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Dream diary and dream interpretation by Uday

Every individual has a Super-soul and many Spirit guides who look after the well being of the individual.  Dreams are ways to make aware an individual of his future happenings and they are projected by the Super-soul or spirit guides. Dream interpretation depends on cultural belief system and is quite subjective. Same dream seen by different individuals may have different meanings. This is the reason why one should maintain his own dream diary and need to find out himself the interpretation of his own dream, after observing future events. Some people dream in negative. For him, the meaning may be just the opposite of what he has seen.

Many aboriginal people often see dream and they use it in their day to day life. They exchange their dream information with others. .Sherman get information about medicine in dream.  

I have illustrated some of the dreams which I have seen or seen by others, known to me:  

·       1989 , I dreamt that I was in a building in a new place. After few months I got a job in Oman and started staying in a similar building.  

·       2001, I dreamt that one of my sister-in-law with a boy standing in a photo pose, next day I received a telephone call about news of her engagement for marriage 

·       (Jan 2004) Some one avoided a car accident simply by listening to his dream: He dreamt of his car accident at the right bend on a particular T – junction, which he follows every morning, when he goes to work. Next day, he did a little change in his plan. He turned left at the T– junction, drove for a while & made a U-turn to follow his regular path. He found a car similar to his own, had made an accident a little while ago at the same spot of his dream. 

·       (Jan 2004) I dreamt, I entered my house and found three persons moving in my kitchen. I noticed they were all from one of my friend’s family (they are all alive now.)

They look as negative of their black and white picture.  They were no threat to me. They will not move out and wanted to remain in my house permanently. With in a month’s time of this incident I received my first evp from my parents who are on the other side. 

·       26thMarch 2004, I dreamt , I was looking for letters in three pigeon boxes , written past, present and future . May be I will be able to see them in near future. 

·       (April2004) I dreamt of a music concert. I was in the stage with the main singer and some other co-singers. This main singer was very special, whenever she sings her line alone, all the other co-singers becomes invisible till she sings. They all reappear after her line is finished singing.

Next day my friend lost his purse in a restaurant. He searched in all possible places & could not find it. I told him not to worry and asked him to contact the nearest police station. He found some body had deposited it as lost and found item. 

·       (May 2004) One person dreamt of a snake bite on two fingers of his right leg. I anticipated it as an indication of positive developments on the job front, which would result in any of the two aspects: change in job-location, change in type of job, increased remuneration.  After about 2 months, the person received a change in a different department with increased pay package and did not have to change the location.