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Eduardo V's Experience

Experience description:   

I was sleeping and having a normal dream, I can't remember exactly what I was dreaming, I just remember I was standing with two other people talking, suddenly something changed dramatically, It was a physical sensation, there's a lot of ways I could describe this. 

There was a time when I was child I fell sick, I had high fever, and I began to have hallucinations till I passed out, but just before that, I had a very lucid moment, I didn't feel pain and I felt just normal, as if I was just closing my eyes but no pain no fever, and I experienced something with my 5 senses, and it's very hard for me to describe it But I will try. 

I felt a metallic taste in my mouth, something like blood but not quite just the same, I heard a humming sound, but it wasn't unpleasant, I smelled something was burning like metal, the thing I remember the most is what I felt in my body, at that time I described this as if I was shrinking, some years later I described as if something passed through my body, as if millions of needles passed through every space in my skin and through my body, and I felt there was something more in me besides my physical body, like a blanket over a bed I don't know how to describe it, something light in weights and it felt like tickles, the thing I find harder to describe since I can not remember but little, is what I saw, for years I have tried to remember, is maddening cause when I feel I'm about to remember it just slips away, I saw something, a shape of light but at the same time like metal I think, cant remember the shape it was like and 8 like an infinity symbol I think but I could be wrong, anyway I passed out after that. 

I mention this experience of my childhood cause it relates a little with the feeling I was talking about in the dream two years ago and I want to apologize if I can't express myself correctly but since English is not my first language is a little hard for me. 

Ok back to the dream, as I was saying I was dreaming normally, and in my dream I was standing and talking with 2 people, I don't remember I think I don't know them in real life, then suddenly I felt something in my body, and the sensation was growing stronger every second, it felt like the feeling as a kid but this time I describe it different although in essence is the same, I felt tension growing in all my muscles, I remember feeling it specially in my jaw and in my arms and legs, in all my body but specially in those parts I felt I was putting more resistance, then I realized I felt I was being like sucked up, like if some kind of reversed gravity was trying to pull me to the sky, that's the best way I can describe it, like being vacuumed up. but as I resisted I felt more and more conscious, as if I was waking up, I even opened my eyes and saw myself lying in my bed with my arms tensed, so my first thought was, this is astral projection this is what they mean when they talk about out of body experiences, this is my soul/spirit being detached from my body. and I was lifted slowly at first and I saw my bedroom perfectly, I didn't saw my body or at least I don't remember seeing it. 

I was being pulled up, and I saw visions, the best way I can describe it is: As if I was being pulled up while being inside some kind of invisible tube and at the same time all around inside this invisible tube were screens with different situations, and at the same time I could see down and watch the land of my country and later the American continent and later the whole earth getting smaller and smaller, the thing is I could perceive  and be conscious at several things at the same time, I was watching outside the tube but at the same I was watching the screens inside the tube and at the same time I could select a screen and see that scene as if I was there in that place at that moment. 

This is when it gets complicate and some parts I can't remember anymore. I could remember when I woke up but as time passes by some things get blurry. 

I remember some scenes from the earth, I saw some children playing on the streets of an Asian country, they looked very poor and the streets were dirty and crowded, I believe it was India, but I felt happy when I saw them, I felt like a kid myself and I wanted to play and run with them, then I saw another scene, I saw an old big house in the country with big trees outside, I believe this was in USA, there were this wooden steps leading to a porch, and there was a white girl sitting in there and she was crying, and I sat beside her, she could not see me, but I felt her pain, something bad happened to her, not sure if their parents died or someone hurt her in some way, I felt sad and I wanted to hug her, I saw more scenes of earth but honestly I can't remember them well enough to describe them. 

So I kept feeling at the same time how I was being pulled, and I could see outside the invisible tube and I saw, planets and stars, galaxies, I don't even know what these things were but it was so beautiful and full of color, I was fascinated because I have always been fascinated with lights and colors, when I was a kid, I used to lay down with my head inside the Christmas tree, to see all those shiny lights and colors, so for me even when I never studied the universe and astronomy, this was overwhelming, and I saw scenes from other planets and worlds.  

I saw a planet with volcanoes and lakes of magma and a yellow sky full of gases and vapors, I saw some planets with life, I even saw a planet with humans, their planet was different, smaller and the entire planet was like a city, and it looked more advanced than ours, I saw another one, like a big jungle with massive insects and there were like humanoid reptiles, I saw another one that looked like it was destroyed, I mean like wasted, full of ruins, as if there has been a war or something, it looked like post apocalyptic, and I saw nothing alive in that one, just barren land, ruins under dust and ashes. 

I saw a lot of worlds and creatures, but as time passes by I remember less, there were moments in which there was only darkness around me, as if I was traveling through parts with nothing, only darkness, but then I just noticed, it wasn't just darkness, these spaces were not empty, I saw to my surprise like windows or doors to other places I could not see what lay beyond them, but I saw those portals, like doors leading inside houses or buildings or tunnels or I don't know why in my mind I thought, doors to other ages, to other times, to other realities and universes. 

And to my greater surprise in those apparently blank spaces I saw something else, something I couldn't have guessed in my wildest dreams, there were words, writings, suddenly all that darkness surrounding planets and galaxies and stars and everything were full of words and writings, written paragraphs and some seemed like languages I could not understand, some others seemed to make sense, and they were made of colors and substance I cant describe, I mean some colors I can, all the colors we know, blue, red, orange, green you name it, but others don't exist in here our planet earth or at least the human eyes can't see them normally. 

The substance the writings were made of, was like light and smoke combined, like if you could solidify light but at the same time that smoky dusty edges, I can't describe it and some colors were like combinations of the ones we know, but it doesn't make sense, like purple and gold combined, it's really hard because its like trying to describe red to a blind man, you just can't. 

And this writings became like codes, I know this makes you think about the movie matrix, well yes, that's exactly what it looked like, like computer codes, and other codes with signs I can't describe, because the shapes doesn't exists, its not just lines and circles, not bidimensional, I just can't, it's frustrating, what I thought while seeing this, was I'm watching the math and the codes and the encrypted and scripted history of the universe, the written history of each and every planet and the movements of the stars and planets and the history of each civilization and each individual, and each life in the universe, it was like being watching the DNA of the universe, written by the hand of god or the creator however you want to call it. 

That's when god came to my mind, that when I first thought of the possibility of seen him, I kept being pulled and suddenly I was in other place, I could not see stars or planets of galaxies, it was like if I have reached a place beyond the universe and there were darkness in there, and I saw creatures, again, I can't describe it but I will try my best, they were made of the same as the writings, like light solidified and in different colors, but they moved as if they were alive, with shapes again I can't explain, they were not just tridimensional if that makes any sense, you don't just see them, is like part of them are inside of you, like they occupy the same space but they are not you, I mean you keep you individuality and the awareness of them and of yourself is greater, is overwhelming, like cathartic, you feel yourself as individual but you feel as a part of a whole, you feel as everything is inside you and you can feel it, every memory every feeling and every thought of everything and everyone, and while I was there I thought, maybe they are angels, 

I kept being pulled and I knew it, I knew I was going to see god, I was excited because you know I was going to meet god and see if he was all I expected from him, you know like, just and righteous but loving and caring, powerful and so wise, and in my mind I began to remember all the times I heard about him from my days as a catholic kid. and how some mention you know a throne with thunders and eyes like fire, and I became nervous. 

So I finally arrived, and it was nothing as I expected at all, I didn't felt pulled anymore, I felt normal as if I had a body and legs and I was standing, I was standing in nothing, I could see again stars and galaxies, etc all around me, and I don't know why even when I couldn't saw it, I felt like I was in a circular room and there were pillars around, but everything about that room was invisible, everything except what was in front of me at the opposite side of the room, there was a throne alright, but it didn't look that impressive to me, it was a tall chair of some beautiful pale wood with carvings all over, and beside the wooden throne, standing with his back to me, there was someone, it was tall human like person, with silver long hair, I can't remember if he had something on his head, he was wearing a long tunic and robe, these clothes were maybe the most interesting and unusual thing about him, I'm not sure what they were made of, but they changed, sometimes they looked like metallic purple, some other times they looked like invisible and I could see through him I mean could see a floating head and hands cause his body became invisible and I could see the stars through his body and some other times they looked like inside his clothes there were galaxies trapped inside on their own, moving and everything. 

I want to get this thing out of the way and be clear before I continue, everything I talked with him, every and each topic we discussed, I can't remember, I know we talked a lot, but I can only remember his last words, only the last thing he said to me, however, even when I can't remember what we talked, I remember how I felt at some points and the thoughts that crossed my mind. 

So when he turned around to face me and talk to me, I noticed he looked old, and he had a long beard, silver too, there was something about him, he looked like us, but at the same time, you can sense he is something else, it was like talking to an old man but at the same time talking to an alien I guess, some features in his face were I don't now how to describe it but were not completely human, he had white pale skin. 

When he looked at me, the most strange thing happened, I forgot all the questions and the excitement even the happiness I felt, and I began to feel angry, I mean I was really pissed, at some point I wouldn't have call it anger anymore, it was wrath, indignation, fury. I don't remember what I told him but I can imagine, I think I questioned him, and reproached him, why he didn't do anything in earth to help, I hated how people suffers and is oppressed and enslaved by evil people, I let it all out, and he listened patiently, at times he looked like frustrated because I couldn't understand, I guess my intelligence is limited so, I couldn't understand his reasons, but some things I remember even when I don't remember his words, I think I remember the thought and how I was imaging what he was telling me and so I remember about some things we discussed, this universe wasn't created by one entity alone, there are several creators and they all make the universe, and they are different from each other, they don't look at the situations the same way as the other does, what is the most important for one, is not necessarily the most important to the others, the best example I can tell is something like this: 

Imagine 10 friends write a book, it is one story with a lot of characters, each of this friends is different and they stamp their unique style and personality to the story, so there's a friend who is all about fun, he wants the story to be fun, and he creates situations and characters to make the story just that, there's another friend who is all about being righteous and honorable, and humble, another about being brave and bold and reckless, another who is selfish and want his won characters to be important and to rule or do things morally questionable, I don't know, they are all very intelligent and wise and powerful, way beyond our comprehension but they have certain aspects about themselves not so different than us, 

So he took me there because, you could say I'm in big part, mostly, his creation, I mean I portray much of him, he feels related to me and my way of live and think and see things, I remember feeling we were talking in secret so the others didn't know, I guess he gave me words of comfort but I don't remember

I just remember what he said at the end: "if you have more questions, you can come back anytime you want" and I woke up in my bed. 

But I woke up as if I haven't sleep at all, fully awake and conscious, as if I were awaken the whole time and have just closed my eyes for 2 seconds, I didn't feel that I have been sleeping at all, I don't know it was very strange, I was convinced at the time that life after death was real, and that the spirit was real. now I doubt and think that maybe it was just the strangest dream, and not because of the things I saw, but because how I felt during the dream and how I was conscious and I could freely think and remember of real life and my childhood even when I was supposedly just dreaming. Anyway that's my story 

Any associated medications or substances with the potential to affect the experience?   No    No medications and no substances

Was the kind of experience difficult to express in words?   Yes    Part of the experience I can explain perfectly but I also saw Shapes, objects, colors, substances and languages I can't explain because they don't exists in here and I have nothing I could relate.

At the time of this experience, was there an associated life threatening event?   No   

What was your level of consciousness and alertness during the experience?   Fully conscious

Was the experience dream like in any way?   I guess because it started when I was sleeping, dreaming.

Did you experience a separation of your consciousness from your body?   Yes   when I was traveling through the invisible tube I dint feel my body, I was like only consciousness.

What emotions did you feel during the experience?    excitement, sadness, angry, doubtful, joy, wonder.

Did you hear any unusual sounds or noises?    when I was being pulled out of the dream, I hear something like electric sound like a low humming

Did you recognize any familiar locations or any locations from familiar religious teachings or encounter any locations inhabited by incredible or amazing creatures?    Yes    the earth, some countries, the universe I guess

Did you see a light?    Yes    light from stars and lights from cities and galaxies and cosmologic phenomena, and the writings and creatures made of solid light

Did you meet or see any other beings?    Yes    creatures from other planes of existence with different shapes and colors that doesn't exist in our world, some other creatures shaped like animals, and humans

Did you experiment while out of the body or in another, altered state?   Uncertain    I can't remember if while seeing the scenes from earth I tried to look at some persons I know in my life

Did you observe or hear anything regarding people or events during your experience that could be verified later?   Uncertain    It could I guess but would very difficult to find the people I saw

Did you notice how your 5 senses were working, and if so, how were they different?    Yes    I could sometimes sense different things through my senses as explained above

Did you have any sense of altered space or time?    Yes    at times there seemed to be no time at all, like everything was happening at the same moment, I mean every moment in history at the same time.

Did you have a sense of knowing, special knowledge, universal order and/or purpose?    Uncertain    Some languages I saw I seemed to understand but I cant remember.

Did you reach a boundary or limiting physical structure?    Uncertain    I guess when I was with the being on the circular invisible room, felt like I was at the top of something

Did you become aware of future events?    Uncertain    In that particularly experience no, but I had some different experiences where I dream things and happened sometime later, or even sense when a person was about to call at my door and go and open before they reach the bell, say something unusual or think about something I haven't seen in many years and found it the next day because something brought it to me, I will share another experience 

I had a dream once, there wasn't images only sound, music, and a woman was singing, I remember it as if was listening the radio or a CD-rom, so clear, the words the music, it was a particular style of music called flamenco, I'm not used to hear that kind of music or even know people with that musical taste, however later that day I met a girl over the internet, she was Spanish an we chat at first and later we talked via Skype. at some point without me saying anything about the dream or even talked about music, she began to sing the exact same song, same words and everything, the melody, and she told me she was a singer and she was going to enter a contest in Spain, I have more experiences like this one.

Were you involved in or aware of a decision regarding your return to the body?    No   

Did you have any psychic, paranormal or other special gifts following the experience that you did not have prior to the experience?    Uncertain    Again sometimes I can predict the future but not when I want to, it happens randomly, sometimes I think I provoke the things to happen I have great empathy and sense of righteousness and moral values I guess.

Did you have any changes of attitudes or beliefs following the experience?   Uncertain    I'm about the same

How has the experience affected your relationships? Daily life? Religious practices? Career choices?    It didn't

Has your life changed specifically as a result of your experience?   No    My life is the same.

Have you shared this experience with others?    Yes    like 3 friends and my ex-girlfriend

What was the best and worst part of your experience?   It made me believe that maybe there are more possibilities than those we are told, and maybe I have a purpose in my existence, and deep meaning in some things that happen in the world

Is there anything else you would like to add concerning the experience?    yeah, I've been looking all over the internet for someone who had a similar experience and saw the same things I did, but without success.

Following the experience, have you had any other events in your life, medications or substances which reproduced any part of the experience?    No            I'm not fond to medications and I have never in my life have used drugs, I just take medications when I feel very sick and I have no other option, and my family has to drag me all the way to the hospital

Did the questions asked and information you provided accurately and comprehensively describe your experience?    Yes     I think.