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Experience description:   

Before I start the story I must tell that I have very high and strong libido. While I don't like casual sex at all and I'm not currently dating either, I still need to have a sexual release in a form of an orgasm regularly by masturbation. If I don't get it, then I will have orgasms when I'm sleeping, because the body is so relaxed the bend down energy finds an easy way to release itself. This has happened as long as I can remember and I have thus paid no special attention to it. I also view sex as a positive thing, but in my life I share my body only with a man who I love and who loves me back - which I don't currently have, as I'm single.

It was 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon on 3rd of August 2016 when I decided to take a nap after working (I work at home). I woke up to a half-awake state around 2 hours later because I was horny as hell for some reason (I suspect a natural hormonal spike before periods, as I'm not eating any hormonal medication). I was aware of my body, that it was sleeping on its right side, but I myself - let's say my astral body, it makes things easier to explain - was lying on my back and I remember thinking 'I gotta have an orgasm'. So, I start to think the best way to masturbate and I try all kind of different poses, and all this time I'm aware I'm 'kind of' out of my body, as my physical form sleeps on its right side without any moving. I, on the other hand, am trying to reach the Big O with all possible imaginative yoga poses.

At some point while trying to get the needed release I felt constantly that someone else was in the room with me, a man, sitting on my sofa, which is next to my bed as I live in a one room flat. The feeling was so strong I was sure I could see a shadowy man with legs crossed looking at me while I'm trying to get an orgasm, and the feeling got so intense I actually woke up. Physically, opened my eyes and turned around to look at the sofa just to make sure I was alone and no one had snug into my house - which was impossible, I live on the highest floor, front door is always locked and the area, where my home building is located, is one of the most peaceful ones in the whole city. Naturally I saw no one, I was alone in my home, so I turned back to my right side and fell into that half-awake yet fully conscious state of mind again as soon as I closed my eyes.

I know it wasn't a dream, no part of this was a dream. I have some vivid dreams and I can also tell when I'm dreaming (I'm capable of waking myself up if I don't want to see some dream, let's say I'm having a nightmare and I want it to end, so I just wake myself up from it). This was neither one of them.

As I close my eyes and fall into that fully conscious state yet my body is sleeping, I give up with the orgasm hunt. I just can't get it. I fell on my back on my bed and I'm again aware that my physical body is on its right side but me - which feels stronger than the physical body, more real and intense - am on my back.

As soon as I state myself that I can't get an orgasm a dark male figure appears on the end of my bed, on my bed. I can't see his facial features. He's dark mass, very solid and tense, yet his outlines are blurred, almost like his body's outlines were somehow smoky. He lies on top of me and while he's thin and he's got very narrow waist and chest, he's very, very heavy. Like a man who weights 80kg (that's around 176 lb). I know he grins and I understand he wants to sleep with me, kind of like 'I noticed you were having problems, let me help you to reach your climax.' I don't hear him speak, I don't see his face, but I know what he wants and that he's grinning.

I get a feeling he's not exactly a nice guy but he's not malicious either, because I've met both kind of spirits during my life time. Let's call him as a Cocky Bad Boy.  It's a bit hard for me to breath because he's so heavy, but he lifts his body up a bit. I tell him that I could use some help, so yeah, well, why not. Let's do this.

The Cocky Bad Boy presses his body again closer to mine and bites me from my neck, on the right side just on the crook of my neck where the neck connects to the shoulder. It hurts as he's got a sharp bite, but I don't say anything. I just immediately rub the bitten spot to take the pain away. Then The Cocky Bad Boy spirit presses himself on me so tightly, so strongly, that I gasp for air. I feel like suffocating under his weight, like he would be even heavier than earlier. I yell at him shocked 'No! Not like that! I can't breath!' He lifts his body up slightly and bites me again on the same spot, this time twice.

I get frustrated with him. I tell him that 'No, no biting! I didn't give you permission to that and you clearly don't understand how to deal with this whole thing.' I'm actually so fed up with his harshness and cockiness that I tell him 'In the name of God I command you to go away and I also call here Archangel Michael. Michael, kick this uninvited guest away from my house and make sure he doesn't return'. (I'm a professional psychic so I know how to protect yourself, ask help and command spirits). Then I add to archangel Michael '...and while you come here could you bring with you another male spirit, someone from a loving realm, someone who either has had a life as a man or understands the concept of sex, to help me out, thanks.' Basically I'm asking him to bring me a toyboy spirit to sleep with me and while it now feels the most unusual and ridiculous thing to ask, at that moment it felt absolutely natural. No shame, no taboo, nothing unusual to ask 'Hey I'm needing some male help here with my orgasm hunt to kill this libido spike'.

After my request archangel Michael does appear next to my bed. As soon as he arrives, the Cocky Male Spirit jumps up and whirls away up to the corner of my room, like you would have let a balloon full of air loose and it's whirling wildly. When the dark spirit is gone, Michael smiles lovingly at me and then a huge ball of white light with a golden center appears on the bed's end, over my knees or so. I can tell it's a spirit of a very loving and masculine guy, who looks a bit like a gentle beefcake man. His nothing but light with a golden center and he also smiles at me. I can't see his face or his form, but I know he smiles at me both with his lips and eyes, and his smile is very bright and wide. I can tell he's purely good, unlike the Cocky Male Spirit.

He lifts my legs up to his shoulders (the astral body legs) and smiles down at me as asking if my request is still valid and may he continue. I'm all 'Yes! Yes, go ahead, I don't mind!' Then we proceed to have sex. I can actually feel my mattress moving with his thrusts, I can feel him inside me, and I keep thinking 'Oh no, oh no, hopefully the bed doesn't creak, I don't want my neighbors to hear I'm having sex here...!' He doesn't loom over me at all, he has no bad vibes and frankly the sex is great. After a short moment I get the orgasm I have been trying to get. First it hits me in the astral body and a few seconds later it arrives to my physical body. When the orgasm is gone my eyes shot open. My body is still on it's right side and I can see my white wall despite the fact my astral body was clearly on its back. While I had been in that astral state I had been able to see everything in my house like my physical eyes were open. But they weren't.

I'm shocked after waking up, thinking that this has to be the most insane thing ever happened to me. I have heard about a few females getting raped by a malicious spirit in cases where the spirit has either haunted the woman's house or the woman herself, but I have never, ever, ever heard anyone having sex with a spirit. What shocks and sort of embarrasses me the most is that the sexual encounter was so casual, like no big deal. It felt completely normal thing to do and happen in one's life.

I went to toiled and took a look at myself from the mirror. On the spot where the Cocky Male Spirit had bitten me, was small teeth mark. Clearly from human teeth, that horse shoe shaped arch you get if someone sinks their teeth onto your skin, but very, very tiny in size. The mark disappeared after a few hours.

I also suspect the feeling of having someone in my home and sitting on my sofa was actually that Cocky Male Spirit. I got a feeling he was someone deceased who hasn't crossed into a light yet, but tries to continue living like he still would have a physical body.

Was the kind of experience difficult to express in words?           Uncertain      I feel actually a bit silly, almost stupid, about what happened. I know my encounter was very rare, almost a taboo, which makes it even harder to express.

At the time of this experience, was there an associated life threatening event?        No      

What was your level of consciousness and alertness during the experience?          Very conscious and alert. I was very aware of everything going on.

Was the experience dream like in any way?  Sort of, but it was much more lively, vivid and strong than a regular dream.

Did you experience a separation of your consciousness from your body?     Yes     Yes, I was aware of my physical body and its position while I was moving, tossing and turning around the bed without moving my body physically.

What emotions did you feel during the experience?           Frustration, I was also miffed with the Cocky Male Spirit. I felt love and happy feelings from the archangel and the light male spirit.

Did you hear any unusual sounds or noises?          No, I didn't hear anything. I got impressions telepathically but I heard no speaking in my mind either.

Did you meet or see any other beings?          Yes     I saw a dark male spirit, light male spirit and archangel Michael. The dark male spirit was cocky and wanted to sleep with me for purely selfish reasons. I did hear me out when I told him not to suffocate me with his weight. Then I commanded him away from me when he wasn't polite, I asked archangel Michael to help me out (which he did) and I also asked him to bring me a loving male spirit with either prior human male life or the understanding of a concept of sex to help me with my orgasm problem. The light male spirit also clearly gave me an impression he was asking was it indeed okay to fulfill my request. He was very polite.

How has the experience affected your relationships? Daily life? Religious practices? Career choices?       I believe now that sexual encounters with spirits are real. Previously I might had just brushed them off as dreams or imagination.

Have you shared this experience with others?         Yes     Only with a one person and now here. I'm sure I can't tell this to any other person. My friend was a bit surprised but she actually helped me to joke around about the event and get into a better mood. She did believe in me.

What was the best and worst part of your experience?     Worst was the biting, it actually hurt a lot. Best was the love coming from archangel Michael and from the friendly male spirit.

Is there anything else you would like to add concerning the experience?       I wrote this experience here because I needed to get this out from my chest. I also hope that this help others who have similar experiences.

Following the experience, have you had any other events in your life, medications or substances which reproduced any part of the experience?         No