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Jacqui G's Experience

Experience description:   

The biggest surprise to me about my OBE was that I could still see and think. I remember thinking that!!  I got such a shock when I saw my body...I thought I must've died.  I just kind of floated there not knowing what to do, I was scared. I could
see the top of my wardrobe and wondered why my face was very near the ceiling. I noticed that a plant which I had on top of the wardrobe had dropped 3 leaves which had turned brown and were lying on the top of the
wardrobe. I also felt 'physical' but not. ..very hard to explain. I felt like I had arms because I remember moving my right arm slowly down to feel underneath me starting to realize that there was nothing beneath me and that
I was floating. This movement of moving the right arm down spun me right over! (Like as if I was doing an Eskimo-roll in a kayak). It was then I saw myself lying below. As soon as I saw myself lying there on my back with one
arm up on the pillow and the other pointing downwards I got such a shock and at exactly the same time there was a loud whooshing noise (like a backward whistle) and it felt like I was 'sucked' back into my body, my physical body
jolted and I felt it right between and slightly above my eyes. I lay awake, still,...looking around, scared. One arm up on the pillow and one arm down just as I had seen. I then remembered the plant and got up and dragged a
chair over to the wardrobe. I got up on the chair and could still only just peek over the top of the wardrobe, but there they were. I even had to move the plant-pot to see the third leave. The 3 brown leaves were lying there
just where I had seen them...it hadn't felt like a dream, but now I knew for sure that it wasn't.
I no longer fear dying...and the experience changed my life.  My dear Dad passed away just a couple of weeks ago and I was at his Funeral Service on Thursday...I miss him terribly, and yes I'm devastated but I know
his soul is out there and I'll see him again when my time comes.   I hope actually to see him before then, as I've seen, and felt some strange things in my lifetime...
It's been nice talking to you today, and especially to tell someone about my experience who doesn't think I'm insane!