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Eva's Experience

Experience description:   

On January 9th, around 11:40 p.m., I was trying to fall asleep and just lied down on my bed. During the process, my mind started to send me mental images randomly. Each picture or short animated movements lasted for approx. 3 seconds, and was replaced with another random picture that came with a kind of wave my brain gave me that causes some sort of numbness in my brain. First I though it was perfectly normal, because I used to have this kind of "waves", too and usually I would just fall asleep while watching these random scenes. But anyway, as another wave came and brushed off some scenes related to anime, I realized there's no more to come. Instead I saw three connected circles (see the attached picture, I can't be absolutely sure about how it was, but it was something similar to that). They started to rotate around Circle 1 and as soon as Circle 2 rotated to the point where it is on the same horizontal line as Circle 1, I began to hear two human voices. It was in English and was really fuzzy, so I couldn't understand. But as I felt going upwards, which I thought was travelling to another place, their voice suddenly became clear and comprehensible. The focus of my "eyes" was fixed and I could see a candle, already lighted. There were no people to appear, but the two voices kept talking. I can't recall all their conversations, but it was kind of religious and they were talking about "sacred feminine" and "revelation" and stuff. It's weird because I'm not religious at all. I'm the kind of kid that will behave like a Christian if you put me into a church and will act like a Buddhist if you put me into a temple. 

Anyway, then they moved back to my room, where I saw myself lying on my bed and listened to them talking about me, "you see that girl over there, blah blah blah" they kept talking about me for a while, and somehow transported themselves and me into a fake place, where everyone honor females or whatever. Here was the random part. Those two voices disappeared and a calm, machine-like female voices start to talk about this stuffed pig toy that can act like a rocket. I took a ride with it and saw the entire view of that town. People there apparently were huge about the color purple. Lots of things were in purple, and many even painted their rooftops purple. Then up in the sky, I saw two Husky dogs in someone's balcony. And that was it. My vision was cut black, and before I know it, I saw the three connected circles again. They were still in place where they were the last time I saw them. And they started to rotate back. As soon as all the circles got back where they were in the first place, my eyes popped open. It was then I figured out that I just had an out-of-body experience. I constantly dream about weird stuff and remember a great amount of them. I also had experiences with lucid dreams, and I can tell that it was different. During the OBE experience, I had a brief wonder that where I am because I realized in there that it was not a lucid dream. But the concept of OBE didn't come up while I was  there. 

2.I am 16 years old and thus grade 11. No medicines or any substances potential to affect the experience was taken that day.
3. Hard to recall their entire conversation, but little difficulty to express in words.

4. No life-threatening events.

5. not alerted because I didn't sense any kind of hostilities from those voices. (Never saw their appearance, just sound-only)

6. No....

7. yeah, kind of. Because I guess I couldn't open my eyes till the three circles rotate back in.

8. Described above.

9. Excited? Suspense?

10.the two voices were not familiar to me.


12.a candle light

13.creatures were all sound-only, except for the husky dogs (hey maybe there was some hostilities from those guys).


15.Can't be verified.

16.Yeah, that town was nice.

17. Yeah because the two voices led me jump around places.

18. the religion thing...????

19.No, didn't feel boundary.

20.no I don't think so.

21.No. But somehow the instant I looked into those Husky's eyes, I knew it wasn't a good idea. 

22.ehh, I wish I can get some, but so far..no

23. nah.. not really.

24.Changed nothing... Although it did give me some interesting things to think about.

25.I shared with my parents and friends. They looked surprised but not really changed.

26.excited that I could have one

27. Best part is that it's really neat about the circles. They are like a built-in switches that indicate whether your soul is in place.

     Worst part...Husky looked scary? I am a dog person and I don't know why these dogs seemed kind of hostile.

28.Does this mean there were two spirits travelling in my room that day?

29.No it was pretty recent...so ....

30.Yes, they do.

31.Those questions were thorough.