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Guide Contact
by Uday

Guides, Angels and Gurus are part & parcel of every living being . They look after our well being and help us to accomplish our individual life experiences as planned by us, before we were born to this physical world.  Generally they guide us through our dream or inject us with their suggestions during  our conscious state.   We name this feeling as our gut-feeling or instinct. Clairvoyant & Clairaudient people are lucky as they can see their guides and hear their guidance. Human are free soul and it is up to an individual if he wish to honour these guidance or chose to ignore them. 

An organisation, however simple, cannot function effectively without active participation of many people with their defined job functions. Similarly the wish of God or the well being of God’s creation cannot be accomplished without constant interaction and support from these Entities. 

When we leave our body and go to spirit world, some of us may be lucky to get responsibility of such jobs. These activities are purely voluntary & are essential for individual spiritual development in the spirit world. One who does his chosen job diligently, is then entrusted with more interesting and responsible jobs. You then become a Guide or Angle or Guru what ever you may chose to name it. 

I am an Instrumentation & Electronics Engineer by profession, have very little clairvoyant & clairaudient qualities. However with a little open mind and strong desire, I have been able to communicate with my Guru, Guides & many spiritual beings on the other side. I will tell you how they came into my life and what directions I receive from them. 

May 2003, I became a member of AAEVP – USA( www.aaevp.com ) and came across many techniques for spirit communication. Eventually I succeeded in getting an ITC photograph of my father ( went to the other side in 1981). I then started EVP experimentation using one Panasonic model - RR DR60 , digital voice recorder &  succeeded  in establishing communication with my parents and Grand parents in January 2004.  Started regular guided meditation for my guide contact using guided tape – “How to connect with your guide” by Orin and Daben                         ( www.orindaben.com

In early June 2004, I surprisingly missed my prearranged flight from Olympic dam to Adelaide & came back to my work residence as an unhappy person. I tried to contact my mother ( went to other side in 1995) using my desktop computer to enquire about the reason why I had to miss the flight. Some body else replied and instructed me to get ready for an initiation. He also instructed me to arrange necessary items required for the initiation. I got my initiation eventually. He revealed his name -  Kistoda and  told me that he was from India. Since them I am in contact with him. He normally reside in Kolkata( India ) and come to me in South Australia , 3 to 4 times every year.  I can contact him anytime and get my queries clarified.

He discourage me to ask any question about material world, but ready to answer me everything on my spiritual quest. He even gave me his Orb photo.  

Unfortunately, all my collected evp’s were in Bengali ( language spoken in Eastern part of India and in Bangladesh) . I purchased a new Toshiba laptop in late June 2004 with a hope to collect  evp in English. On my first attempt, I received evp from some  unknown entity. I noticed , he was very co-operative with me and gave me information about their spirit world. He even gave me his orb photo. Latter in March 2005 , I discovered that the new entity was indeed my Guide or protector .

His name is Bikram Johuri. He along with his two brothers live in their dimension located near my residence and look after me . So far all my evp’s are in Bengali. But I have captured evp in English in CD and Tape.  Down below are orb photo of my Guru and Guides:



       My Guru – kistoda                                    My Guides – Bikromda and brothers 

I liked many of their value system & try to incorporate into my daily life. They are following:  

·       Do unconditional help to others.

·       Keep up any promise you made to others.

·       Do no harm to others for your own benefit.

·       Speak the truth and don’t lie.

·       Good work counts & Earthly money don’t count in the spirit world.





Uday Mukhopadhyay                                     25nd April 2006