued with incredible speed.

To try and explain it in words, if you can remember when you were younger and picked up certain comic books that had a very simple drawing of something in the corner of the page.  The very next page had (mostly) the exact same drawing but, say an arm or leg, was moved just a small amount away.  Not at all noticeable when looking at the page but if the following pages were done with a little change and you grabbed the whole book and used your thumb to flip through the pages it would look like the character is moving.  Remember those? That is a bit of what it looked like except with such incredible accuracy, depth and speed that I was completely mesmerized.  Take the following scene and also consider, as poor as this next example is, take a billiard ball table.  If you hit a certain ball at a certain angle then it has no choice but to strike the others in unison, which in turn strikes another.  I witnessed countless three dimensional scenes which very much reminded me of photographs.  Each scene I had no choice but to think, ‘well of course this happened this way, it has no other choice.  It was not simply scenes where XXXXX and I were together as I have only met her a few times over my life, but none the less, I was staring at them all.  All the scenes were critical to us both.   How could a man be so completely blind to what is just so obvious to females.  I was extremely humbled by these scenes and I have realized what a truly beautiful woman is.  The final scene was the most obvious and the last one that XXXXX’s voice simply entered my head.  “Now… watch James”.  (said with force) I could see me standing beside the coffee counter, I watched as I turned to see XXXXX walk in.  The look of what appeared to be incredible joy appeared on my face.  It was similar to seeing a very long lost friend finally just turn up on your doorstep unexpectedly.  Or someone taking a mask off after a party and realizing, hey, I know you.   I watched as I spoke that sentence albeit without me knowing it.  I also watched as she spoke hers.  That tingling sensation in my stomach the result of both of our higher consciousness bodies somehow or someway took control of the situation and had a conversation.  As incredible as this sounds, I/we were having two conversations at the same time??  One trivial the other of incredible importence.  I tried to watch what I was saying but could not figure it out.  I do remember one sentence from XXXXX. “You care about me” or something very close to that was spoken.  I could not figure out the rest of what was said.   

 I do not know what was said but perhaps it might have sounded something like this.  In normal talk between two people.  “James, it is obvious to all of us in the spirit world your having trouble noticing what a beautiful woman looks like on the inside?”  “It is also obvious you unfortunately have no clue how to even approach me let alone talk on a rational level” “tell you what, in a few days you and I will get together and I am going to show you a few things” “Oh, and by the way, while your checking under the hood so to speak, see if you can figure out why I am somewhat sad in this life, can you please get back to me on that? This being sad is a real downer”. 

NOTE:  this is simply speculation as I could not figure out what was said but perhaps my reply was , “XXXXX, I really care about you and your life, I can see you are a wee bit sad and I hope you can see that I really care but have NO CLUE how to express my feelings, at least not on an earthly level of consciousness.  Can you please help me out here, I’m just not going to get it on my own, Oh and by the way, it is really nice seeing you again, it has been years”, “I do apologize for having to drag you through this OBE stuff.” “Oh, you will help, great,  I appreciate it, see you in a few days and thanks again.”  “And yes, I will make certain I will be a days drive away from you as the love your going to unleash on me is going to literally shock me for a week” 

I realize I am poking fun but truthfully not by much, I was not able to decipher the exact words. 

This last segment with the 3-D, billiard ball like pictures/scenes all happened very quickly and the next thing I was aware of was I was staring at my digital clock.  It read 6:??  I did not open my eyelids as they were already open??   I just returned to my body.  I do not remember the journey back, not the whooshing, vibrating sound, only the quickness of the last thirty scenes or so.  I feel that everything has an order to it, nothing is left to chance? 

Everything from here to the end did not happen during OBE these are what happened or what I thought the days following.  The first thought I had was, and this might sound off the wall, prehistoric man also could not talk and if they had trouble communicating perhaps they had similar things happen to them and as a result that is how they populated the earth?  The feelings of attraction to XXXXX were so unbelievably strong, so magnificent that I honestly believe that if she was beside me I would have literally picked her up and carried her to the church to be married?  No thoughts about getting to know her, no thoughts about what her feelings are about the matter, simply animalistic tendency to make certain she is protected.  When I was younger I remember seeing cartoons of the caveman bonking the cavewoman on the head and dragging her back to his cave to be his wife.  For some reason the cartoonist always drew a huge smile on the cave woman’s face almost as if she was glad that someone was so “into” her.  As unusual as this sounds that is exactly how I felt for a long time.  Rather frightening. 

The following week I was so shocked I did not leave Victoria, I literally walked around the house in a daze.  It took me a week to come to terms with what happened and I have to admit to being quite emotional by it.  I refused to even admit I had an OBE? It was frightening because this really happened, we are way way more than what you see around you.  The real world is on the other side.  It is this side that is the illusion??  Realizing this was a massive wake up call for me.  When I did start to get my thoughts in order the first thing I did was Google, 1348.   I found out this was a time during the first plague of Europe with millions dying, surprising to me because I had no idea Europe had more than one bubonic plague?? I only remember the one during the years around 1666, remember?  London burning, pied piper and all that, I had no idea of the earlier one.   Flowers around the armpits and groin, I watched it, I watched people walking around and being frightened.  The people of this town, those that were left, thought it was carried in the air and if they covered themselves with flowers the fragrance would kill the germs?   Empty town? Of course they are all either dead or gone, leaving doors open, who cares about the flock or foodstuffs, just survive.  Thanks Wikipedia.  

I remember being so excited about wanting to talk with XXXXX I was really looking forward to getting her side of the experience, you know, compare notes and reminisce about the days way back when.   My goodness I was way over the top excited about telling XXXXX.  How could I have been so blind?  I really wanted to apologize to her for me having to drag her through all this OBE stuff.  On the other side she was rather upset with me for NOT talking to her and figuring out my feelings.  I truthfully expected her to be just as surprised as me and eager to tell her side of what happened to her, surely she was just as involved in this experience.

Readers, I have done more than my share of dumb things in my life, I admit that, however by me talking about this experience to others easily ranks up as being the single DUMBEST thing I have ever done. A HUGE mistake.  Unfortunate for me, as I enjoyed living in this small town in S.E. British Columbia, along the best river in Canada I might add, but was soon run out on the rails so to speak.  If burning at the stake was still an attractive form of punishment I would be strung up with XXXXX lighting the first match.  A truly awful experience, for all.   Keeping this part short if I had to do it again I would only have told my two sisters and my best friend, that’s it.  If I could give any advice to those that want this to happen to them, best not to mention it to anyone.    I very much wished I had kept this secret. 

Within a few months, purchased dozens and dozens of books on the subject.  Read all of them, some three and four times. Found out about the Monroe Institute and made the call.  I was relieved to find out that this has happened to a lot more people than I had originally thought.  I was surprised by the amount of people that actually want for this to happen to them?? Be careful what you wish for, comes to mind.  I did find out more answers but a whole lot more questions then ensued.  TMI was a great place to find grounding.  Thanks Penny!! If you recall earlier when I mentioned it was like looking through a fish eye lens, I was somehow very aware XXXXX was beside me yet I could not see her, I somehow just knew that I visited this massive auditorium with thousands and thousands of others all watching this stage.  At the same time I am certain it was not “me” there??  This then makes perfect sense to me if I simply inhabited this other persons body?? I put forth the concept that maybe, if you are “alone” you can have incredible 360 degree vision, if you have to inhabit another body  and look through their eyes you have limited vision??  I also will say that, as most people will agree with, our earth has a lot of extremely negative energy, bad spirits and generally not a great place to stick around in.  I also put forth that either I chose not to look at the negative energy as it was much too frightening or XXXXX covered my eyes for me.   Time is not even relevant on the other side, you can rather easily travel back in time and I very much expect forward as well.  I say these things because of the amount of literature I have read and only this one experience. 

On a bit more of a personal note, for the people that want to study this, my upbringing was mostly myself and my two sisters.  I was very shy throughout my entire life, much too shy to talk with females.  I also kept mostly to myself growing up.   I think that shy, quiet people either male or female are extremely good at reading other people by just looking??  A question only because I do not know but I think nature finds a way. 

I also have been reading a lot about alternate universes or even parallel universes?   Mostly Brian Greene and Michio Kaku readings.  If anything good came out of this experience it is I am not at all afraid of death.  Going from the thoughts of, “I believe we survive death”’ to “I am certain we survive death” is a comfort to me.   I also think that because time is not what we perceive it to be, perhaps everything that could happen does happen, and not only does it all happen but it happens all at once?   Leading up to this experience by about a year was 11:11, everywhere I turned I was shown 11,  I am not alone in noticing this, as web sites are springing up all over. 

 I was wrong about how XXXXX certainly  must know about what happened to me/us.  In my version of events, their was two of her, surely one of them would remember.  I still would like to say a few things about love/hate.  I would never have known this if this experience never happened.  They are exactly without fail the same emotion.  I realize this is difficult for a lot of people to accept but the emotion is exactly the same.  A dollar coin is still a dollar coin no matter what side appears after you flip it.  Yes I made a mistake with mentioning it, but it happened to me, and the unusual thing is, of the people I talked with about it (I realize now, way too many) in all my excitement, very very few believed me however XXXXX was one of them that did?  Go figure….lol  I could see it in her eyes?  The statement, the eyes are the gateway to the soul, that statement is so true, I had no idea.  To end on a positive note, I say to men, do your best to make certain woman know how beautiful they are.  We are the ones who pay for it if we fail.  Unfortunately being shy and not talking to woman due to being afraid of rejection does not help either, it is too late for me but I encourage all guys to try their best.  Sorry I can not speak for the females but if someone has any experience from the female perspective please advise.   

I will never ever forget what happened to me.  I can’t even if I tried.  The love was so intense that unfortunately it was the best and worst part of this experience.  I will of course give it “my best college effort” to find another woman that actually cares on this level of living but Judas H Priest, it will be an uphill battle. (apologies for the colourful language)  Good luck to all of us and especially the ones who have the courage to have these experiences again and again.  How in heck do you manage it…lol ? I would like to say, I have no idea of what the correct procedures should be regarding male and female communication, this is what happened to me and I, of course fully realize somebody out there may have a totally different approach that completely contradicts this experience.  I do not have the answers and simply want to help get this off my chest so to speak and in doing perhaps I might be of help to another that has the same outlook as I do.


Hello Dr. Jeffrey Long, 

Thank you again for deciding to start a website that acknowledges the rather unusual situations that we as humans can sometimes find themselves in.   I do realize I failed to mention the reaction of XXXXX in my previous email outlining my experience.   I was initially a little reluctant but I can agree with you in thinking perhaps others might be interested in how this played out.  I wanted to try and find a way that would preserve both of us from opening up any bad feelings even though I have long since had to move away from Fernie.  As recounted during my initial experience, it was unfortunately myself that created the following situation however I honestly do not think I am totally to blame.  As this is my only chance of ever getting to relate my side of the story I certainly hope for a reprieve from the court of public opinion.  After “it” happened I tried in my own way to tell XXXXX however being shy by nature I only know of one way and that is by letter.  I will spare you the details but I could guess what most people would think if they received a handwritten letter from some person saying these things.  Hand to my heart, swear on a stack of bibles, I honestly thought XXXXX was right their with me in the same capacity??.  Would you not think so?  For crying out loud…I was ripped out of my body while trying to sleep.  Certainly XXXXX must have had a similar experience during that night, after all, their was two of her, surely one of them must remember something.   Anyways, this is where I really messed up, I tried to (as gentle as I can) mention to her to not be so sad in life.  Well, that created immediate vengeful wrath that to this day I am afraid to go back.   I think her background is perhaps may be a bit difficult as one of the very few times I seen her she was wearing a Hustler sweat shirt (mens magazine for those that have been living under a rock for the past 30 years).  Please understand this, I am a red blooded Canadian guy that most certainly has had his fair share of Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, and the list goes on… magazines in my mid to late teens.   Truth be told when my mates and I thought of trying to sneak into x rated movies I would always be the first to say, count me in.  I would be the one figuring out how best to purchase the tickets…lol.  We all go through this sort of thing.  I am certainly not judging this woman for her choices in life, I am saying it is/was making her unhappy.    Lots of women make a very decent living at this but some should not as it affects something inside them that is not conducive to a happy life.  Trying to convince XXXXX to perhaps not advertise this kind of activity, and if that was not enough, best not to hang around with guys that encourage it and expect her to put out.   Of course words to the effect of “bugger off”  (MUCH more graphic) were directed at me from not only XXXXX but also most of her guy friends that want her to remain exactly in the position she is in.  I am sure you all can see the snowball effect starting.  I wrote a letter suggesting strongly the effects of having the audacity to doubt her womanhood and how it literally will kill us all.  I told her in all capital letters that instead of screaming at me she should be upset with all her guy friends for not noticing she was sad and especially herself for being so unfair to her inner being.  In hindsight I wished I handled it differently.  I screwed up and should not have said this.    A few years later, I ended up back in Ontario at this psychic to get some idea of spiritual suggestions; he mentioned that in fact XXXXX was not even aware of what happed.  Of course now I feel like a jerk, but it was not ALL my fault.  I did end up purchasing a very cool, spanking new sweat shirt to try and beg forgiveness but it is still sitting in my closet, I am way too nervous to return, perhaps some day I will drop it in the post with an apology.

Any associated medications or substances with the potential to affect the experience?     Uncertain            A few glasses of wine at the wedding? Perhaps three at most.

Was the kind of experience difficult to express in words? Yes     Most was not difficult, however I will never ever be able to adequately express the amount of love I received from XXXXX.  No words, songs, poems, we have nothing on this earth to describe it.  Unfortunate, life would literally change overnight if we all were given this opportunity.

At the time of this experience, was there an associated life threatening event?          No      

What was your level of consciousness and alertness during the experience?           Much more acute, colors very vibrant, amazing clarity of objects, other people walking around, amazing color in the flowers, poor wretched animals.

            Was the experience dream like in any way?   I was acutely aware, no dreaming or fuzzy memory. Nothing like that, I know what dreaming, daydreaming etc. is like, this was noticeably different I was completely coherent throughout.

Did you experience a separation of your consciousness from your body?     Uncertain      I think I inhabited another body in the year 1348?  The dream within a dream was how I was aware of the huge auditorium I was at?  It was also probably why I had limited vision?

What emotions did you feel during the experience?            Jubilation at being free, incredible sadness, very frightening scenes, laughter (which was a relief), love (so much so that I can not print the words, incredible amount of love)  Amazement of the wonder of our beings

Did you hear any unusual sounds or noises?           No unusual sounds or noises, the men eating their flesh was similar I would guess to a lion eating a zebra or what have you.  Nothing unusual about that sound though.  A “whooshing” sound, a really high pitched sound almost like an electrical motor starting up?  I feel as humans the sound would be easy to replicate if we wanted to.

LOCATION DESCRIPTION:  Did you recognize any familiar locations or any locations from familiar religious teachings or encounter any locations inhabited by incredible or amazing creatures?    No           

Did you see a light?           Uncertain      Other than the two illuminated XXXXX’s, where that light came from is beyond me, the plasma light that came from XXXXX’s whomb was fascinating to look at as well.  It looked like "liquid light"?  Never noticed a light at the end of a tunnel that others witness.

Did you meet or see any other beings?           Yes     Oh yes, included in story, I watched frightened people walking around with fresh flowers around armpits and groin area.  I watched and listened as XXXXX talked to me beside a water fountain, walked side by side with guards?  The man tearing the flesh off his own arm and the men simply walking off of cliffs caused me great anguish.

Did you experiment while out of the body or in another, altered state? No      

Did you observe or hear anything regarding people or events during your experience that could be verified later?          Uncertain      sort of- I googled 1348, and found out about the first plague, I never even was aware of it.  I am not sure if this counts though.

Did you notice how your 5 senses were working, and if so, how were they different?          Uncertain            Walking around in the year of our lord (Her words, not mine) 1348, I could not see 360 degree vision.  It was almost as if I was looking through someone else's eyes?  I think they call it, looking through a "fish eye" lens?? I do not recall, the other senses being any different.  I remember thinking how beautiful her language was, my ears must have picked that up?

Did you have any sense of altered space or time?   Yes     Yes, time is not what we perceive it to be, it is difficult to understand so I can not relate.  I almost want to say that we all are the best time machine?? On the other side time travel is as simple as walking through a door?  Bubbles of time that we all create.  We are busy with Mondays bubble while our higher selves are constructing Tuesdays bubble.

Did you have a sense of knowing, special knowledge, universal order and/or purpose?    Yes            Those 3-D pictures that moved clearly showed me that everything has an order, we create the scenes and interact within them.  Some people are good at viewing the next bubble while living in this one.  Does that make sense?  We create our destiny.  If you want to be happy, well start thinking happy thoughts and the next day happy thoughts shows up.  I am not trying to sound philosophical that is what I saw with my own eyes.  Suicide is certainly extremely bad to do, if you take this route out of life you will be so pissed at yourself once you realize what a stupid mistake you just did.  DON'T DO IT, don't even think it. If you feel bad now, just wait how bad you will feel after you take this "out" in life, sorry but its true.

Did you reach a boundary or limiting physical structure?             No       I do not remember seeing any physical structure but at times it was very black.

Did you become aware of future events?       Uncertain      No not really, however, if XXXXX has two children, one female born first, one male (that looks like her and has the same character traits), decides to live in a house that has small steps leading up to the back porch area, light colored wood, horizontally placed, has a small white picket fence around it, with rose bushes on one side.  And I somehow find out about it, then I can say comfortably that I have seen the future.

Were you involved in or aware of a decision regarding your return to the body?       Uncertain      I don’t think I had a choice.  XXXXX mentioned a few times “James we have to go”  I was mostly just following, after reading all of these other experiences on this web site, I suspect I could have said “forget it, I want to check other things out” but at the time I was stunned by what was happening to me and I just followed along.

Did you have any psychic, paranormal or other special gifts following the experience that you did not have prior to the experience?         Yes     Yes two other OBE’s both extremely short in duration, never left my room, lasted what felt to be seconds.  The sexual urge Mr. Monroe  and Joe McMoneagle talk about is a difficult thing to overcome.  Earlier in life, around 6 or 7 years old I noticed some very strange happenings going on in my life but was much too young to be able to make sense of it.  Now it all makes sense though.  Also had a lucid dream a few months ago, partially destroyed city, unpleasant to look at, spirit guide told me this is called the "Great Purge", it will be coming very shortly and to prepare. It was not an OBE but the words "great purge" was so loud that I awoke quickly from my sleep.  This had nothing to do with this OBE though. Other small stuff but not worth mentioning.

Did you have any changes of attitudes or beliefs following the experience?   Yes     More spiritual, I always pray whenever I need strength, I never used to do that.  We all have spirits, guides,  or whatever you want to call them, helping us, guiding us everyday. Knowing this with absolute certainty has helped me overcome a great deal of life's problems that get thrown my way.   I also don’t slam the door on Jehovah’s Witnesses and I actually enjoy talking with monks in robes and that sort of thing.  Of course to be expected I do not fear death in the least.

How has the experience affected your relationships? Daily life? Religious practices? Career choices?       Affected me in relationships but unfortunately not in a good way.  I find it difficult not to compare what was shown me by XXXXX with other females, I am sure it is present but it is difficult.  Everything else is the same, still do not go to church but have no trouble accepting that if you believe in any god that is ok by me.

Has your life changed specifically as a result of your experience?         Yes     Yes, I try to be more outgoing with females. More tolerant with people, try and see their side of the story.

Have you shared this experience with others?         Yes     Yes I shared, My goodness, huge mistake, if their was one thing I wished I could change, my advice to people that actually want this to happen to them, best to keep it to yourself or your very close friends, don’t do what I did. It will end badly for you guaranteed.  Thank goodness we don't still burn people at the stake for things like this, I'd be crispy right about now.

What emotions did you experience following your experience?  Various emotions in large doses, especially love, I can not stress this enough, the love was unbearably beautiful.

What was the best and worst part of your experience?      This question I find difficult to answer.  I really want to say the usual, the best was the love and the worst was the view of insane men etc, etc.  The love I felt was so overwhelming, so completely pure and perfect that I wished I never felt it in the first place, without hesitation I would return to that feeling.  I realize this is a bad pun but, for the movie buffs out there. “I know what you’re thinking, cuz right now I’m thinkin’ the same thing.  Why didn’t I take the BLUE pill????”…..lol.  Ignorance is bliss, is the thought I am trying to suggest here.

Is there anything else you would like to add concerning the experience?        Nothing more to add, we are much more than what you see around us, most people reading this website already know that, we have to find a way to make this known to the people that have no idea of the spirit side of living, not sure how to do it though.

Following the experience, have you had any other events in your life, medications or substances which reproduced any part of the experience?         No      

Did the questions asked and information you provided accurately and comprehensively describe your experience?               Yes     Yes the questions were great in helping me talk to others without having to expose myself to ridicule.

Please offer any suggestions you may have to improve this questionnaire.    I am uncertain as to why I have felt the incredible almost unstoppable (for that matter it DID stop me) sexual urge on my other two OBE’s. Has anyone else besides the above two (Monroe, McMoneagle) that has this sensation, How about females?  I read of Eva S’ experience, but that happened while she was out of body already?  I am of the impression that this urge is like a locking mechanism that helps keep us in our bodies?   Perhaps a question on this.