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Experience description:   

A. My best friend suddenly died in 1986. When I heard the news I got into a kind of shock.       After his death I met 4 times. 

1.He sat on a kind of throne, dressed in a blue coat, on his hat a crown. He had a golden sceptre in his hand. He was in a Roman environment, a big hall with pillars. He literally said:” La’tje, calm down ( La was my teacher’s abbreviation on the timetable at school ).

”La’tje” sounds familiar, cosy. He repeated this sentence, clearly audible, several times. You know, it was his voice.

**Visually, everything was bright and clear, the colours as well.

**I saw myself very clear in this situation.

***When I told this story to his wife she was very astonished. In his town he had walked round several times dressed as a Roman soldier.


2.He sat on horseback. The landscape was a large endless grass plain. He sat stiffly and motionless on the horse. He only looked at me sadly. I, as well, said nothing. The horse was dark brown and the grass was brightly green coloured.

**Visually, everything was bright and clear, the colours as well.

***I saw myself very clear in this situation.


3.He sat on horseback. It was the same large endless grass plain. He said full of life / very lively / vivacious / with a vivid / lively / expression:” I am gonna fight against injustice / the injustice / what is not right /. This he said, turning round with the horse and galloping away.

**Visually, everything was bright and clear, the colours as well. I clearly heard what he said.

***I saw myself very clear in this situation.


4.We sat together at a wooden table in a log-cabin. It was not so dark / twilight /. We said nothing. We looked forward. A hit from the end of the fifties was played. It was ”Tell him no” sung by Travis&Bob

**Visually, it was normal. The song was clearly heard.

***I saw myself very clear in this situation.

****My feeling, explanation: This experience was in a time that we wanted to buy a house.

Mortgage-advisors walked in and out. For me this experience was an indication to be on the alert / to watch thee advisors very carefully.


B. An appearance of my father’s after his death. My father was sitting on a kind of rock / a big stone. He looked very alive / vivacious / lively / and he really looked very very good.

He was dressed in his Sunday-suit with vertical lines / vertical stripes, close beside each other.  The tie he usually wore with the suit + the shoes he usually wore with the suit. His hair was neatly cut and combed, he was shaven, it looked as if he just came from the hairdresser’s. As if he had to go to his men’s-society / club. He stood up from the stone and said clearly audible: ”I’m going to learn”. And then he stepped out of ”the screen” / out of sight.

**Visually it was very very clear.

***I didn’t see myself. I was a kind of spectator.

****I have never considered my father as my father. He was as a ship ”passing in the night”.

But, I am thankful that I got the chance to say goodbye to him on his death-bed. When I had to look after him, he gave in his way, something saying ”I have got something for you”. At that moment I got a breakthrough. For the first time I laid my hand on his arm and said:”

Thanks for everything you’ve done for me in YOUR WAY”. At that moment I saw it and felt it. And …………..I could express it with my heart!!

C. I myself was in a dark landscape at night. Long grass-blades with here and there not too thick stone plates and thin pieces of slate with extending points. It was close to a kind of temple. Out of the temple came light from (deep?) down in the temple. The light gave a restful, peaceful, atmosphere although it was not too clear.

Out of the temple came a woman. She was the first person of a (kind of) procession. My feelings told me she was a holy woman, a healing woman. The atmosphere remained peaceful, healing. I went lying down, a little bit hidden, to watch what was going on carefully. My head was just above the not too thick stone plates. I was looking in a childish, curious, exciting, holy, peaceful, way.

**Visually it was very clear and bright. The way I was looking / the look I was looking with / was in a way, resembling, how I was looking on a photo from 1948/1949 (I was 4/5 years old). I was looking upwards, up to the sky.

***I saw myself more than bright and clear. I was younger and looked younger than I was at the time having this experience. My feelings tell me about twenty. Definitely not the end of my fifties.


D. I was in the same (kind of) landscape as with C. I saw myself very bright and very clear. But…………….. and / I knew it / I was sure about it /, my old body-wrapping lay a little bit away from me on the ground. It looked like a kind of old big wet floor-cloth / an old big wet dishcloth / (a dutch expression close to it: ”as limp as a rag”). It looked as if it had been flopped down on the ground and remained in the same shape as it had been flopped down.

The inner and bodily peace and relaxation / relief I felt was indescribable with much more dimension. In that soul state and bodily state I woke up. There are times that I am longing back to that ”state of being with body and soul”. Very, very vivacious / vivid / alive / healed / a whole person, clean myself , etc……….

**Visually it was extra extra bright and clear.

***My way of looking is already described at C. My age about twenty.


**I mailed the experiences: A, B, C, D, to Pim van Lommel. I happened to meet him at an Americana concert, said to him that I read a book that was written with reference to a conference, amongst others with him as a speaker, about NDE’s. He answered me in a way that I decided to tell him my experiences. In that book was a poem from a woman having had an NDE. The poem came straight into my heart. It brought me into tears. He said: ”It’s recognition”. His answer triggered old memories.

I wrote him as well that being a child I had a strong desire to ”being healed” / ”growing healed”. It could make me a kind of sad / the longing for it brought me into a sad mood / a kind of sadness about losing it / having it lost. I recognized and still recognize ”feeling healed”, you know in that poem in that book mentioned above: 

If you bring forth

what is within you,

what you bring forth

will save you.


If you do not bring forth

what is within you,

what you do not bring forth

will destroy you.


He wrote me back: ”Because you as a child had that strong longing for being healed / an healed – feeling, I wonder if you, at a very young age, could have gone through an NDE, for instance as a baby: birth?, hunger?, or as a little child, illness?”.

This answer gave me at an instant a flashback to the words of my mother’s: ”You were not allowed to be born directly. I had to wait for the doctor. I had to hold you up. After your birth you have hardly, sometimes not at all, grown for half a year because sometimes there was no food. We were, really, afraid that you should die”.

Another sentence: ”We don’t touch”. In other words, knowing my mother, I am sure that from the beginning I haven’t been touched bodily. Or perhaps sometimes. So I was bodily / physically and mentally / psychologically in the cold.

I was born on the 25th of November 1944, in the Hungerwinter. It was in the summer of 1991 that I didn’t feel well and I went to lie down on bed. I laid on the bed as a baby lies Bodily / physically in the womb. All kinds of fears came as waves over me and on me. I was trembling.

After that there were times in the years that even in summer I got very cold and then I was shivering as well and there were suffocation symptoms. It could be under the blankets as well. My feelings told me that ”THE COLD of 1944 was coming out of my body + fears / frights”. A very good therapist I could share this with was mentioning ”(body) cell-memory”. Further on I have the very strong feeling that in 1944 I have taken the strong decision:”Damn it, I am gonna stay alive, I won’t surrender to death”.

Looking back, I’ve always had that attitude up to nowadays.

You could say that Pim van Lommel’s answer triggered this. Pieces of a (life) puzzle fell on their places. When I was close to my 60th birthday I read  the book of Elaine N. Aron:” The Highly Sensitive Person. How to thrive when the world overwhelms you”. The book was a relief, an eye opener. It draw out another red line in my life ”Fear for too many stimuli” Only the title of the book!!!

Now, writing this to you I am sure that the mental and physical schock of my best friend’s sudden death triggered the ADC’s + C and D + what is coming and (perhaps) the remembrance of when I was either on my way to dying or dying. This, together with Pim van Lommel’s words. I really don’t know how to say, in English, what I want to say in the two sentences above, how to frame them!! I think, hope, you understand!!

In the next mail ………….. some other experiences triggered by Pim’s words + perhaps by my friend’s death + 1944?? 


E. About 1995 just before the Christmas-Holidays. Late that evening I had drunk too much.

I drove against a tree and my car was total loss. I woke up next morning at six-thirty speaking English. I said: "SLEEPWALKING, SLEEP WELL”. I clearly saw a kind of book roll / a paper like going along the roll of an old typewriting machine. It was rolling. In black big / capital letters was clearly written the text above.

**In my mind these words contained a message for me:" If you want to go on living SLEEPWALKING, in other words, if you want to go on living unconscious / unaware of (the) things you are doing / following your feelings without wondering why / SLEEP WELL for the rest of your life”. In my mind it was a WARNING!!!

***About three hours later I wanted to go to the centre of Woerden (our town) but so to speak I was lead / drawn to my father’s grave. Feeling: He saved perhaps my life with ”that tree”!

****The guy mentioning ”cell-memory” mentioned this experience ”another level of consciousness / of awareness”.


F. Two images / experiences from the Czech Republic. In 1970 I got married to a Czech girl in, then, Czecho-Slovakia.

1. I was in a wood with / at, my feelings told me, room under the ground. On the ground was a kind of little tower in the shape of a not too wide tapering tombstone with thick square small windows. It was made of a kind of grey cement. In the top was carved: 1639. According to my feelings it was a year. My feelings told, the situation had to do with teaching. I should be able to recognize the spot.

**I knew it was in the Czech Republic. Visually it was very clear.

***I didn’t see myself. I was a spectator. I was there.

****I used to be a passionate teacher and still I am.

2. In the third street behind the flat my parents-in-law are living in, I always got from about 1970 a very sad / kind of emotional suffocating / depressive feeling. The street was filled with a depressing, suffocating atmosphere. I was always drawn to a small building named: Kulturní Dum (House of Culture). It was a magnet. An image I got in a flash was like this: I was sitting on the floor on an old brown floor-cloth between dirty shabby dingy curtains. The light was faded / not clear. I sat in the company of adults.

I estimate I was about 3 / 4 years old. In my mind I didn’t look like I looked in 1947 / 1948 when I was really three years old. I was lost and lonely, alone. I was playing with some toys.

The feelings I had in about 1970 in reference to this building have gone. I am still curious and I would like to have a look inside.

**I saw myself.

***Visually it was clear.

****I recognize those lost and lonely feelings in my life too. But, for some years already they are diminishing. I can better be with others and by myself.

G. Sorrow was in the past an important word. When I was 9 years old we were preparing a (Dutch) dictation at school (the third class). The preparation was visual. The teacher wrote the words on the blackboard. We had to look at the word. He wiped out the word. Then, we had to write the word on paper. So he did with the (Dutch) word ”verdrietig” = sorrowful / sad. It was a difficult word. My neighbour found this word very difficult. He asked me how he had to write it. I didn’t show it to him but said: ”Look at the blackboard, it is still there”

For me it was visually there. I saw it. But it was written in another handwriting. It was written in ”trembling handwriting”.

**I still see it clearly. 

Some general remarks:

1.It was a ”hell of a job” to stay / to remain ”close to myself”. I did it for a very great part.  I think the reason / a reason is that I allowed myself to go through ”the pain(s) of my past”.

2.In the first part of my life I used to try to live ”up / above / from / the earth” because the earth was in 1944 hostile” I think. Already for about a decade I am more with my feet ”on / in the (earth) ground.

3.Something important for me was a remark in a book of Dr. Raymond A. Moody jr. in which

he mentions that ”when death is very close skimming past / along persons” it is possible that those persons can have these  (kind of) NDE’s or experiences close to NDE’s / NDE-like experiences / or ………………………..

**For me it was and it is important THAT I WAS NOT / AM NOT MAD!!!


Well Jody this was my ”spiritual journey up to now”. I can ”read” people better now.

I am on my way of less judging people, circumstances. I live in more and more freedom and I feel more and more free, and ……………..( I could write more about life-feelings) I feel more and more that I become / am MYSELF. I can stand far more better by the side of people with compassion.



**By the way. Here are the last two experiences that came up the last days.

I think I was about four years old and I was ill. The illness is called in Dutch “bof”. The medical term is “parotitis” / “bofvirus = paramyxovirus”.

It was a very short time before Christmas. It was snowing. It was evening. The light from the livingroom was just shining through the glass of a door to the garden.

I was just big enough to look over the wooden edge of the door in which the glass is fixed. The snow was untouched / was  virginal /. I was / got a bit sad / filled with sorrow.

I think / feel that I was sad because the snow was untouched / virginal / healed /. I saw, still see myself and I can still feel the atmosphere. The lamps, the warmth of the coal-stove, the glowing coals.


**Last year we were in San Gimignano (by the way a wonderful Italian town). I got two dreams. One dream was about a collegue of mine, a lady teacher. She was lying on the ground in the grass.

She had a blue Islamic headtowel. She is Islamic. The colours of her clothes were not clear. Blue skirt a.o. Further in the was an unclear building having something to do with teaching (a school?).

She was in despair, crying, desperate. In deep deep despair. I went up to her and we walked a little bit arm in arm. After having walked a little bit she took her arm out of my arm and went saying nothing away to the right side.

He next morning when my wife and I went to San Gimignano by car I told her that there could be a big chance that Zakia (name of my collegue) could be in deep trouble.

When we were back in Holland I mailed her if she had been in deep trouble for some time. She mailed me back that she had been in trouble for some months.

We met each other. I told her how I knew. She took it as normal. She shared her trouble with me.

***I saw myself. It was visually reasonable clear. 

**In the same night I got a very clear vision about a well known inhabitant of Woerden. I know him very well.

He stood beside a new bike. He was a very little bit handicapped. He was in a very glad, optimistic, mood and looked very healthy. He was well dressed. He had the intention to go on biking.

This I told my wife the next morning too. We said that if it would be like that it would be a miraculous, biblical, recovery because about 8 years ago he got an attack in his head and since that time

he is with a lame under body in a wheelchair. When I went to see him it was, sad enough< the same situation.