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Experience description - Dream #1:   

I have had many strange experiences that involve communicating and speaking with people that have passed on. I have also read articles regarding near death experiences and feel that many of my experiences have far too many similarities for this to be a coincidence. I feel that I have had the ability to communicate with some people that I do know and some people that I do not.

My last dream involved the asking of many questions that I had about life after death, and I was actually given responses to my questions. I had truly hoped to be able to share my experience with someone who might actually understand, but never to seem to find that person.

On one occasion, I was in a building looking for the gateway to heaven. I knew that the gateway was in this building because I could feel it. I could feel inside wither I was getting closer or was heading in the wrong direction, but eventually found my way into a room where the gateway was. It is so difficult to explain what I saw and what I felt. I have no doubt in my mind that this dream was real.

When I entered the room, I saw a large whole in the top of the ceiling of this room. I could see what seemed like wind or clouds of wind pulling people up through this hole to heaven. In the wind, I saw men, women, and children all being pulled up. There were no expressions on their faces, but I also remember that they were traveling so quickly, that I did not really have a chance to see their faces too clearly.

I think the part that made me believe the reality of the dream, was that I do remember it was important that I recognize the race of the many people traveling through this gateway. Many were Palestinians. The children primarily were Palestinian and I remember thinking that there were too many too young entering this pathway. I walked closer to this gateway but stopped when I realized I was at the edge. I was afraid and was worried. I had an urge to walk into this wind to experience what heaven might be like, but was focused enough to realize that if I walked into it, I may never be allowed to come back. I was afraid if I entered, in the real world, I would have died and I was afraid of leaving my children on earth alone.

I knew that I did not feel ready to die and chose to turn away. Mentally, it truly felt like someone was giving me a choice. It felt like someone had helped me find the gateway to heaven and then left me with the choice of wither to cross over or not. I was so focused on my children. I turned away from the wind and remember letting someone know that I could not take the chance of never coming back to my family. At least not at this time.

When morning came, I remembered every detail and felt every detail as if it were so real. The funny thing was that one of the first things I thought of when I awoke was wither their had been another bombing or terrorist attack in where many Palestinians died. I listened to the radio to learn that I was right. Israel had attacked and killed many Palestinian people that night in a terrorist attack. I will never really know if what I saw was actually them, but my gut tells me it was. It almost felt like I recognized the race of the people crossing over because it was a way to show me this was all real.

I have had many other dreams, some even more detailed answering even more questions that I had had. Please tell me if any of this could be real. I do not have these dreams nightly or even weekly. I seem to have these dreams out of the blue and they will continue for a period of a few days or even a week. Sometimes they will come one right after the other, and other times, two days may pass before I have the next.

I also cannot explain it, but I feel as though I have a special connection. One that I am not afraid of. Fear is not one of the emotions I tend to feel in these dreams. Fear only came the one time I had to chose between entering the gateway or not. And then I wonder sometimes if it was fear I was sometimes feeling. It was not the fear of the wind that concerned me, nor the fear of going to heaven, my fear was that I would not return to care for my children, and that was something I was not prepared to risk at this time.

I do feel through all these dreams, I have gained a new understanding about death and the things that happen to us once we have crossed. Much of it is still a question mark and I do not have all the answers, but somehow I believe that over time I will get the answers I am
looking for.

Experience description - Dream #2:   

The part that makes me believe that much of these dreams have reality surrounding them is that in an average dream, things happen that allow you to realize there is no reality to it, but most importantly, you really don't remember all the little details. A month from now, you will have even forgotten you had this dream, yet these special dreams that I have every so often are very detailed and I always awake remembering every thing. It is a if someone wants me to remember my experience, and it is not a dream that you wake up feeling like
it was a dream. In these experiences, I wake up feeling like I was somewhere else, experiencing something else and from it I was meant to learn something. I can honestly say that over the last year, I have had approximately 6-8 of these dreams. They most certainly don't happen every night, but everything I shared through each of them has completely changed me into a different person. I feel so much more peace within me and so little fear. I feel I have become kinder and more caring as well as more gentle in many ways.

I will share one more dream with you that I had just a few months ago. It is by far, one of the most different but exciting dreams I have had. I was in my parents home, in my old bedroom (which is now an extension to the kitchen), but it was as if I were there right at that moment. I was standing by a window and looking out into the backyard and there I saw two young University girls playing by my parents pool. They were talking, laughing and giggling, when I realized that they were ghosts. My first reaction (which I normally don't have) was fear. Then a male voice from behind me whispered "don't be afraid, they will not hurt you, they just want to talk to you." My fear almost instantly vanished. I trusted the voice behind me very much.

The two girls entered my room and although I knew two were present, only one did all the talking. The other one was somewhat like a shadow. They wanted to answer questions that I may have for them. My first question to them was wither they died at such a young age. She said "no". She claimed that when you die, you will have the ability to go back and pick a look that you loved the most and for her it was in her late teenage years. I asked about her friend and she told me that the other ability you have is to be with anyone you want to once you have passed on. The girl she was with was someone she had shared many special experiences with during University and that was the time and the person she enjoyed the most, so that is where and who she chose to go back to. She told me to close my eyes and think about someone that I would like to see. So I did.

I thought about Tania and Joey, the two dogs I had when I was growing up and living at home. When I opened my eyes, I remember seeing Joey in my left arms, but only an outline of a figure in my right. It did not make sense at the time, but Tania was not dead yet, so I realized that it actually made sense. My last question was "are you saying there is no heaven?" She would not answer that question. She smiled at me and started to go away. It was the one question I really needed the answer for. Although I did not get an answer from her, I was left with a feeling in my heart that where she was, was heaven. A place where you are so free. A place where you could see anyone you want and be anything you want to be.

It actually reminded me about the movie "Titanic."  In the end, when the woman died, she was able to go back to a place she loved to be with the person she loved most. And she was able to look as beautiful as she did during her cruise as a young woman. It made me wonder if the person who wrote that ending may have actually had some sort of understanding of the after life.

But I know in my heart that my dream was real. She had long dark hair and she was so warm and kind. She was so happy where she was and I was grateful to have had the opportunity to meet her. As for the voice that was behind me in the beginning of the dream, I never knew who it was, I never saw him although I could feel his presence with me throughout the whole experience. He stood right behind me almost to say that he was there to let me know that it was all O.K.. I found it odd that I had such a deep trust in him. I truly do wish I knew who he was.