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128. Francie N Experience 1/17/2018 The image was from the man's point of view. I could hear him breathing heavily and could see our shocked faces as he came upon us, my friend still with his wallet open. The image was over just as quickly as it came. I grabbed my friend and told him we were leaving immediately.
Premonition of criminal attack from the perspective of the attacker.


Lucid Dream.


126. Heidi S Experience 6/13/2016. I had a vision which came through my mind as though someone was telling me what was happening and then I viewed it from what they were describing. I guess one could say telepathically but then it became more like a live movie in my mind. I heard a loud bang and woke up screaming the neighbors house is on fire.
Exceptional and very well documented premonition with very specific information that she could not have otherwise known that came true.


125. Dimitris G Experiences 6/6/2016. From Germany. First was a déjà vu style dream. Dreamt my sisters boyfriends house caught fire and the next day it did. The other was an intense dream that was almost like waking around a movie set and witnessing the filming. The dream came in two parts and I had dreamt the entire Norway terrorists attacks that occurred in 2011. Every detail. I had seen a news photo of a man shooting people who were swimming away in the water and that's when my heart sank. I continued to read the news story and it was a description of my dream. It was a horrible feeling.
Dream occurred on 9/11/16 and the event happened 6/5/17.


124. Rachel C Experiences 2/17/2017. First was a déjà vu style dream. Dreamt my sisters boyfriends house caught fire and the next day it did. The other was an intense dream that was almost like waking around a movie set and witnessing the filming. The dream came in two parts and I had dreamt the entire Norway terrorists attacks that occurred in 2011. Every detail. I had seen a news photo of a man shooting people who were swimming away in the water and that's when my heart sank. I continued to read the news story and it was a description of my dream. It was a horrible feeling.
Multiple experiences including precognitive experiences.


123. Jo M Experience 1/3/2017 from Australia. And then, in front of me, was a scene. It was a field of long, pale yellowish grass that reached up to my knees. In front of me was a winding road that led over to the corner of the field. Surrounding the area was a line of very dark, green trees with the glossiest leaves I have ever seen. In the corner of the field, where the road ended, stood a very high, dominant tree. It too had the darkest green, glossiest, healthy foliage.
Mourning death of father. Vision of grass and trees that was meaningful to her.


122. Ian T Experience 12/4/2016 from the United Kingdom. A young lady stopped and handed me her own Asthma inhaler,which she had been using herself. I took the inhaler and used it. I felt relief and thanked the young lady. I got up from the floor and looked as other people were struggling to breathe. I helped them by letting them use the young lady's inhaler.
SOBE/Dream with content about an asthma attack, and meeting a girl who died in a storm related asthma attack in Australia.


121. Richard L Experience  10/1/2016 Suddenly, I was given a vision of what happens right after we die. I became a ball of light, propelled (like a rubber band snapping) into space at tremendous speed. Several other balls of light were around me. My feelings were being totally free. Then I realized that I would have to land somewhere soon.
Other experience after nearly dying during intestinal surgery. Hard to say if this is an out of body experience that started as a waking vision.


120. Tomas Experience  5/9/2016 From Lithuania I felt as I was about to pass out (and I knew how it feels to pass out) but I did not passed out. Instead, my field of view changed, it seemed like I did a step back or something. All sounds faded out (water was still going but I could not hear it). And then I felt that I need to look to the right. As my view was turning, I saw water drops literally hanging in the air (because water was (supposed) to be going) and finally my view focused on that sink. For a split second I saw my sink falling over.
Premonition that sink would fall shortly before it actually did.


119. Stephanie C Experience  4/25/2016 I remember drowning somehow (i think by a lake or river or something) and eventually knowing I had passed. All of a sudden I felt an out of body experience and like I was being lifted up through a vortex. A very intense vortex, it felt like I was going at least 100 mph. The scenery looked like bright light and like I was passing through a bunch of stars. The vortex eventually stopped however, and then my out of body experience occurred.
Committed suicide in a dream.


118. Paul F Experience  2/16/2016 My wife and I were reading while our small children played along a sandy river bank (no current).  As I was reading, a thought entered my consciousness that (said?) "You're not paying enough attention to your children!"  As I looked up, I saw my daughter step toward a rock along the river bank and suddenly go completely underwater, with just an arm outstretched above the water.  I took three steps, grabbed her arm, and pulled her out of the water.
Precognitive awareness of message that helped him save his child from drowning.


117. Adrian S Experiences  2/16/2016 From Canada.  On March 17th, 2015, I had a dream that my other friend and I were standing beside a silver van on a upward-inclined driveway. It was parked directly in front of a house. The car was parked facing the garage door of the house. My friend asked me to hop in the car, so I did. He put the key into the ignition, took the car out of the parking gear and floored it directly through the garage door, up a set of concrete stairs in the garage and through the door into the house! The windshield was smashed and there was glass everywhere yet he put the car in park, took the keys out and calmly said, 'We're here Age' (Age is my nickname). He smiled at me as my jaw hit the ground. We got out of the car started laughing uncontrollably! Then, the dream ended.
Two precognitive dreams.


116. Onda M Experience  1/31/2016 From Canada.  Then the aborigine man says to the men, "Who is the leader?". Both men stated that I was the leader and the aborigine man gave me a staff to hold. I thought to myself that I can't sing but when I opened my mouth the most beautiful song came out pledging what I who do while on earth. I know I sang the whole song but can only remember the last line: I pledge to protect the earth and the animals. This was all preformed with the knowledge that I was perfect and loved by all who attended the ceremony prior to my coming to earth.
Pre-birth dream.


115.  Linda C Experiences  10/26/2015  At night while sleeping I traveled down the hallway/tunnel in my house in spirit. There was a misty darkness and a feeling of clumsiness floating along the hallway since my conscious mind was doing something new to it which was moving without the body. In the living room of my house I joined family members who had died within the past few years. My mother, step-father, and sister-in-law were all there. I did not see them visually but knew they were there for me. My attention was drawn to a can of soup on the coffee table that was open and hot. I didn't know what the can of soup meant but a phrase came to me: It never got out of the can
Prophetic dream with information that her unborn child had died.


114.  Carolyn C Experience  10/11/2015  It was really as if a small TV screen had suddenly appeared there, just hanging in the air! I stared at it intensely. I saw two tall walls, slanted out toward me (like this: / x \ ) and in between the walls I saw a human-like figure - the 'x' in my little drawing - apparently sitting on the ground. I saw no clothes, no facial features, and no arms. I could see something like legs stretched out to the left, as he/it was sitting facing, sort of catty-cornered, the left. It was striking that this armless figure was scarlet red from head to toe.
Precognitive waking vision later happened!


113.  Glen M Experience  7/26/2015  My boss at work said something was wrong with a part of something we were building and blamed it on me. Of course, I denied being at fault. That night, I dreamed the man next to me at work had a splinter in his saw stop, which would cause the pieces he cut to be short. When I reported to work the next day, I looked at the saw and found just exactly what I had dreamed! I went immediately to the boss, reported my dream, and showed him the problem that existed. He measured the part and found it to be short exactly the amount of the splinter in the saw stop!
Precognitive Dream with information that was verified the next day to be true.


112. Eve W Experience  5/18/2015 From the UK.  I had a couple of weeks before thought I may have been pregnant. This was confirmed to me by an OBE one morning as I was sleeping in my bed. I found myself suspended over my body looking down at what appeared to be a diagram of my insides. I could see in detail the sperm meeting the egg and realized I was pregnant. I then looked up a bit and over to a small group of women in white standing by a cottage door holding a baby. They were radiating love and compassion towards me as they looked at me. I felt they were distant relatives who had died. After that, I was back in my body and I woke up.
Premonition dreams/OBE involving her unborn child.


111. Marilynn Experience  3/1/2015  I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man standing above my husband and I. I closed my eyes just wanting him to go away and he stayed for what seemed like several minutes. When my husband and I woke up I told him that I know he doesn’t like to hear my ghost stories but told him what happened anyway. I smoked back then and my husband was taking me to the store to get some cigarettes and we saw the ambulance about a quarter block down. We went down there and my neighbors told us that the 18 year old boy had hung himself that night. There is no way I could have known that.
Multiple life-threatening events and premonitions


110.  Ramin Experience  2/17/2015  From Iran.  Original in Farsi, translated to English by Reza.  I saw in dream the house that I had left a year and a half years ago, I heard a grunting sound there, I followed the sound and I reached the room where the sound was coming from, there was someone in a black hood with hat, about 6.5 feet tall, facing the wall away from me, I asked who are you, then it turned to me, then I realised that it has no face, I was terrified and escaped, but it followed me and got me from back and squeezed me in its arm, so hard that I heard my bones crunching, then I heard a voice telling me “ If it was not for your children, you would have died” ;I woke up
Precognitive dreams.


109. Rick L Experience  12/1/2014  The light bathed my room, everything seemed so bright and different, difficult to express or define, I also just felt euphoric. I was in my own bedroom, so I couldn't do more than look about my belongings and see the same items but feel so different, so complete. I quickly but carefully dressed. I was aware I felt very complete and happy, so I was just 'hanging on' to that feeling or mood.  The next thing I recall is walking down from my home, to the town centre. A walk of a mile or so. I wanted to find out what the outside world looked like, and experience it whilst I felt so totally happy, peaceful and euphoric. I was consciously trying to stay at this emotional 'high' being very careful to move and think slowly so as to try and perpetuate this wonderful sense of peace and oneness
Two experiences- one with special sense after a dream.  He had supernormal vision.  Second experience with apparent future awareness.


108.  Jennifer N Experience  12/1/2014  From the UK.  While in the 'experience', I was clearly able to compare my normal emotions to the emotionless heart of this man. Life didn't have much meaning with an emotionless heart.  'Today Jennifer asked me if I was happy for her to start seeing another man because she isn't convinced of my intentions; sure, it really doesn't bother me because I feel nothing for her. I don't hate her but neither do I love her.'  While in the experience, my heart generally felt nothing, there was no love or hatred. There were no emotions, my heart felt nothing.  When I woke up out of the experience, I was very angry that this man would try to lie to me about his love while he felt nothing for me. My anger was real and I felt pain in my heart.
Interesting psychic dream.  She was courted by a man as a potential partner.  She had a dream and felt his lack of loving intentions.


107.  Ajith M Experience  6/7/2014  From India  I placing one knee on the platform and in a very enthusiastic manner said aloud to Christ "the Supreme Father is standing there" He then said "I know better than you, he is my Father". No mouth or tongue was used for all these conversations, only mental telepathy was used. Words just came from the soul. Then a loud thundering voice emanated from Lord Shiva to me "GO BACK" and I awoke from my sleep. I assume it was not the time for me to be there at that time. This also was early in the morning at 3:45 a.m. The time I could see because I have a clock hanging in front of my bed. The whole experience was so pleasant and serene that I felt like a feather. It was a revelation to me.
Two dreams. 


106.  Hermina A Experience  6/7/2014  From Namibia  When God said "I will just give you living water", he scooped water from the small spot of water which was next to him with a calabash which is usually used to drink water with in our culture.  I do not know where the calabash came from, but in this dream God gave me water in the calabash and I drank this water.  The taste of these water was sweetish but not too much sweet.  It was just sweet enough to quench someone's thirst in a very good way.
Two interesting dreams including encounter with God.  Contributor lives in a village in Namibia.


105.  Jenny L Experience  2/23/2014 I immediately thought that there could be an earthquake since in that year there had been big earthquakes happened at the place where I lived. When I arrived at the grocery, I bought stuff very quickly in afraid of being stoned to death if an earthquake happened. When I went home, I told my mother there could be an earthquake since there were too many stars in the sky. My mother didn't take it serious and didn't bother to go outside to look. When I went to bed around 9:00pm, I chose to take a position that let me run quickly. When I just felled into sleep, I heard my mother screamed to me "Earthquake, Run out!" I waked up and run out. It is around 11:30pm.  I didn't check if there were still many stars in the sky. Later I never talked about this experience to other people except my mom since I think other people will not believe me and laugh at me.
Premonition about an earthquake at age 11.


104.  Sara W Experience  12/28/2013  It was also a place of great learning I felt. I saw great pillars go up to a ceiling I couldn't see because it was too high. The walls were made of glass and light came in through them. It felt like a train station/University. Then an elderly couple walked past me arm in arm. They were smiling and talking and the man glanced over at me. When he saw me looking at him he did a double take and nudged his wife and said something like ""she is aware of us"". He stopped and came to talk to me. I noticed other people stopping and looking at me too. He acknowledged my wound I was holding and asked if it hurt. I said yes but it was fine. He asked if I was ready. I said no.
Dream with information that there was an afterlife that would be important to her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer a year later.


103.  Stephen I Experience  12/15/2013 & 12/28/13 I decided to turn this experience over to a consciousness greater than mine and I said out loud, “OK, somebody show me something that I wouldn’t think of or expect!” Instantly I found myself standing at the boarder of a long and narrow cemetery. The headstones were quite beautiful and instead of grass, the ground was covered with white gravel. It kind of looked like headstones sticking out of snow. The next thing I know there are all these people coming towards me and they were increasing in number. I couldn’t understand where they were coming from and then I noticed they were popping out of the ground! They weren’t zombies or anything like that, just ordinary people popping out of what I assumed to be their graves. They were all coming towards me and many of them were talking to each other as if they knew each other.
Interesting lucid dream and a prophetic dream.


102. Ahmed M Experience  11/17/2013 Exactly at 7:23 PM my aunt Najla showed up exactly like I had seen 15 minutes prior. When my Aunt Najla left I went right back to astral field. Everything that was in my house I had seen and now I own. I seen a DVD shelf with it completely full. Did not own at the time. I own now. My family asked, "Where my sister Fatima was." I told my family my sister Fatima is not welcome here because she stole from me. I was 33 years old and my sister stole from me. I was setting up my entertainment center in my house. It is a 61 inch TV with a 7.1 surround sound. Did not own at age 28. I bought it at age 34. My family asked how I made my money and told them I published a book. In 2009 I published my book.
Remarkably accurate premonitions of near and far future events.


101.  Natasha C Experiences  10/5/2013 There was a desk with people taking tickets to get on the boat. One of the women was my youngest daughter. When she saw me she gave me a huge smile and told me that she had my ticket. I asked her if she was coming with me...she just smiled and ignored the question. It was kind of like "Stepford Wives" ...She just ushered me into the line and said "don't worry mom, it's beautiful...you'll love it".  There were numerous men in uniforms helping the passengers onto the boat. The engines were running but something didn't feel hunky dory right...everything looked okay but, it still felt wrong. I think it was the ocean that distracted me - it was cold and it felt empty.
Interesting dream aboard an extraterrestrial spaceship.


100.  Karen's Experience  9/8/13 Sandy was sitting in my lap facing me with her back against the dashboard. She was no longer pregnant. And she was only a torso and a head. Her limbs were gone. She was struggling to breath. Her face showed clear evidence of pain as she tried to get air. I lifted her up so her torso would hang down strait below her making it helpful for her to breath. She thanked me and a look of calm came over her face as she was able to breath. Her attacks started coming more frequently where she was uncomfortable and gasping for air. Each time I would lift her up she would thank me, Eventually, she yelled at me and told me to stop it!  She said it was becoming painful. She looked me in the eyes and she said "tell them to let me go!" Then I woke up.  I knew my friend had an aggressive brain tumor. The last I had heard just a little over a month before was that she was doing pretty good. So this dream really shook me.
Dream involving friend dying of brain cancer.


99. Robert B Experience 8/31/13 One of the pilots or maybe the flight engineer was calling off the altitude of the plane as it approached the runway. I heard the countdown 40...30....20...20...It sounded like the number 20 was repeated several times. The co-pilot said that "we're over the threshold". He was concerned that the plane had touched down to far down the runway. I felt the plane touch down fairly hard and both pilots were frantically working the controls to slow the plane down. The next moment in the "Dream" I was standing in a marsh looking at the port side of the jet. It had overshot the runway and it's nose was in the water on an angle. I could see that the plane was a DC-10, from it's profile. Then I woke up. It was about 2:15 or 2:30 when I awoke.
Premonition Dream of airline crash that actually happened.


98. George Experience 6/4/13 From Canada.  The next thing I remember is that I am back where I was before this ""flashback"", behind the hay bales…  So our playing continued, and sure enough, my brother and I run out, I step on the same hay bale, it gives way, and I fall backwards into the chute.  This time, I still see my brothers face and hear the same scream/yell, but as I am falling, it is not in slow motion, and I have my arms and legs out like what I would imagine a cat falling on its back must be like, and catch myself at the floor of the barn, about 10 feet above the concrete floor.
Premonition of fall shortly before its occurrence at age 13-14.


97.  Shaye A Experience  3/2/13 I recognized her as the disembodied spirit of someone recently passed (unwilling or unable to move on) that was desperately in search of a vehicle (body) to "get back to life" in. I quickly registered that I was in danger...when she pounced! Like an animal, in a FLASH she was at my bedside, violently attacking and wrestling my spiritual body - for possession of my physical one! I lost the ability to visibly see her, but had a steady grip on her, squeezing her upper arm to forcibly hold her back, and I could feel her flesh beneath my touch: eerily real, distinctly human, and seemingly very much alive. We fought and wrestled (soul to soul) for several long, fearful moments, until she either tired or surrendered, or was forced to give up. Just as quickly as it started, it was over. I was immediately wide awake, albeit shaken, feeling quite indignant - violated, even!
Unusual dream involving attack by entity to possess his body.


96.  Jessica M Experience  1/19/13  She told me she had received permission to see me, but that we would probably not see each other again until I die.  She told me that she had come to warn me to be very, very careful on the following day.  She warned me that I would be in danger, and I would need to be very "in tune" and aware of my surroundings. She didn't explain what would happen, only that I would need to pay attention and be very careful. Then she left… I heard a loud sound, a train horn.  I looked out the driver's side window to see the lights of a train coming toward us very quickly.  I realized then that we were on railroad tracks.  I quickly reversed the car off the tracks, narrowly avoiding the train, and we watched as the train sped past.  In that moment I realized this must have been what my aunt was trying to warn me about.
Premonition dream that helped her avoid being hit by a train the next day.


95. Nicole W Experience 1/14/13  Shortly after the pregnancy test, my husband and I were involved in a minor car accident. The roads were icy that day and the driver behind us rear-ended us. There was very minimal damage to the cars, and nobody got hurt. However, I immediately started worrying about the baby… I dreamed there was a "man of light" standing at the top of a staircase. He was very nice and friendly, and waved me up the stairs. I walked up the staircase. He wore corduroy pants, his name was Mark, and he had green eyes and freckles. Clean, white shirt. And a lovely light/glow all around him. I asked, "Are you an angel?", and he said "well, something like that -- I have a message for you". He told me that God didn't want me to worry about the baby. He said the child would be delivered full-term, safe and sound.
Prophetic dream with accurate information about her unborn child.


94. Ajit Experience 8/11/12 From India.  Then the next night was what was really astonishing. I was kneeling on a carved golden platform up above in the skies and Lord Jesus Christ in white gown was standing to my right side on the same platform. Jesus was not looking at me, he was looking on ahead. I could see stars below me and all around. Then on the opposite side another golden balcony appeared and in that balcony I saw Lord Shiva in a very different way than what is depicted in photos. He was having golden hair parted in the middle and it was flowing to infinite, the only distinguishing aspect was his third eye in the middle of his forehead. He had his eyes half closed and had a swaying stance to both sides. I was speaking aloud and telling to Jesus there is the Supreme father of the universe. I saw Jesus smiling as though telling me "I know better". Then I heard a loud booming and resonant voice from Lord Shiva to me "Go Back". Then I woke up.
Hindu.  Rare dreams that included both Shiva and Jesus.


93. WW Experience 8/11/12  From China. Then I saw my body on the ground, blooding running out of my head. People were gathering around me and screaming. I watched all this, detached, unworried and light-hearted. I was thinking that people were so wrong - I was not dead and actually, I was very well.  Then I started to fly upwards. I was carried by an immense and indescribable happiness, contentment and satisfaction. Even till today I have never been so happy in my life. I reached a lake floating in the sky and I started to penetrate the lake from its bottom. I saw wonderful fish swimming around me. The lake seems to be blue and transparent and I felt no water but I knew that I was in a lake like a fish. There were white, swan like birds flying in the lake but I was not surprised. They were so beautiful. After emerging from the lake, I entered a bright, warm, powerful and white light. I remember that I was so pleasantly shocked by this light! The only thing I felt was happiness, safety and absolutely worry-free.
NDE-like dream at age 15.


92. Danielle T Experience 3/24/12  I was letting go and not thinking of anything else, just feeling peace and comfort when suddenly a shadow created by the pleasant blue lights showed me the face of a man and even though it was dark I could see his profile perfectly with a perfect nose, a bit protuberant chin, military haircut, strong neck and I knew, somehow that his eyes were light but  not blue or green. It wasn’t anyone I knew. I could not hear a sound but he seemed like he was screaming at me, mad, as if shouting “Open your eyes!”, “Don’t give up!”, “Come back!”… Important Note: 3 months later I met the man that I saw in my experience and we got married in July 2011.
Prophetic vision seeing her future husband and son.


91. Jeremy R Experience 3/24/12 I once saw into heaven and saw a young girl there with radiant long blond hair.  I couldn't make out her face but I remember she was talking with some other young kids there.  I knew this girl somehow but I didn't know why.  Then she said to these other kids that she has a brother on Earth who's a pastor and I immediately knew she was speaking about me.  I just had this amazing awareness that I knew this.  Later I discovered my mother had lost two children to miscarriage after my little sister and I were born.  We actually have family siblings there and I have seen one of them.
Christian pastor shares a number of dreams and other experiences.


90.  Zina P Experience  3/18/12 As I stood there, a small man walked up to me. He had a cap like Irishmen wear on his head pulled down low and he looked like a jockey. I said to him, "What is it?" And he said, "It's the stairway to heaven." I laughed because of the rock song and then I told him how beautiful it was, and he said, "Do you want to go? You could go up it." And I looked at it and said, "No, no I can't go right now… This experience happened just prior to my experiencing a corpus luteal disc rupture. I did not know I was bleeding internally and lost half my blood volume into my abdomen before I got medical care. I would have bled to death if I had not taken myself to the hospital. I had taken aspirin for the cramps which of course sped up the internal bleed! When i arrived at the hospital I was conscious (I had driven myself!) but had no measurable blood pressure… I wonder if there are other examples of pre-NDEs in other words people being offered a choice to stay or go prior to a life-threatening event?
Dream with choice of living or not, then nearly died a few days later.


89. Marc S Experience 1/8/12 From Chile.   Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon.   My body shuddered in every fiber, I rose through a stream of light, and arrived at a place which was white, illuminated, fulfilling, peace, love like a vital energy... I was with someone who showed me my failures of love and with a Superior being who gave me Forgiveness, Peace and Love. I understood "brother son, sister moon". I saw that He is one and three. I can say no more... I came back to my body, when I could not move, nor open my eyes.
Transcendent dream or OBE after meditation.


88.  Marilou S Experience  12/31/11  We were looking down on me, in a hospital bed. I recall conversing for quite awhile, but I don't remember anything we spoke about until the question, "Do you want to stay or come with us?".  I remember thinking that it would be okay to go, but I wanted to stay with my twin.  At the moment I thought this, I woke up.  At first I didn't remember what day it was.  Then I touched my throat.  No lump.  I ran to my mother in the kitchen and told her she didn't have to worry about me anymore, because the lump in my throat was gone.  Naturally, she thought I was just scared, and didn't want to go to the hospital, but when she looked at my throat, she immediately called the Dr. and took me to the hospital.  After the Dr. examined me, he confirmed that the lump was gone, but he had no idea how it could have disappeared.
Mystical disappearance of a throat lump at age 5, the night before surgery, after an angel appeared to her in a dream.


87. Janice H Experience 10/16/11 From Canada.  I woke up in the morning sobbing and crying as a result of a dream I had. It was a very vivid dream of the sort that I recalled every detail and it felt completely really as though it had actually happened. In the dream I saw my baby. He appeared to be about 10 months old or so and had light curly hair and blue eyes. He was sitting up and we were in what appeared to be a hospital. He looked extremely sad and was looking down as he spoke to my husband and I. He said "I'm sorry, but I can't come home with you".
Dream of unborn child saying he could not come home with mother.  Unborn child had rare genetic disorder and died several weeks after birth.


86. Laird R Experience 9/25/11 But the one on Aug 23 2011 was real different then all the others events I predicted. I was at work and I was typing at my computer and all of a sudden. I felt like I teleported to the right of myself behind this wall right next to my desk and I was looking down at my feet and the ground started shaking. When I realized I was standing there I teleported back into myself while I was still typing. At first I was like what the hell was that? I looked around the room and then like checked if I was like tired and I was fully awake. As soon I check myself out I message 2 friends and told them be carefull thinking since there in California they might get hurt and I told them we were having a earthquake. I wasn't thinking that same day Virginia was having one along with California made me more afraid of what has been going on with me lately since that wasn't the only OBE I have had.
Several premonitions of impending earthquakes.

85. Ray T Experience 9/25/11 I had just had a long discussion with a couple of friends who said I should run to Canada and not go to Viet Nam.  It was an extremely unpopular war… Then there was a blinding light and I looked at the light, it was beautiful, all different colors but still white.  Out of the light walked a man in a long white robe.  His hair was shoulder length and he had the kindest eyes. He spoke to me and said "You are going to be OK.  You are not going to die. Do not be afraid, everything will be fine."… almost six months later… I was a radio man in Viet Nam.  Our camp experienced a rocky attack.  When it occurred, I was taking a shower, it was 3am and dark and I was naked and the water was cold.  I got hit.  I lost 4 ribs on the left side, my spleen, my left kidney, 1/3 of my intestines and part of my stomach.  My pancreas was severely damaged also but they managed to save it.  I spent the next year in hospitals from Viet Nam to Japan to Hawaii to Long Beach Naval Hospital.  I saw men injured far less than I was die because they gave up.  But I knew I was going to be OK.
Remarkable premonition dream that may have saved his life after a severe injury in the Vietnam war.


84. Merilyn Experience 8/28/11 I have not experienced and NDE - or even OBE - but there is something I would like to share with you. It would be interesting to see if you have had other accounts like the following. When I was about 8 or 9 years old I had a very real/clear dream that before I was born I was sat down and shown what my life was to be in like a movie format. (I never did remember what I was shown.) After that I was "told" that I would now have to go and live my life. (I don't think that everything was set in stone - just that I had to make of it what I could.) I seem to remember a "committee" telling me this. My reaction was that I was reluctant - but resigned - to having to do this, but so angry that I had to live being a child AGAIN. 
Dream about pre-birth existence.


83. Jim D Experience 8/20/11  I was then standing directly in front of the house looking at the house.  The front of the house contained a large picture window and I could see the silhouette of my youngest sister standing at the window looking out.  The image then suddenly disappeared as quickly as it had started.  When we arrived at the house of my parents I first saw the silhouette of my sister standing in the window.  I approached the front door and asked if my father had been taken to the hospital to which the answer was "yes".  I can still vividly remember every detail of the scene and exactly where I had to have been standing.
Premonition and ADC involving father.


82. Marie K Experience 8/13/11  From Canada.  My husband appeared to be asleep on his side facing opposite wall. I opened them again. He still stood there looking at me. I decided to close my eyes and let the worst happen if need be. I was frozen with fear. The next day I did not mention it to my husband. He appeared very tired. He then told me that he had had a very strange dream. And then he proceeded to tell me the exact same occurrence. Only in his experience I was asleep on my side facing the opposite wall with my back to him.
Husband and her had identical dream while on cruise ship.


81. Corrine S Experience 8/13/11  I had a dream that came true. I sat bolt up-right early one morning, I actually scared my husband awake.  He asked, "What's wrong?"  I said, I think my mom just died, was killed in a car accident.  I said it was either me or mom, but I'm pretty sure it was mom, and the dream felt very real.  I was upset, because if had felt so real.  I saw the car and my mom in the car and she went off the road into the ditch and the car rolled and it woke me up, I was so scared.  I never told my mom about it, but a about a month after the dream, that is exactly how she died, she hit black ice side-swiped an oncoming car and rolled, as she wasn't wearing a seat-belt she was thrown out the side window and the car rolled on her.
Premonition dream of death of her mother.


80. Leah Experience 7/28/11  then I find myself floating in the corner of my bedroom. I see my body on the bed realize that I'm not in that body and feel curious as to what is going on. I turn around face the top of my bedroom door and put my hand through the wall look back at my body and the next thing I remember was waking up thinking what in the world just happened.  


79. Hallie J Experiences 7/23/11  Two dreams of possible past lives.  One was apparent laborer, male, in Ireland.  Got drunk in pub, fell in water, and drowned.  This helped her get over her current fear of water.  Second dream she was dressed as long-ago nurse- was walking through hospital hallway aware that she was dead.
OBEs Dreams with interesting possible past life remembrances.


78. Max B Experience 7/23/11 From the UK.  At this point I slowly became aware of the music, unlike any music I have heard before, powerful and emotional it seemed to emanate from the brighter area in the mists above me, I could feel this music blowing through me, ripping away the last shreds of my existence on earth, catching me up in the music, joining me together with the others.  By now, the sense of joy at my return, that came from them all, everyone of them, was overwhelming, they were so genuinely overjoyed to have me back, so full of love for me on my return. I knew then my purpose (although I cannot tell you what it was). I also knew that I would stand on that balcony forever, as one with them all, at peace. Wrapped in, and pierced through with love, one with the music. Time had a different meaning here.
STE dream and premonition dream.

77.  Mary's Son's Experience  6/30/11  Son's drawing in first grade is premonition of death at age 20.


76. Daisy A Experience 5/22/11  I was joyfully walking all by myself just thinking of happy things.  Then suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks overwhelmed with knowing and seeing everything in the universe.  Shocked that it wasn't quite what I expected but still in awe.  The vision and knowledge was there but I was also aware of where I was.  I saw space flying away from me along along with all knowledge of the universe.  The only thing I'm left is my own mental picture of my hands reaching to grab any truth that quickly flew away from me.  Remember that... Gone.... Remember that...gone or this or that....  It was all gone.  And I have nothing but the experience.  Some stars and red a red planet or light or something… Most of the vision was about remembering…
Vision with universal knowledge while walking.


75. Alena Z Experience 4/19/11  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon A. One night while I was asleep my grandfather came to see me. Seeing him made me very emotional, I wept with joy to know that he was not dead, and just kept repeating: You're here, you're alive! and he replied to me: Yes, I'm alive. And he made me understand that he knew what was happening to me, he knew about all my fears and anxieties. He told me he had come come because he wanted to teach me something. I was scared and curious at the same time, but he calmed me, perceiving my fears.  Will I be able to return here? He said: Yes, I will bring you back. He took me by the hand and I went with him. We went through a kind of tunnel, with a radiant white light at the end of it, but which did not hurt the eyes though it was really bright. It seemed like a sky, or a space, but it was wonderful. My entire being was filled with a very great joy, a peace and a love which were unconditional, a compression of all things, and many emotions, it is difficult to express this with human words. There were people there, all of them smiling at me, it seemed they were busy with something, but at the same time they radiated much love and welcome. Their faces seemed familiar but I did not remember where I had seen them before. There was a man with a white tunic who also smiled at me and radiated great love, at the time I thought it was Jesus. I knew this was my true home and I felt at home there.
STE Dream


74.  Maria C Experience 4/16/11 A few days before traveling to visit, Maria had a dream in which she saw the favorite dog.  In the dream, Maria opened out patio blinds to see the dog sitting on the edge of the concrete facing away from the house.  When Maria opened the blinds, the dog turned toward her, seemed to smile by the way she opened her mouth with the tongue partially sticking out breathing.  Turning its head, the dog got up on all fours and started walking away from the house all the while looking back at Maria.  The dog was extra ordinarily clean.  It was again a cleanliness not of this world.  It was highly notable.  The next day Maria called her sister to discuss her visit and to tell her the time she will arrive.  She asked about the dog.  The sister told her the dog had died.  It had died the night Maria had the dream.   Maria did not know this until that moment yet she had had that vision of the dog in her dream.  It was as if the dog came to say goodbye.
Multiple interesting experiences including prophetic dreams and ADCs.


73.  Beth F Experience 4/5/11 I was in a military helicopter and, instead of hovering over the people like in my first dream, I was actually standing (or at eye level.) I counted  around a dozen men – all in uniform. They were panicking and yelling but they weren’t hysterical. They were trying to fix a problem with little to no time left before crashing. I could smell electrical burning and there were sparks coming out of a metal box on the wall. I could hear the sound of the helicopter rotor slowing down – kind of a wha..wha..wha sound and then it crashed. At this point I woke up in a sweat which woke up my husband - it was around 3am. I told him about the details of the dream but that I didn’t know where they crashed. The next day I turned on the computer and MSN’s headline was of a Army Black Hawk helicopter that crashed in N.Y. and 11 of the 13 soldiers were killed. The date was March 11, 2003.
Two precognitive dreams.


72.  RR M Experience 4/5/11 From Madagascar, Original in French.  Translated to English by Jean Peter.  So I had nothing to fear, I told to myself that if this were Paradise, then I was to meet with my forefathers only! I am not ill or in a coma, I cannot be dead. I felt as if I were in Paradise! So happy and free, as if a heavy weight had been removed from me. This is like the feeling I might feel on top a greenish hill, asleep on my own under a tree and breathing fresh air while exploring the landscape around, but 20 times more intense. Faces have a body but it is rather blurred, like white smoke! I would not say they are persons because they don’t move on the ground, and I recognize some people smiling to me! I don’t remember their face but I know I already met with them somewhere in my life.
Going to the place of ancestors, may also hint at reincarnation.


71.  Conan M Experience 3/6/11 Next thing I remember I was hovering, looking down on myself lying on the ground- the panic had washed away and I felt at peace and completely calm.  At this point I woke up and was very shaken by the power of this dream.  It was a Saturday morning and as I was lying there contemplating this dream that I had just had the phone rang.  It was my mom calling me to tell me she had some bad news.  My cousin was killed overnight in a one car accident in the middle of nowhere in Arizona- he had fallen asleep at the wheel, hit a tree and was ejected.  Died on the side of the road.  I was stunned at the coincidence.
Vivid dream of himself in an auto accident and he apparently dies.  Upon awakening, received call that his cousin had died in an auto accident with details remarkably similar to his dream.


70.  Robert B Dream vs. ICU Psychosis 3/6/11 Shadowy figures with long ton heads slinked in front and back of the urns as if they were in some slow ritual dance.  The floors of the hospital were at right angles to each other making it difficult to move from one floor to another.  Young hospital interns laid a few pranks on me, one of which involved setting a fire… My wife, my boss and my parents appeared in the dream.  I found the hospital moving so that I woke  up one time when the hospital was in Detroit,  Later when I was in Baltimore, then later in Miami, then later in Rockville, Maryland… Experience was definitely not real.
Dream vs ICU psychosis.  Posted to illustrate the difference between NDEs and experiences of altered stated of consciousness that are not NDEs.  Those familiar with NDEs will easily see the difference.


69.  Dolores H Experience 2/12/11 My revelation came in a dream – a very real dream.  In my dream I heard someone knock at the front door.  As I made my way to the door, I saw the entire house filled with people, and I couldn’t understand why no-one was answering the knock.  When I opened the door, I saw with pure ecstasy that Jesus was standing there, and as far back as I could see, beautiful angels were behind him.  I was awestruck with joy, and shouted out to everyone to look – but no-one heard, no-one looked.  I turned back to Jesus with utter sorrow, but as devastated and crushed as I was, Jesus was more so.  He sadly let me know that the others were not ready to hear or see him.  He told me that he just wanted to let me know that he would be there for me when I needed him, and that he had to go. I pleaded to him to take me with him, but he smiled sadly and said he couldn’t, because I still had much to do.
STE and prophetic dream with remarkable validation after the experience, and remarkable encounter with evil entity.


68.  Alexis B Experience 1/25/11  Soon after I could see the Earth from far away; it was blue and the atmosphere was black. It seemed small as I was far away from it. Suddenly, a gentle force sucked me into a dark space that was going very fast. I still felt conscious. Shortly after I saw a very small and intense light that seemed aware of my arrival. It came towards me and inside it a human form began to form… I knew it was a projection of my thought process to help me make the transition. The human form / being of light came towards me and telepathically said to me  “You must go back!” I responded I wanted to meet the real God and the being of light told me “You already know God, you just don’t remember him”.
Interesting mix between lucid dreaming and possible SOBE.


67.  Henry M Experience 12/12/10 Just then I heard a noise in the alley.  My partner heard it also.  He immediately got onto the M-60 machine mounted on our jeep and I got out of the jeep with my M-16 at the ready and started walking down the alley to check out the noise.  I was about 50-75 feet into the alley when I heard a voice say, "Get Out".  The voice was male, clear, in English and I thought someone was standing next to me.  I turned to see who that may be and no one was there.  I then two steps forward and again the voice said "Get Out".  This time the voice was loud, harsh stopping me from moving forward.  I stopped in mid step… I went back out to that location and verified this was the same alley I had walked down and the same alley were the NVA had set up their headquarters in preparation for the attack on the army base.  Where did this voice come from?  My guardian angle from the other side?  I most certainly would have been captured or killed by the NVA without any doubt in my mind.
Two experiences associated with combat in Vietnam.


66.   Sonya P Experience 12/7/10 I am the one that never dreams When I dream it is about someone dying. Like I was dreaming about my girlfriend and I having an accident in her car and the next week she got killed in a car accident. I had a cousin that got killed and I was sleeping and she was screaming to me to help her. The next morning I woke up and found out she had gotten shout by her boyfriend. I have a lot of issues like seeing and feeling the present of died people around me. I have been told that I had this gift since childhood.
Dreams- Premonition and apparent ADC dream.


65.   Dipak P Experience 10/31/10  From India.  I had another interesting dream where I saw a dead body of my previous birth lying on a floor. I felt that my Soul came out of that body and began to fly in the sky. Ultimately the Soul  began to rise upwards and ultimately entered the outer space flying for an indefinite period with a spontaneous recitation of the word ‘God’ . It could not be fathomed how long it continued and then I (my feeling was that I was that Soul) began to descend to  the earth. While descending I observed the blue earth completely covered with the body of my God-the-Preceptor, Diamond sitting alone. I realized that the Soul of every human being  is the image of Diamond.
Several experiences and divine dreams.


64.  RL Experience. 9/25/10 From India.  My family decided to get me married thinking that marriage would solve all my problems and bring me out of my misery.  On the day of my marriage, my blood pressure was extremely low.  I knew the symptoms as I had experienced this before but not as bad as it was on that day.  My body went cold and I was sweating profusely. As I was sitting in the marriage hall, I heard a buzz as if it was all around me yet I could hear people around me talking.  I felt a huge wave of sympathy and understanding towards every body and felt detached from my body.  I also had the knowledge during this time that my marriage would not last as it was not the time for me to be married.  Yet with that knowledge I felt comfortable and peaceful as if I was obeying my destiny.  I felt a radiance inside my head (not outside).  After a few minutes I felt the buzzing stopped and I was back again in the marriage hall.  My sweating stopped and I felt a bit better.  I asked my relatives if I had fainted but they said no, that I was ok and just a bit quiet.
Premonition immediately before marriage.


63.  Sequoia H Experience. 9/25/10   In a flash of a vision, I saw us having a head on collision and me dying. I was shown in slow motion and with a high level of alertness and awareness "train tracks" and how my train tracks were coming to an abrupt end. It felt like I was in the 1800's in the middle of nowhere just as train tracks were being laid in the American wilderness. I was very clear that this was "the end of the line" for me and my life. The vision was more factual, than emotional as if I were watching a movie. 
Waking vision prior to impact.  Her scream was an intervening action that changed the outcome of her vision.


62.  Jessica Experience. 9/19/10  I knew I was going to die. A large mass of fire was flying towards me and I put my arms up to shield my face. I didn't feel pain on impact, instead I felt this extreme (I cannot even express in words) peace. Everything was white. It surrounded me and cradled me. I felt sincere love and understanding. I remember hearing a sound that was almost like waves and a flute. It was sharp and constant, but it didn't hurt my ears. At that moment I remembered my husband and I began to panic. No one was here. I wanted him to be with me. "Is he okay?" I asked. When I spoke my voice was different. The language was not English and it was almost like singing. With each question I could see the light fading. I didn't want to leave the light, but I wanted my husband too. I reached out for the light. I ran to it and begged it to stay. I remember saying "I want" and it was gone.
NDE-like dream that could be an alternate reality.


61.  Gordona P Experience.  8/10/10  We were told that armed forces are attacking our part of the city. The loud noises from different weapons were all around us. We went down to the shelter. After spending 2-3 hours inside we were able to go back to our apartments.  I went to my bedroom, lay down on the bed, closed the eyes, and then heard the voice:  "You have to take your kids out of this city. This city won’t have the water, electricity, heating, food, and all around will be garbage."  The voice was very clear, male, demanding, on my right ear. Not familiar voice.  That was the beginning of the war, NOBODY was able to now that city will be under the siege almost 3 years , without water, food, electricity...Even though I wasn’t planning to leave the city, the voice was so strong in demand.  Three days later I left the town with my two kids, leaving my husband, parents, and…
Premonition during Bosnia war.


60.  Sam Experience. 7/25/10  I jumped up and ran downstairs where she and her mom were putting their coats on and she ran over to me and hugged me, kissed me on the forehead (which she usually didn't do) and said Bye Uncle Sam...See ya tonight" then she ran out the door in front of her mom and yelled something to a friend walking by. Suddenly I was back on the cot upstairs and heard them talking as if they were still getting ready to leave. I jumped up and went downstairs and exactly the same thing happened. I even knew she would run out the door in front of her mom and yell something to her friend. It was like I was in a movie and something  fast forwarded me to that part then instantly I was back at the part I got fast forwarded from and did it all again. Almost like that movie called "Groundhog day" where the same thing happened every day. Only this just happened once.
Premonition dream.  Saw exactly what would happen, then it really did a few minutes later.


50.  Denise F Experience. 6/19/10 I cannot find words or language to describe her. I was amazed that I saw the red color of her hair, as I was always concerned and aware that I never dreamed in color before, only shades of gray and white. I was surprised that I was able to see such brilliant and beautiful colors. I looked at her and did not immediately know who she was until she moved closer. I suddenly realized she was my mother! I was shocked. I remembered my mother when she died. I was age 12. She was 38,overweight and looked nothing like this. She was physically perfect in every way and elated at seeing me. Her happiness was beyond joy, impossible to put into words but a feeling that I could experience beyond anything possible here.
Research scientist shares vision from time of brain surgery.


58.  Ralph J Experience. 5/15/10 I was praying late one night our church chapel when I felt a tremendous terror: even though I was lying face down, face in arms, it was like I could “see” a Satanic figure entering the front doors of our church, walking down the main aisle of the sanctuary getting ready to turn left toward the chapel area. I have never, ever experienced such utter horror and fear. I was praying frantically, confessing any sin, but suddenly found myself desperately screaming in prayer for the safety of our country. After a long time, quite late at night, I felt it was over and that we were OK. At the time, I had the strong impression (and had told others later) that some unauthorized person or group in the Soviet Union was about to pull the nuclear trigger (or had pulled it—I couldn’t decide which).
Incredible waking vision during prayer!


57.  Brigitte C Experience. 5/9/10 From France, Original in French, translated to English by Kathy.    It was a premonitory dream because three days after my dream, a friend was killed at night while returning from her grandmother’s.  Her boyfriend was driving and fell asleep at the wheel, they fell into a ravine, he had his seat belt on and was practically unhurt but she, who was lying next to him sleeping, hadn’t put on her belt and went through the windshield and was killed instantly.
Premonition dream.


56.  David A Experiences.  4/6/10   I had a prophetic dream that made no sense to me at the time.  In the dream, I turned the corner of a building and saw a gigantic, blue-colored block of something I couldn't identify.  The following week, a family friend took my brother and I cross-country skiing.  On the way to our hotel room, I turned the corner of the balcony that lead to our room and stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth agape.  My brother said my face had turned white.  It was a gigantic block of ice that had been pushed up vertically onto the shore of Lake Superior.  It was identical to what I'd seen in the dream.  It was my first experience with the unexplainable.
Several prophetic dreams, an STE, an OBE.


55.  Julia Experience.  2/25/10 I have had several visions and one voice ' my son 3 yr old who had died for 4 minutes call me. He had went to visit his father , he had a mild cold but the climate change must have made it worse because it turned into pneumonia. I heard one of my kids call me while my cousin and I were out dancing with others… I ran into the hospital and there was my son in an oxygen tent . Doctors said they lost him for 4 minutes at the same time I had heard him call me just a couple hours earlier.
Several premonitions.


54.  Katherine M Experience.  2/25/10  I had a dream in which I saw someone I was close to emotionally, my first awareness was at the intersection of where the incident occurred but the car had already been removed...or just had...I was aware of the amount and location of the damage on the car....I didn't "stay" there long...I "headed" for the address of the person involved (the owner of the car) then I was in a small room (doctors examining room) just above the individual, (the owner of the car) the room seemed dark around me...a doctor was examining my friends forehead, I remember feeling that "it wasn't bad"....the next day I wrote a letter telling my friend about the dream  and as it turned out I had the intersection right...the car as I already knew wasn't too bad, and my friend required 3 stitches on his on his forehead but was otherwise ok.
Premonition dream of auto accident and doctor office visit of a friend.  Premonition observations later confirmed.


53. Dan Experience 4/25/09 I was stopped at lights behind a car that was similar to one that one of my aunt's and uncle's owned a few years earlier (which I thought of at the time).   at that point I had a mental flash image of a white sedan crashed into a tree which I thought was weird.  that night my mother, sisters and brother attended a memorial mass for our dad.  about an hour after we returned home an uncle called to tell us that our aunt (the one that I mentioned had owned a car like the one in front of me earlier in the day) had passed away in a car accident.  she was driving back to Canberra from the coast and had veered off the road and crashed into a tree.   
Either a premonition or ADC of Aunt’s death in a car accident.


52. Isabelle M Experience 3/20/09 The angel asks me if I want to know the answer, I asked him to take me in the beginning of the link. There is a great plain, very extensive. And I walk on a "via" ", fully paved. She is very right. On each side of the via, there are many people. Y'en It has several hundred on each side. They are very happy, and direct their gaze to where I go. They are dressed in white, with light clothing in sailing. And some young women wreaths of flowers in her hair. Everyone talks and laughs, it's wonderful to hear. I still walk on through, and I reach a sort of small temple. It looks like a small Greek temple, round. Encompasses the stage, there are four fluted columns. The columns are crystal pure, really beautiful. Arriving at the foot of the temple, I stopped a moment. There is a small flight of steps, and at this moment, I can see that there are three other similar vias in addition to those where I come from. And yet hundreds of people from each side of the vias, which will therefore join to form the temple.
Interesting vision- submitted in French and translated via Google.


51.  Maria G Experience.  8/29/09 From Columbia  I shut my eyes and could see my spinal column above my body, just the column, a neon blue in colour with some white, full of light. I began to hear the sound of drums alongside my spinal column, and I could see the vibrations of the music, in white light. After this, I felt my spine moving vigorously from side to side (all this was on another plane), and by then I could move myself and I saw on this other plane a being of light, as tall as the trees, and on one side a floating city of white light. I entered the city, where all the forms were curves and all the beings were of light, except one whom I could see normally like a human being, but not very clearly. Then I opened my eyes and saw in the room many silhouettes of light-beings, they seemed like angels, and my mother was at my side... I said to her "Mami the room is full of angels," but then they vanished.
Shamanic and other dreams.


50. Kerry Experience 3/8/09 I'm alone and driving my Van down a hill by my parents home and was preparing to take a customary left turn towards their home. The speed limit around this area was 25 mph. As I approached the intended intersection, a VERY loud voice suddenly sounded within my left ear ordering me to stop the vehicle which I instantly did. Through the intersection, right in front of me, 2 teenagers driving a 60's Buick zipped by at about 60 or so mph. Had I not stopped, I would have almost certainly died or have been disfigured badly by a "T-Bone " type of accident. The voice said specifically; "Kerry~Stop!" I was wide awake at the time and will never forget this experience.  It impressed me to believe, without doubt, that an Angelic-type individual was and is with me for ever.
Premonition that prevented a severe auto accident.

49.  Anita G Experience.  2/15/09 From Australia I was dreaming that I was living in a farm in a small country community, and my dream seemed like it went on forever. People were running from everywhere with their kids, animals and hoses, screaming GET OUT , GET OUT, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE . I remember in my dream feeling calm at first and watching these people trying to make sense of what was going on. Then I was standing next to this farmer with a flannel shirt, jeans and an acubra hat, hosing crazy on his house and lawn, And then I felt panicky. This man seemed significant in my dream, but in real life I don't know him. I remember I was then hosing and screaming out for other people to run and get in their cars and the I saw sheep on fire running from the bush with people and kids alongside them. The panic in these peoples faces and the screams I heard in my dream, still haunt me now in this waking moment, I feel ill. I can see these peoples faces for some reason and the shear panic in their faces, it was horrible.
Precognitive dream of Australia brush fires.


48. Linda D Experience 8/14/08  Well, I know I went to sleep but I had the feeling that he and I had gotten out of bed, he got dressed and we went down stairs and I said goodnight and gave him a small kiss and I closed the door. I came back up stairs and I was telling my sister I was glad he was gone and I would not be having him back over at my house again.  I rolled over and realized the guy was still there and I was hoping that I had not said anything out loud. I could plainly see the two of us, as he is getting dressed and we say goodnight at the door. It was like I was looking right at the events as they unfolded. When the guy finally got up to leave, it was like I had just done what he and I were doing just now.
Premonition experience.


47.  Mary K Experience.  7/27/08 English & Spanish.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Simon. But as we were about to watch the movie, around 8.00 pm, we were seated, my brother in one corner and myself in the other, when I saw a light which shone right through my brother's whole body. It was a very intense and narrow light. I was in shock, not knowing what to say, but paralysed, seeing my brother, then looking at his eyes, where I saw a deep, black emptiness in them. When I looked, astounded, I reacted by crying out, and I told him what had happened, but he laughed and said to me that he could see nothing surrounding me.
Precognitive waking vision.


Physician shares probable precognitive awareness of his own diagnosis of cancer.


45.  Amy Experience.  2/7/08 The painting was born from a vision that I had while trying to get to sleep...with eyes closed I saw the great light behind me and to my left out there in the black void of space; and it felt as though the whole room was lit up. I opened my eyes but nothing was different, I was still in my bed and it was still nighttime.
Really interesting painting!  You can see the spirit orbs.


44. Raymond S Experience.  1/12/08  From Netherlands, Original in Dutch translated to English by Garry After all this talk I leaned back on the bench, to sit awhile longer before I set off on my journey, in a few minutes the familiar scene around me disappeared and everything became brightness before my eyes. A circle of clouds formed and within this a golden shade.  In the centre was a very bright light, whiter than white and hard to look at. the centre of this cloud "tunnel" was quite round and there was a yellow goldish light that could be seen through it.
Waking vision after intense argument.


43. Deborah B Experience9/29/07 I was 7 or 8 months pregnant with twins. My husband and I knew they were both girls and had settled on names for them. I was sleeping and dreamed that one of the twins was speaking to me. She just told me that the other twin (she referred to her by name) "isn't ready yet." That was the whole experience, but it was very real. It wasn't possible to tell the age of the child in the dream, but I felt like I recognized her. When my daughter was born, it seemed that I already knew her. She looked exactly like the child in the dream, and as she grows, she still looks exactly like that child. She is 12 now).
Dream of her own unborn child.


42. Luane Experience.  4/23/07  From Italy, Original in Italian translated to English by Maurizio B I was in a wonderful. marvelous place : there were some green meadows, I was  upon a cliff  which overlooks vertical on the sea. In front of me, an huge blue ocean extended.  I looked at me, I wore a white dress, a tunic.  I felt a great sensation of peace, of love, of self-fulfilment, the problems that I had on the earth didn't exist anymore, it was like  if I had forgotten the world and the  material life.  I wanted to overlook at the edge of the high cliff  ... but it was  lengthening  in front of my way, it didn't let me  lean out the abyss that ended  in a cliff in the sea. But I knew the color of roks was a pure white.


41.  Betty M Experience. 11/10/2006  As I was teaching my daughter to ride her bike I remember thinking how happy I was that this was the last time I had to scuff my legs on the pedals of her bike.  A voice a man's voice came to my mind and kept saying "Child Molester, Child Molester"  now because I live in the country I dismissed this voice as just my imagination.  I kept teaching my daughter how to ride.  Then it started with my eyes, a tv like screen came across my vision from the left moving toward the right side of my face.  Once the screen covered my entire vision--I was there.  It was dark the water reflected the light.  I myself remembering thinking it looked like our lake.  I stood looking at this body in the lake that floated face down, it was obvious he was dead.
Nurse's precognitive premonition.


40.  Amy R Experience. 9/7/2006  I saw what I can only describe as television static and then I started to see the colored outlines/silhouettes of a field of people their faces were hazy and distorted.  I felt their emotions. They were excited, nervous, impatient, and had not one feeling of danger.  I saw mountains in the background, soldiers dressed in fatigues standing, a huge open area with a runway, and a white plane taking off.  My breathing stayed steady the entire time.  After seeing the plane everything went away.  Once the static was gone it was exactly 10am on the pc clock. I wrote down on a piece of paper next to me what I saw and even the time frame as I regret never looking down at the pc clock to see when this started.
Premonition of airplane in contest taking off two days before event occurred.


39. Margaret O's Experience.  9/7/06  I was floating in the air still very scared asking to go back to my son. they just kept saying, remember this place we take you to ,when we arrived there it was a small bridge, they pointed over and there on the edge near a brook was a baby wrapped in a blanket, they said remember ,I replied I will but please take me home… 9 years later we decided to move house we still had one son we didn't want anymore so now was the right time. we fond a house we loved and moved in at the back of the house was waste land 2 years after moving there they built a small housing development on the waste land when they cleared the waste land we found we had a brook at the bottom of our garden, when they tided it up I recognized the place from my experience. I was convinced I was going to find an abandoned baby there, I looked almost everyday .but then I became pregnant my son was now 13 this was a big shock but should it have been.
Apparent prophetic dream of future birth of a child at a future home location.


38.  Richard G's Experience 5/27/2006 I were driving South East at approximately 75 to 80 miles per hour approximately five or six miles North West of Wild Horse, Cheyenne County, Colorado on US 287.  All of a sudden I observed a curve that would be coming up in two or three miles and the rental care we were driving in started around a fairly sharp curve to the left.  The right rear tire blew and we went off the road and rolled the car several times.  About sundown I observed my wife and I hovering above the accident and saw the ambulance crew working on us on the ground.  Suddenly I was back driving about two or three miles before the curve.  I pulled over and checked the right rear tire and found the tread was separating from the tire.  I changed the tire and continued on the trip to Lamar, Colorado without incident.
Premonition of impending car accident with apparent shared NDE after accident.

37. Wilma A's Son's Experience.  11/8/05  I am writing this for my son who is 10 years old. This is our conversation about what he saw. 
OBE by 10 year old (as shared by mother) with prediction his mother would die.  Very NDE-like experience.

36. Lisa K's Experience.  11/8/05 I dreamt my mother had an operation but could not be fixed by doctors and as she was waking up from the operation I was wondering how I would tell her that she could not be fixed.  I awoke to a phone call telling me she was being rushed to hospital and had already fallen unconscious a few times.  My mother was not currently suffering from any immediately life threatening illness and none of us were expecting her to die. She was considering an operation to cure a minor illness but died of a DVT, which was unrelated and had been diagnosed and was being treated. I dreamt she has something inside her chest, which the doctors could not remove.  She died from a pulmonary embolism (blockage in the lungs), which was caused by the blood clot she had in her leg and the doctors at the hospital could not help her in any way once she realized she could not breathe properly. They said they tried everything.  My dream was very similar to what actually happened.
Multiple experiences including ADCs and precognitive dream.

35.  Kathy M's Experience 9/3/05  My dream was very vivid. I saw my ex boyfriend being stabbed over and over again and there was blood everywhere. It was the most horrible thing I had ever seen and I felt like I was watching it happen.  I was so taken by the dream that I went to visit his brother at his job to make sure he was okay. When I explained to his brother the purpose of my visit he looked at me like he had just saw a ghost and asked me "who told you". I replied "who told me what". He began to tell me that his brother had been stabbed in a club and it was very bad but he would be okay.  Every hair on my arms stood up and I felt a chill slide down the center of my body.
Dream with information later verified.

34.  Michelle K's Experience 8/13/05  The face was androgynous, but child-like. It had no body hair; no eyebrows, lashes, etc. It had large intense eyes of no distinct color. And the skin tone was warm, and peachy like. Although it had a youthful face, it was ageless, wise, adult in behavior (but not alien-like in any way). There were no need for words as everything was telepathic. In fact, it was so intense in wordless dialogue, I asked all my thoughts at once; like they were layered upon one another and asked in one sentence. The questions I asked (some but not all I am able to give here due to the inability to consciously review them; it was/is like even my subconscious was meant to keep it from my conscious self for a reason. If that makes any sense) included --'am I on the right life path? How can I keep going on? Will the world's people/future be okay?--It smiled at me and nodded it's head slowly to me.
Lucid dream with encounter with a wise spiritual being.

33.  Marie O's Experience 7/23/05  I was dreaming that I was sitting on a city bus and when realized I was dreaming. I got off at the bus stop and it was raining outside. I stood under the bus shelter amazed at how real the situation was. I touched the painted metal shelter and marveled at the realistic chipped paint and I could feel the coolness of the metal and the bumpiness of the paint. I could feel the rain as I stepped out. I examined the hedge by the sidewalk and felt the wet, shiny leaves. It was as real as if I were awake. It was fascinating. I decided not to change the dream too much as I had in other lucid dreams. There was a house near the bus stop that had a store on the bottom level. I decided to explore it. A woman sat there at a desk and I asked her for an umbrella. She admitted she had one of her own and that it was not for sale. I explained that this was just a dream and it did not really matter if she got it back or not. She gave me the umbrella and the dream ended.

32.  Karen C's Experience 6/17/05  Suddenly, I felt warmth on my back.  It felt like sunlight hitting my bare back (I was fully dressed).  I turned toward the window and saw a small white light moving toward me from outside the window.  As it got closer it got bigger.  It was so white and bright that looking back, I can hardly believe that I could have kept my eyes open to look at it, but it didn't hurt my eyes at all.  I wasn't afraid.  The light began to take form above my bed.  I was still on the floor.  I couldn't see any features (i.e., eyes, nose, hair), and I couldn't see through it.  It sat on my bed and I instinctively put my head on its lap.  I never felt more at peace.  I never felt more loved.  I felt as though I knew this entity very well - that we had a relationship somehow.  It was comforting me.  I'm not sure if my eyes were closed at this point, but suddenly I was looking down at my friend laying in his hospital bed. I started to cry again.  Then I saw what I perceived to be Jesus Christ standing over my friend.  He had a long white robe on which was tied at the waist with a brown sash.  He had long brown hair (typical Jesus image you might see in any church).  Jesus turned to look up at me, and then he looked back at my friend, placing his right hand on my friend's forehead. Without any words being said by anyone (the white light being, or Jesus), I knew that my friend would be all right.
Friend was in coma.  Vision occurred, followed by rapid healing of friend.

31.  Kathleen F's Experience 4/17/05  I think I experienced the most amazing and intense visionary display and physical "transformation" that is possible for a human being.
Remarkable prolonged vision with an extraordinary amount of detailed content including visions of past and non-earthly entities, vision of future corruption of Internet by evil forces, and much more.

30.  Ginger S's Experience 3/12/05  So finally a week went by and I decided to ask her about it.  I asked her if she was in a minor car wreck recently and named the area of the intersection in which it took place.  She got really pail and started to cry instantly and asked me how I knew did someone call me and tell me...I paused for a second and said no..."I saw it about a week ago." Had dream daughter was in minor auto accident.  One week later confronted daughter, and confirmed details in dream.

29.  Stephen H's Experience 11/27/04 From the U.K.  In my dream, I “appeared” outside a terraced house with a door in front of me. A lady dressed completely in white was opening it. She smiled in a friendly way and I floated into the house and into a room. I noticed a long couch, like a psychiatrists couch, in the left corner of the room (as I was floating near the door). Then a dog appeared lying down on the couch – it was a German shepherd dog, lying on its side. I sensed my hand traveling towards its uppermost (right) ear, but when I did so I heard a high-pitched droning/whining sound – like someone rubbing the edge of a fine wine glass. As I took my hand away the sound lessened, and as I put my hand closer it got louder. I sensed that there must be something wrong with the dog’s hearing.   Precognitive lucid dream.

28.  Oxala's Experience 5/10/04 From Romania  As I am falling into sleep I can remain conscious and in some cases (but rarely) I can control my conscious dream. With the power of imagination I can do anything I imagine, experience sensations and adrenaline at maximum (time and space where at my disposal).
Very detailed description of lucid dream experiences.

27.  Jo A's Experience 5/10/04 From the U.K. Then it happened. Without warning the hillside lit up with this unearthly glow. And I was -while still standing before the sink- soaring somewhere else in utter bliss- fused with the elements-every atom-raindrop-beetle-rock.  And in that moment of bliss I KNEW that ALL WAS WELL......somehow.  Somewhere. As an incest survivor with a mother who had also had a terrible childhood, I studied and wrote about inexcusable child abuse...........and in this unity experience I remember thinking that EVERYTHING MADE SENSE-SOMEWHERE-SOMEHOW....BEYOND MY UNDERSTANDING....IT MADE SENSE AND ALL WAS WELL.
This was almost like a consciousness shift.


26.  Malcolm C's Experience 3/22/04  I woke up from being asleep, felt that I was not breathing and lay for what seemed a few seconds not able to move or breath and it was dark and I was laying on my bed.  Then I saw a brilliant light to the upper left of my vision that seemed distant.  It was incredibly hot and bright but I could look at it and I felt warm and safe.  I remember feeling very calm and happy and very emotional.  I wanted to be in the light and I felt like what was in the light was reality and the life I have I did not want to go back to.  I felt that everything I ever wanted to know about me was inside the light and that there were people there. 
A transcendent dream

25. Muslim Views on Dreams 2/28/04 By Shaza, From Sudan.

24. Martin's Experience 2/26/04 Original in French, Translated by Johanne From France.  I was resting on the hospital bed and I had fallen asleep when all of a sudden, I started having stronger and stronger palpitations. And suddenly, I went into a black house, and each time I was opening the doors, there was fire behind them which kind of pursued me. I was horrified, helpless, I was only hearing the huge sound of the flames. I was like jammed, I wanted to get out but I couldn’t, I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t either. There were men who wanted to push me into those flames but I resisted.
Although he says it wasn't a dream, there was no separation of consciousness from the body.  Therefore, it has to be a variant of dream such as a lucid dream or perhaps a waking vision.

23. Admir S's Experience 1/13/04   I became lucid in a huge meeting hall  were hundreds of people were meeting, many walking in an out, a stairway connected the outside with the inside of the area. No sooner I had entered the place and girl took my hand and led me flying outside, and I found myself flying over people entering the from. The girl left me floating under the most gorgious, blue, sparsely cloudy sky which partially hid the sun, "What a marvelous thing, people!” I shouted.
Here's a frequent flyer from Brazil.  It is interesting because these experiences show the cross-overs between lucid dreaming and OBEs and add a cross-cultural flavor to the narratives.

22. KA B's Experience 11/2/03 I noticed that there was a boundary or dark void just beyond the Light as I moved into it.  Then suddenly I became aware that every question that I had ever had or could have had was answered in an instant.  There is no feeling like the Satisfaction of that experience.  As I moved further into the Light, I became aware of other Consciousnesses that were a part of the Light as water drops are a part of the ocean.  There was such Love for me there!  After some time, I saw a Hand of God appear and gently pluck me, as a tiny Ball of Light, out of the Oceanic Love, and sent me down, down, down where I was aware of slipping into my physical body through my head.
Lucid dream from falling asleep to a guided imagery tape.  Or is it an OBE?

21. Lisa M's Experience 11/2/03  One night this January I had a dream  I went to my fathers house and it was being ransacked by his mother and brother. I came in and said what the hell are you doing to my dads house? My grandmother turned around and said "Daddy die" I remember another person in the room but I could not see his face. I remember my stomach sinking I think I started to wake up so this person yelled at the top of his lungs "Stanley needs a chest x-ray" I woke up I think right after that, now any other time I would have ignored a dream. But he yelled so loud it stuck in my head. Dream ADC or ?

20.  Matty T's Experience 08/10/03  Then it seemed if i was jumping from place to place, I was back in the tunnel at what seemed to be the end of the tunnel was a light.  I was always on a pogo stick during this whole experience, as i got closer to the light i wanted to go in the light but my great grandfather was there and he spoke to me and told me not to go in the light it was not my time i heard his voice as he spoke and it sounded harsh.  i was angry because he was harsh and would not let me go to the light. 
She calls this experience a dream, yet it has OBE qualities and some NDE-like imagery.

19. Wanda S's Experience. 5/14/03. This is the best part.  I cannot begin to describe this energy, it was pure love.  It was a thing, it was tangible. I did not want to leave, ever!!!  There are no words that exist on earth that can describe this blue energy, no words to describe the ecstasy I felt.  I don't know how long I was there, not long enough.  I was then in bed, with tears streaming down my face.  I heard a masculine voice say, In order to have all, you must give up everything.  Then a chorus of beautiful female voices with one predominate voice said, Don't worry, everything is going to be perfect in the end.
Transcendent dream

18. Margaret KJ's Experience. 4/19/03. I was having a lucid dream - I am "moving" something like walking beside another person. I am a ball of blazing light, the "person" next to me is also light. I don't see faces, but I know that this is a "being". We are having a conversation but our mouths are not moving (so telepathically communicating).  We are moving down a very dark hall and then come into a large room that is filled with "people" i.e. other balls of light. The balls of light surround me, and I am overwhelmed by the communication, there is much chatter i.e. telepathic greetings, and I can hear everyone. There is a feeling of warmth, happiness and joy and familiarity like I know this group of beings.
This lucid dream really seems like she was in a different and wonderful place!

17. Kaylene L's Experience 4/19/03.  I inherited my dad's old four wheel drive truck. I had put it into 4WD and couldn't get it to go back to normal drive. I was really worried and a bit upset as I thought I'd done something wrong or damaged it. That night, I dreamt that I was in my dad's truck, sitting in the passenger seat. There was someone (it may have been dad, but I didn't recognize the person as dad in the dream) in the driver's seat. They told me and showed me that to get it out of 4WD, you had to ensure it was moving forward just slightly and then it would slip into normal drive really easily. The next morning, I got up and tried it and it worked. It was a very vivid dream in terms of showing and telling me how to fix this problem.
Vivid dream that might have been an ADC helps her fix her dad's truck.


16. Heather W's Experience. 4/19/03. I am a little girl (not myself) I am someone else. I am riding down a road on a sort of wagon. It was early 50s I would say. I am wearing a dirty white dress and no shoes. I must have been 7 or 8. I had blonde hair and a fair complexion. We turn right onto a long dirt road. I can see the wooden sign but I cant read it. We turn into my drive way. There is my house sitting on a hill slanted up from the road - a large 2 story white farm house   - i can still smell the fresh paint and feel the grass in between my toes as i run across the large hill in my front yard. We sold produce. I laid the apples in the box on the front yard the i carried a bail of hay to the stand and my brothers and sisters carries one to. There were to many siblings to count.
Is this vivid dream a past life experience or perhaps an alternate reality?


15. Nancy K's Experience. 4/19/03.  He began to talk.  Now I don't really remember anything much of what he said except a few things, but at the time it was such a revelation that I was looking for paper to write down things he said so I could remember them.  I remember he said that there would be ear marks or things to look for to find the path and he told me what these things were.  He finished by saying "You haven't done bad, but you could have done better."
Lucid dream that seemed so real, like being in an alternate reality.

14.  Audra M's Experience 3/8/03  It was a road full of love and the most peaceful feeling in the world. I start walking faster down this path and then there was a shape of a man. i could not make him out, but he looked at me with a smile and then he put his hand out for me to stop moving forward.  an amazingly bright light was behind him and then i jumped right out of my bed.
This is a dream that turned into a spiritually transformative event.

13.  Lucy M's Experience 2/15/03  i suddenly realized that i was semi conscious so i wondered if i could control my dream. i remember i was standing next to a staircase so i jumped and suddenly my whole body went tingly (like the feeling you get when your leg goes dead and then life comes back into it) i was actually floating at the time. then i woke up in my bed and my whole body was paralyzed. i tried to move and i couldn't.
Lucid dream experience with fear elements.

12.  Nadia C's Experience 2/2/03 I swear to God, few days later, I had the same identical experience - only it was real this time. We were coming from the beach, and strangely enough, I was not tense as usual, and I was even enjoying the ride! All at a sudden, just like I already imagined days in advance, a car crossed the road and my husband hit the car and the accident was identical in all details even the fall under the car with the wheel almost crossing my neck! Even there I was ready to feel the cracking noise of my neck bones, but, thanks God, the wheel stopped just next to my neck! Identical to the day dream I had! I still feel shaky when I think about it!
She had a waking vision that came true a few days later! 

11. LaVenia L's Experience 1/26/03  Then I began to see what looked like a movie on the walls all around me...Then I saw beings gliding on a street in a beautiful city...the most beautiful thing I had ever seen...The scene lasted for hours,...There were families, like Mom and Dad or 1 or 2 children...they just all glided about...The buildings were made of light...and Dad would have one of the children on his shoulders...Mom would have the other by the hand...This scene was of immense beauty...I can still see it...When I awoke in the morning it was gone, and everything looked awful without that beautiful city scene....
Waking vision shortly after child birth.

10. Tracy S's Experience 1/18/03 A man spoke in a very loud voice, but the words weren't exactly spoken. They WERE spoken--we all understood them and heard them, but one or two sentences contained much more meaning--and in the moment it was TRUTH, LOVE, Acknowledgement. The man was either emanating, radiating, or standing in but floating in a blue white light. Not that I could see it beginning in him--but it was all around and shining on me and flowing outwards towards us and down.  The words were something that he had "led me out--had shown me something--so that I would believe in Him"  Also the man had a beard-and I thought he was a prophet. I wish I could fully describe it. One word would be Glory! Definitely I was known by this man and by all the others in presence with us, and all good was desired for me. But I only know that from how I felt, yet I felt it because it WAS. 
Precognitive dreams about an attempted suicide at a later time.

9. Margaret K's Experience 1/16/03 I am now experiencing a very floating type of feeling. I am very aware of a immediate change in environment. I am alone in my grandparents house, but I am aware that it is not really their house, but a manifestation of it (my grandparents house was a home filled with tremendous love and safety). There are intense colors and an overwhelming sense of being in a different realm where everything is magnified (i.e. sensations). I physically feel that I am not connected to my body. There are no words to accurately describe the heightened sense of awareness and intense feelings. It is almost like I become one with everything around me. 
A lucid dream that involves an after-death communication with her grandmother.

8. Narendran's Experience Non-Western Experience from INDIA.  12/22/02  A few minutes afterwards, I noticed the figure was still there.  It ordered me (but not in words) to come. I was adamant against following the figure.  The figure forced me to follow.  The moment i thought that figure pulled me, it did not even reached near to me but some how it did pull me.  In the next second, i was traveling over a path or tunnel covered by light.  The experience was like traveling through a huge pipe, but i could see other space materials. The travel was fast but lasted only seconds.  I found myself in the open upstairs of some house.  A  middle aged lady was there. She was like a white light having a grey or black long tail that would extended even at the steps and i did not see where it ended.
This is a lucid dream that may also qualify as an OBE. 

7. Irene K's Experience 12/8/02  I do remember it was important that I recognize the race of the many people traveling through this gateway. Many were Palestinians. The children primarily were Palestinian and I remember thinking that there were too many too young entering this pathway. I walked closer to this gateway but stopped when I realized I was at the edge. I was afraid and was worried. I had an urge to walk into this wind to experience what heaven might be like, but was focused enough to realize that if I walked into it, I may never be allowed to come back. I was afraid if I entered, in the real world, I would have died and I was afraid of leaving my children on earth alone.
There are every day dreams and then there are dreams of consciousness, of which these two are.

6. Marsalis's Experience 12/8/02  Next my grandfather appeared. How I knew it was him I cannot say because he did not have his face. He did not have a face, really. He was just a big ball of light. He came and stood near me by the tree and spoke to me. When he came close to me I felt the light coming off his body. I could feel it with my body not just see it and the light had a feeling like pure joy and unconditional love. It is beyond words. It enveloped me and I felt very loved and very at peace. I wanted to melt into him and stay there forever. As I do whenever I "visit" with my grandfather, I asked him a question. I asked him whether I would have children. I asked this with my mind. He responded- not in words- by showing me that there were all these orphans in the world that needed me and I did not have to worry about having my own kids.
This is a vivid dream, possible OBE, to other worlds and contact with her deceased grandfather.

5.  Wesley M's Experience.  11/9/02  My friend and I then started reading up on altered states of mind. I then tried to have an OBE and had a dream that turned into very lucid state where I was floating up and through the window in room and then outside up and through the window of the upstairs neighbor's apartment.  I then felt like I was into some kind of dream and than snapped back into the OBE state, only to find myself falling through the floor down into my room again.
This account has wonderful descriptions of the states of lucid dreaming and OBE and you can also see the transitions between the two.

4.  Liz K's Experience  6/4/02. "the next thing i know is i'm awake in a bright light , its really warm and peaceful and i'm moving closer to it and i'm not walking but i'm getting closer and then i see a big white wall but its not a wall all i see is never-ending white all up and down and both sides right and left and i'm wondering how will i get past it.  the next thing i know is i'm on the other side , i see people everywhere and hear them but they are not talking with there mouth its with there head, like ESP."
Dream with NDE-like elements and saw grandparents.

3.  Shawna K's Experience  6/4/02.  "Then it all became very strange, with a sense of drifting into a void.  It was bluish grey. I had a terrible thought that I had died, and I vividly remember thinking that I did not want to die. With that though I was quickly back in my body and feeling normal and awake." 
Although NDE-like and a separation of consciousness, this experience started as a dream without a clear delineation of waking up.  Perhaps this is the bridge between a lucid dream and an OBE.

2.  James K's Experience  6/4/02.  On this one particular night I had felt as if I had actually awoke in a place I've never seen before, and I saw myself standing in front of me. I was in a "praying on knees position" i.e. not the way I was sleeping, or in the room I was sleeping in I looked at myself "in front of me" and tried to speak, but instead the words moving my lips moving "the me on my knees" the standing ME's lips moved. What was I trying to say?" This experience starts as a dream, but the surreal events and feeling of waking up may be more of a lucid dream or even cross over into an OBE.
1.  DeAnna P's Experience  4/19/02.  "The significance of this dream is that I have always suffered poor "anger management". getting into fights as a child, being a "wild" teenager by being extremely stubborn and, well...angry. I still suffer problem with dealing with anger, though several "lessons" have been "thrown my way" that have allowed me to "mellow" a little." 
Our first lucid dream.  It looks like necessary life lessons being taught on the inner planes.