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Donna B's Experience

Experience description:   

this morning my boyfriend woke up @ 1:45am to get ready for work, so I got up and got his lunch bag ready then he left @ 2:15am  I tried to go back to sleep as usual but couldn't.  so I just laid in bed with my eyes closed. I was not worried because Friday is my day off.  All of a sudden I felt like someone was tugging on my comforter so I tugged it back just thinking it was just stuck.  All of a sudden my Dryer's on then I was thinking to myself why would it be on when there are no clothes there so I ignored it and tried to go to sleep but I could not.  Suddenly my bedroom door opened, it was so dark my whole body lifted up 5 feet from my bed I kept my eyes shut I knew I was awake I was confused and scared @ the same time the I asked in my mind "mom is that you? you are scaring me please put me down."  then my body slowly and gently dropped on the floor by the door.  then I just laid there on the floor because I was scared,  so terrified, I kept my eyes closed and did not say a word.  a moment of silence then my body slowly lifted up from the floor to the bed.  then, I opened my eyes and said out loud" mom, if that's you lift me up again and place me on the floor"  then a second later my body lifted up, I closed my eyes because I was scared, confused and amazed @ the same time.  then I said "oh my god, what is happening?" "mom put me back on the bed " so my body quickly placed back tucked in bed,  The energy was so intense in my heart I knew it was my mom's spirit.  I woke up and lit up a candle in front of her picture and cried then i woke up my 11 year old daughter to sleep next to me.  It was around 3:45am I called my dad and told him the whole experience, he said that next time it happens to ask her what she wants me to do.  My mom passed away 3/21/06 the first day I found out that she has a brain tumor I cried myself to sleep that night and dreamt about her (my interpretation of that dream was goodbye from her)  before she passed I held her hand in the hospital  and talked to her in my mind that what ever happens to please let me dream about her.  And I have been @ least once a week.  The dreams I've had of her have meanings and comfort for me.  My mom and I were very close.  I would like to write a book someday about my life because I have been through so much since I was a child.  As I get older I am finding out more that I have a special gifts that not many people have.

Any associated medications or substances with the potential to affect the experience? No