How to Have an OBE
By Cezyl
*Disclaimer:  Everyone does this at their own risk and NDERF/OBERF/ADCRF/CERF assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or inaccuracy of what is presented below.  If you have any kind of physical, emotional, or mental problem, please consult with the appropriate people and obtain their approval prior to trying this.

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By Cezyl 1/27/05 12:00 PM EST (GMT -5)

This technique is an easy one that works for the higher dimensionals easy, and also for here-now OBE effortlessly easy if you keep at it. I find now that it also develops nonphysical here-now and astral sight capabilities. The technique improves the clarity and joy of the nonphysical trips, by
gradually deepening the state. I bet it does much more too. The details are explained in the tech.

Step ONE: 4-2 Meditation-Relaxation Technique

This is a technique that can help your ability to astral project. I have used it successfully numerous times. Also, if you do it long enough and with enough focus and relaxation, it can get you at the threshold of astral projecting, and also it get you astrally projected. *Practice* and let the technique teach you. Sit or lay down comfortably. Relax.

Main Tech

1) You inhale to the count of 4...

2) You hold your lungs full to the count of 2...

3) You exhale to the count of 4...

4) You hold your lungs empty to the count of 2...

Repeat it as long as necessary to get into a deep state, or as long as desired. Your inner self may signal you when you have done enough for your purposes, so listen inward.

The technique relaxes the body, entrances the self, and may have an energizing effect with the breathing.

The Dwindle

As I do the technique I experience a natural 'dwindle', where the 4-2 rhythm of the technique gradually looses its rhythm, and I'm just breathing with no rhythm, but slowly and peacefully, or 'I'm not breathing at all', meaning my breathing has become so calm and silent it's barely perceptible. Also I may experience a sort of 'interference' with my breathing. I believe this is the body going into trance, going into automatic breathing. Don't interfere. Let the dwindle happen. Learn from the technique, and effortlessly move on to step two...

Step TWO: Simple and Effective Relaxation Sequence

You can do this before or after doing the 4-2 meditation for best projective results.

Main Tech
1) Take an inhale and imagine all the tension in your body

2) Take an exhale, and imagine and feel all of the tension releasing

3) Continue this sequence going until at each exhale, you are relaxing more and more, all the tension and stress melting off of you

The Modulation Undulation Pulse (MUP)

If you practice this closely, you’ll learn how you can modulate your muscles as you relax. It's a very subtle thing. You will learn how you can pulse your muscles, like an undulation to quicken and easy relaxation. It's like SLOWLY settling the body into a more comfortable position, but more subtle.  I have much difficulty putting this into words. Words make it seem more than it is. Just practice, and let the technique teach you.

The Release Slide (TRS)

Something else I've learned that I'm working on now is the release slide. Just let the tension slide away. This again is a very subtle thing that words do no justice too. Just practice and 'listen'.

Step THREE: Astral Shifting Technique

Main Tech

A great and simple technique for projecting onto astral and higher dimensions is to visualize a place, whether you are creating it in the moment, it's a place you've dreamt about, or an area you've heard or read about as existing on the astral or higher, like 'The Park'. Sticking with the same area for a while may help you. You may want to practice this technique after doing one or both the 4-2 meditation technique and relaxation technique. It is effective at any time and any place, even without preparation. Visualize the area of choice and in your imagination interact and move around, holding this as you go to sleep or in your meditation. You'll gradually shift there and succeed.

The Progression

There is a progression with this technique. At first your experience may be light, or dreamy. It may be mostly your active imagination. Imagination is a gateway into the higher dimensions. Your personal imagination and the higher dimensions are like a lake that is connected to the ocean. You start with your boat in the lake, and by persevering you end up in the ocean, and can go back and forth as you please. Thus even the first experience with this technique is success. It's a light projection. You may not see it now, but with further practice you'll be able to get fully to the places that now seem dreamy, and you'll see you were doing it all along. Thus trust and journal everything as if it is a great experience. They all are!!

The 'Back, Back, Forth, Forth' for Here-Now Projection (BBFF) For here-now separation simply go back and forth from the higher areas you are visiting back to the physical body, then back to the higher dimensionals. Go back and forth. Each time you go to the higher dimensionals get involved. Learn something. Explore something. Etc. Then come back to the physical. I find that each time I come back my body is more entranced. Go back and forth, and eventually your body will be deep enough that you have already separated your denser nonphysical body in the physical world. An arm may float, as happened to me. You may started experiencing the vibrations and imagery and all of these things. Just continue to go back and forth from higher to the physical body, and when your dense nonphysical body is free, move away from your physical body in the here-now. It's that simple.


Tip 1: 1-26-05: My earlier successes were easier than yesterday. I started trying for longer sessions. It seems that taking extra-short trips early on is better, for it is less performance-based, but more state-based. Try taking many 10-20 minute trips throughout the day, rather than one hour-long effort.

Tip 2: 1-26-05: It may also be more effect to actively explore the easier higher dimensionals, and allow the here-now separation to happen as a result of your BBFF practice. I've been going focused for here-now and it is not as easy. Thus I suggest to just 'play'. For tier one intend higher dimensional,
allow here-now. Practice and journal.


You may want to throw in some extras at any time throughout working the tech. Mix it up. This technique is a strong skeletal structure. You can decorate it with things to beautify it. Such decorations include:

** Energy working (N.E.W. of Robert Bruce, Mantak Chia's Universal Tao,  Pranic Healing of Kok Sui, etc.)

** Brain entrainment technology (Brain Sync Deep Sleep, Stuart Wilde's Delta Metronome, etc.)

** Etc!!

_ _ _ _ _ _

An Experience Using This Simple, Easy, and Effective Technique:

OBE, Astral Arm Out, Athena Again Vibes, Using These Techs..

1/24/2005 1:45 PM

I just practiced for a bit over 20 minutes, and I got an astral arm out. I pulled up the post at the forums where I (also) posted the easy projection sequence, to inspire me to experience something to share. It sat before me on my computer. I sat with the delta metronome (Stuart Wilde) on which helps greatly, and I did the easy projection sequence I posted, starting with the 4-2 (inhale 4, hold 2, exhale 4, hold 2). This naturally dwindled into a countless breath, just inhaling, exhaling, and relaxing each time. I went with it, flowing effortlessly into the relaxation technique, relaxing on each exhalation, letting go of the body.

I started quickly getting into trance, and vibrations started as a tingling throughout my body. I continued to breath and relax. Cool flows of energy, like a light breeze, went through me a bit. I started seeing the yellowish energy behind my eyelids, for me a clear and frequent indication of alpha or theta trance.

I started visualizing various astral places I know of, a personal realm or two, the_astral_realm group area –the Eco Realm, the temple Athena, and the Library at the ‘Park’. I went to the ‘Park’ Library only a few times, and I’ll get there again to inspire you all. I thought of the Akashic Records, thinking to look into my past lives and started to, but I am more comfortable getting detailed info when fully shifted, so I kept it light.

I remembered how it was there at the Library. There are several tables to the right of where I shift in, with bookshelves behind me filled with brown books. I turned to see the balcony across the hall. The ceiling has a round central sunroof. Okanos was there. I met Okanos here for the first time, and thought of him. An image of his form appeared. At this point it seems mostly imagination. What you must remember is that it starts off very light, and as you continue in the practice session it gets deeper, and as the days and weeks go by you get deeper and deeper into trance, and deeper into the
astral, until you’re fully there. Persist! (Bruce Moen, Ginny from the forums)

I had a bit of stage fright. Still getting used to OBEing to inspire others. (:0) I decided to continue with it, using it to practice my concentration and focus, comforting myself with that if nothing interesting happens this projection I can continue doing sequences until something does happen interesting, and post that! I went around different areas through imagination. Each time I came back my body was more into trance. This is a great technique. I imagined the temple Athena again, and my vibrations did
increase again when imagining/shifting to this place, a bit more than the other places. This requires more experimentation. I must conclude at this point that the temple Athena area is a high vibration area!

I came back fully to my physical body. I was shifting I’d say 10-20% out at this point. Each time I shift and come back my body is in a deeper trance, allowing one to go OBE here-now by going astral and going back and forth, checking on the physical body to see when it is ready. This is what I did,  and all the while when I was back at my body I continuing the relaxation on the exhale exercise.

I kept getting deeper and deeper into trance, and then imagery started coming. A blip here, a blip there… here a blip, there a blip. I continued and before I knew it a strong imagery came up. It was far away, yet it was… It had subsumed my entire awareness at the same time. Again I saw A. (I’ve been seeing her daily!), and I had my left arm out working with something in the dream/astral imagery. It slowly dawned on me that imagery was in front of me, and I had my left arm out into the imagery, fiddling with something. I could feel my light astral arm out. This was very effortless.

I became more and more aware of the situation and pulled my left astral arm back into coincidence with its physical counter part. This arm felt VERY fine and light, as if it wasn’t the second/here-now body arm, but an arm finer than even that. It was interesting. The arm was noticeable and workable, but yet so light, and yet so almost non-existent when compared to my physical arm. Oh it was like silk.

I went more into trance a bit, and decided to end and journal. Practice time was from about 1:20 PM to about 1:40 PM. Very cool practice. This technique works y’all! I’ll continue with it and update you.