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I have experienced a variety of OBE's.  I will attempt to describe them all as best as possible.


I was in my second year of attendance at St. John's Seminary College in Camarillo, CA.  I was studying for the the Catholic priesthood at the time.  I was asleep one night in my dorm room, when I suddenly awoke, or so I believed. I recall seeing the time on my digital clock!

The room was dark, and from my bed I had a clear view of the door leading out into the hallway.  The space at the bottom of the door allowed light to come in from the hallway,  I then saw a shadow pass as if someone was walking through the hallway.  The shadow however returned and remained motionless as if someone was standing outside the door.  Intrigued I decided that I was going to get up to see who could be standing at the door at this time of the night - I thought maybe that it was a fellow seminarian wandering the hallways drunk. 

I then flung out of my body with a sensation as if I had flipped over backwards, and found myself on the ceiling, I turned and saw my body laying in bed.  I was obviously astounded and filled with exhilaration at the intense feeling that the feeling of limitless flight gave to my body.  I felt light as a feather, and was able to completely control my every movement.  I then focused on the door and moved towards it, as I did so however a feeling that I can only describe as horrific came over me. 

I felt that whatever was behind that door was pure evil, and I certainly was in no mood to encounter it.  Unfortunately, my movement that I originally thought to have control over was gone and I felt as if I was being sucked towards the door.  I had to struggle very hard just to turn away from the door, as I turned around I saw a very bright light  coming through the window directly above my bed.  It glowed with an intensity that consumed the entire area. 

As corny as it may sound, a thought entered my head - "Go towards the light", which I immediately concentrated on and I felt myself violently being thrust back into my body with a sensation as If I had been dropped from the ceiling.  I sat up in bed and my eyes went immediately to the door where I saw no shadow to speak of.

Several weeks later, I was taking an afternoon nap.  I was very comfortable and was in that moment between sleeping and waking.  I was able to sense the sunshine coming in from the window, I could hear the birds chirping, I heard a student playing his guitar down the hallway.  I then felt my body begin to vibrate and get very light.  I actually felt myself rising up out of my body very fast, however I became immediately frightened and the sensation stopped.


I had just moved to Denver, CO.  I was asleep and found myself in a very vivid dream.  I was speaking with an Uncle who committed suicide several months earlier.  We were seated at a table having a very pleasant conversation, then the realization hit me that I was talking with a dead person and I asked him, "Victor, how can I be speaking to you if you are dead?"  A smile came over his face, the situation changed immediately and we were no longer sitting at a table.  He was sitting at the end of my bed, he looked at me and said, "Come with me, I want to show you something".  He stood up and walked towards the door and out, I immediately flew out of my body, got scared again and returned to my body.


I was taking an afternoon nap.  I was in twilight sleep and was very aware of the activity occurring in other areas of the house, people speaking, the sunshine, etc...

I then became aware of a sensation that I was not the only person in the bedroom (I was alone).  The feeling was very intense as If I was in a room at a party with many people milling about, I began to hear a conglomerate of whispers which grew stronger and began to vibrate.  The murmur was not a language, however I I knew exactly what was being communicated to me.  As if many voices were saying, come on you can do it, come with us, come with us, we can help you.  The feeling was very warm and non-threatening. The vibration increased and I felt it overtaking my body, however once again fear of the unknown kept me from going any further.


Over the past several weeks I have a had a surge in Lucid Dreaming,  my dreams have been very vivid, colorful and much to my amusement I have been able to direct them.  Several night ago I was asleep, and then awoke and was unable to go back to sleep.  I was looking out my window and what I believe to be a UFO.  The lights were wobbling, changing direction and alternately going very slow and very fast.  I even went outside to watch them with more clarity.  After they disappeared behind the trees, I returned to my bedroom and unable to sleep I got on-line and first started out on a UFO related sight, I then came across several websites about OBE's, how to prepare oneself, and how to induce them, one of the ways mentioned that waking up and doing some activity and then returning to sleep was helpful as well as Lucid Dreaming. 

Well sure enough when I went back to sleep, I realized myself in the middle of a dream and then concentrated on leaving my body.  I found what helped for me was attempting to wake myself from the dream and when I felt the body paralysis not to feel scared but embrace it.  My body left once, I went to the bedroom door and opened it only to find a dark void.  I closed it and returned to my body.  However staying in my vibrational state, I attempted it again and found myself sliding up the wall, onto the ceiling and out my window.

At first everything was grainy or misty, but then came into more vivid colors.  I zoomed very fast into the sky and, it was cool, I could feel clouds misting over me and I then found myself over a foreign landscape with many trees and along the ocean.  I came to a dilapidated castle, church or building (I was not sure).  I entered and was not comfortable with the area, so I left, crawled along the roof explored the carvings on the side of the building where I saw the word DEMOS etched.  I came back to my body and awoke.

What was your level of consciousness and alertness during the experience?  I was very alert during all experiences.

Was the experience dream like in any way?  The last experience where I flew over the landscape was dreamlike.