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72.  A.M.L. NELE 12/23/2016. I saw a long velvety dark brown tunnel, with sparkles falling from the top. Also, at the top of the tunnel, there was a glow of lights around the entire rim. It seemed that within these lights, there were hundreds if not thousands of entities. Their message to me: 'She has done an A++ job, we can't wait to get her; you have seven days.'
Nearing end of life experience related to dying beloved pet dog.


71.  Lara S NELE 9/6/2016. I saw my grandfather sitting at the foot of my bed. He was in the form of a spirit, I could only see his outline made of glistening sparkles of light (impossible to describe) but somehow I knew it was him, and oddly, I wasn't afraid (I guess because I thought it was a dream?) He kissed my forehead. I felt the love-- it was gentle and fatherly and somewhat sad.
NELE with dying grandfather.


70.  Andrea C DBV 8/31/2016. Then I smelled cigarette smoke, which I thought was odd. Upon smelling the smoke I then sensed someone pass by me. I opened my eyes thinking the nurse had stepped in but no one was there. I closed my eyes again and felt the presence of what felt like many people walking passed me. My grandfather then started talking. I kept my eyes closed and just listened. He said in a very surprised voice 'I can't believe how beautiful you all look.' He said it in awe and more than once.
Shared deathbed vision with dying grandfather.


69.  JB Dad's Experiences 3/16/2016   The first of these occurred when he was a young boy (around 9 years old). He was sitting at the kitchen table in his house when he spontaneously experienced a vantage point near the ceiling, seeing the top of his own head as his body sat at the table. He said that it was over as quickly as it began but had always been something that he was never completely able to rationalize to himself, as he knew that it was not imaginative.
Father had many experiences during his life.


68. Sandra S Experience  12/19/2015  We tried to take a walk but only made it across the street to a lawn under a street light. I saw a white substance coming out of Shasta and floating slowly out of her and moving to the left and then being pulled up into the sky. It was thick and white. I didn't want to touch it because I didn't know what it was and it scared me.
Remarkable awareness of white substance come from dying dog and go into the sky.


67. Laurie A Experience  1/21/2015  We thought it was one of those "everybody has a twin somewhere" things. Except, it was his voice, and he spoke to someone we could not see. He finally turned and appeared to recognize us. Then, he sort of faded. His voice had sounded sort of broken up in transmission, almost like under watery, like a bad cellular connection. He looked and walked and behaved exactly as we had remembered him.
Ex-husband had massive hemorrhagic stroke and was near death. At that time, hundreds of miles away, two people witnessed what may have been the ex-husband in an OBE.


66. Will M Experiences  12/13/2013 The bass player and the singer both agreed, though, that at the time of my collapse, they saw my spirit rise up out of my body.  The doctor in the audience did CPR, and I was cardioverted three times in the ambulance and in the emergency room.
Two people witnessed soul leaving his body at time of cardiac arrest.


65. Marianne P Experience  11/3/13 She had entered the active phase of dying and was quickly moving to agonal breathing.  She appeared comfortable, eyes closed seeming to be unaware of her surroundings.  I told her I was there at the foot of her bed.  She continued the agonal breathing, opened her eyes, focused on me in the room, winked at me, and took 3 more breaths before she passed.  I had never experienced anything like it.  Once a person begins agonal breathing I had never seen them become conscious again even though I know they hear.  As soon as she passed one of her daughters found a drawer full of hand written letters to her family telling them she was ok and not to weep for her. These were all written approx a week before her death.  It was one of the sweetest experiences I have had to date but there are hundreds more to also validate life after death.
Deathbed experience of lady dying of breast cancer as told to her hospice worker.


64. Karen's Experience  9/8/13 Sandy was sitting in my lap facing me with her back against the dashboard. She was no longer pregnant. And she was only a torso and a head. Her limbs were gone. She was struggling to breath. Her face showed clear evidence of pain as she tried to get air. I lifted her up so her torso would hang down strait below her making it helpful for her to breath. She thanked me and a look of calm came over her face as she was able to breath. Her attacks started coming more frequently where she was uncomfortable and gasping for air. Each time I would lift her up she would thank me, Eventually, she yelled at me and told me to stop it!  She said it was becoming painful. She looked me in the eyes and she said "tell them to let me go!" Then I woke up.  I knew my friend had an aggressive brain tumor. The last I had heard just a little over a month before was that she was doing pretty good. So this dream really shook me.
Dream involving friend dying of brain cancer.


63. Christopher M Mother's Experience  4/20/13  My Mother was taking care of a 96 year old man that was my Grandma's neighbor. He had been in the convalescent home and had come out to live in his house again. He needed help with his taxes and other things. My mom took on the job to watch him close to 24 hours a day. One night my mom was watching him and all the sudden he started to breath heavy and my mom knew he was dying, so my mom held his hand and told him it's all right to go everyone's going to be ok. So within about 10 minutes he died. When he died my mom saw a bright green light leave his body float above him and then disappear. She believes it was his spirit leaving his body at death… at the beginning my mother was a little scared to be with Harold when he died but she said after it happened she was overwhelmed and that death is a beautiful thing and that there's nothing to fear.
Son describes mother’s shared death experience when she was with neighbor who died.


62. Lisa D's Mother's Experience  3/14/2013  Then mom let Lee Ann know that her son was there, and that he was okay, and that she’d be there soon taking care of  him.  Lee Ann had lost her son at the age of two.  Mom never knew Lee Ann’s son, but she had seen a little boy crying in the hallway, then he’d come around in the hallway just outside her room and had been peeping around the doors at mom for about 4-5 days before this divine revelation.  Once mom had told us it was a little boy, then later when we asked again she said he’s good.  Another time she said, “He’s an angel.”  We now knew it was Lee Ann little boy helping mom make her transition from earth to heaven. 
Deathbed vision of mother who was dying of pancreas cancer.


61. Angela Experience  11/19/2012  The first shot did not make her relax at all. In a few more minutes the doctor returned and gave her the deadly injection. As he was injecting the needle and delivering the shot I felt Roxy's spirit leave her body and to my surprise I left with her, in no time at all I had traveled so far from where I was standing on earth and had traveled to another galaxy light years away. But, then as if no time at all had passed I was standing back at the exam table with the doctor and my dog's body. Her spirit had just traveled from our world to the next.  Do all dogs go to Heaven? YES guaranteed, that is what I learned. The experience changed my life…
Shared death experience with pet dog who was euthanized due to advanced malignancy.


60. Rhonda Y Experience 11/4/12 I had been practicing ""out-of-body"" methods since I was in a bad car accident ten years past (1979); it helped me meditate to relieve my physical suffering. As I stood there, I was wondering who the paramedics were working on, and ""my spirit"" rose out of my body to hover over the scene. I could see they were working on Mr. O'Donald. Overhead, two spirits (angels with green wings) came down to get him, but I was in the way, and they grabbed me by the elbows instead. I tried to convince them that they had the wrong person, but they wouldn't listen to me. I told my physical body to stay standing where it was. The spirit on my right was amused at my protests that they needed to take Mr. O'Donald, not me, but would not let me go. The spirit on my left looked very serious and held on to me very tightly. We rose into the sky very quickly. It seemed like we were going a long distance from Earth. I saw a bright light coming closer and closer. It was like the sun, but not hot and not hard to look at, in fact, I was mesmerized by it. Beautiful rainbow colors surrounded the light. When I arrived in front of the Being of Light I transferred my thought that the spirits had brought the wrong person to It, they were suppose to bring Mr. O'Donald.
Remarkable account of SOBE at the time of a neighbor’s life-threatening event which may have been a shared death experience.


59.  Francis J Shared Death Experience  11/2/12  They said to me (the body below me) that they were sorry they could not save me. I "think-talked" to them, feeling so peaceful, that it was ok, it was ok, it was ok. Next a wonderful green-yellow-white light drew me to it (still floating in the hospital room). I couldn't resist the light and entered into it. There was an immense and more than beautiful lawn or meadow, and a tree with a man gardening under it. I moved toward the man (who was somewhat ephemeral) and it was my grandfather (my grandmother's deceased husband). He began to welcome me. Then the phone in the bedroom rang and rang...my husband awoke, answered the phone, and called me to it. I was very groggy from the dream, and my voice still "froggy" from all the rasping as I had tried not to breathe the water. It was my dad on the phone, telling me my grandmother had passed away, approximately a two-hour drive from my home.
Remarkable empathic shared death experience dream at moment of her grandmother’s death.


58.  Kathleen S Shared Death Experience  5/15/12  In July 2009 her quality of life had deteriorated and we decided it was no longer fair to prolong her life, we called our vet and she came over to our house to put her down. I sat on the floor with Nelly and stroked her and let her know how much I loved her. The vet had given her a relaxing drug and when Nelly was relaxed enough our vet would give her the injection to stop her heart. When this injection was given to her, while sitting on the floor with Nelly, I heard a very loud whoosh noise and I could actually feel that Nelly was no longer in her body, I remember looking at her body and thinking that was all that was left. It changed my life forever and I know I will be with her again someday. We all are just shells for the soul within them.
Shared death experience with beloved pet dog.


57.  Trish Experience  4/15/12  All of a sudden we both heard very loud, as though it was just outside on the street, a Naval whistle that military Naval ships blow they call "piping onboard." It's the long 3 notes they sound during different times, as when dignitaries or such are coming on board the ship. My sister and I both looked up at each other and found out we both heard it as it was pretty loud. I ran to the door and looked outside and no one was there. I checked to make sure no TV's or radios were on and none were. It was just as quiet as before the whistle sounded. My dad that evening quietly passed away. We both believe that maybe my dad's buddies came to get him. I guess that sounds crazy but I have never heard any whistles or any such noises such as that before or after that day and I have lived here for 11 years. Plus, those men and that ship meant a lot to him.
Shared death experience witnessed by two sisters shortly before their father’s death.


56.  Stephen I Experiences  11/19/11  I came into work the next morning and noticed he wasn't in his bed. I was informed that he was in the ICU (intensive care unit). They had had a heart attack. They coded him 3 times (coded is when the heart stops and they have to shock them to bring them back). His family didn't want to let him go so they would not sign a "do not resuscitate" order. They made 3 attempts to bring him back and he and I did 3 "pulls" in our tug of war in my dream! He survived.  Two remarkable shared death experience dreams from a nurse with his patient.  One day, a couple of weeks before she passed, she was chatting away with this unseen child. I asked her to ask him what his name was. She turned her head away from me and said in the direction of the little boy, “What’s your name?” I asked her if he answered her and she said, “He said his name is Lolo.” I broke out in a sweat…Entity encounters at age 4 and later.  Deathbed vision of mother who described being she saw as same name contributor used for entity as a child.


55.  Stephen I Experiences  11/19/11  I came into work the next morning and noticed he wasn't in his bed. I was informed that he was in the ICU (intensive care unit). They had had a heart attack. They coded him 3 times (coded is when the heart stops and they have to shock them to bring them back). His family didn't want to let him go so they would not sign a "do not resuscitate" order. They made 3 attempts to bring him back and he and I did 3 "pulls" in our tug of war in my dream! He survived.  Two remarkable shared death experience dreams from a nurse with his patient.  One day, a couple of weeks before she passed, she was chatting away with this unseen child. I asked her to ask him what his name was. She turned her head away from me and said in the direction of the little boy, “What’s your name?” I asked her if he answered her and she said, “He said his name is Lolo.” I broke out in a sweat…Entity encounters at age 4 and later. 

Deathbed vision of mother who described being she saw as same name contributor used for entity as a child.


54.  Crysta K Experience  6/25/11  I was at work, on my way to a meeting, and heard my father call my name. It was so distinct that I turned around half-expecting to see him, although I knew he was almost a thousand miles away, in Michigan. Then a feeling of dread swept over me -- not because of hearing him call my name, but as if something bad had happened or was going to happen. I have never had a premonition before, so I shook it off, knowing that if anything had happened they would have let me know. My parents were both in perfect health. Even if I had called to check on them I would have found that everything was fine.  But two days later my dad fell ill with a rare systemic strep infection, and five days after that he died. I found out later that that particular infection has a one to two day incubation period. So I believe that some part of his consciousness knew when he first became infected, knew that he was going to die, and tried to communicate that to me.
Heard father, who was 1000 miles away, call her name.  Two days later he came down with a rare infection with a 1-2 day incubation period and died.


53.  Lee M's Grandmother's Experience  5/22/11 All at once, she began smiling and was extremely happy, and began talking.  I asked to whom she was talking, and she began naming names - they were all people who had died.  She said they were all around her bed, and she was very, very happy to be seeing them again… There were more than just one person there - there were several, and they were her deceased relatives - I think a husband, a child, maybe others.  I got the feeling it was a family reunion!
Deathbed vision by individual who was about 103 years old at time of death.  The deceased was a traditional Cherokee and respected elder.


52.  Hannah M Experience 3/6/11  Me and my daughter Dianne were staying at my brothers all that summer.  his nurse was there for routine checkup, me and Dianne went to check on our gecko that was in another bedroom down the hall, when we were done and shut the door and started back down the hallway I heard this sound of a stringed instrument it was nothing I ever heard before it was calming or was beautiful as we passed my brothers room I glanced and thought that's so nice that the nurse was playing some music for James. when I went back in to see how it was going (meaning the appt.)  I mentioned the music and asked who played the music they looked at me like I was crazy.  later that night my brother started dying he died at 3:44am on the twelve of August 2010
Heard stringed instrumental music outside of brother’s room as he started dying, and died the next day.


51.  Janice R Mother's Experience 1/16/11 My mother was in a coma & had a round the clock nurse on duty in her room, the nurse observed her reaching up, while in the coma and shortly after regained consciousness, she told the nurse that she saw her deceased brother who she was very close too prior to his death at the age of 22. She said that in her dream or whatever occurred that she saw herself standing on a cliff with nothing below and her brother was across from her on another cliff and he was reaching out for her and told her to take his hand so he could pull her over to the other side and she was trying very hard to reach him but said she couldn't. This is what the nurse observed her doing, trying to reach him. She then awoke and told the story to the nurse who believed that if she had been able to take his hand and he pulled her over to the other side that he was on that she would have died.
Mother’s deathbed vision.


50.  Eileen C's Experience 10/16/10 But let me just say that when she was dying,  I asked her if she saw the light and she nodded yes...and when I told her not to be afraid and to walk into the light because it would heal her, she glowed...literally...like a halo appeared around her...and her eyes turned sky blue (they were hazel) and her skin was like a babies pink skin and everybody including the hospice nurse who was present...saw it. The hospice nurse said that she had attended over 200 deaths and never saw anything like it. She fell to her knees and wept and said she would never walk the same again and called her husband to bring her 4 month old baby to the house so that he could be in the presence of the miracle that she saw. Even my brother, who, like my father, was very cynical about spiritual stuff and believed in nothing but the here and now...saw it. And when she passed there was the most amazing smell of flowers...roses...in the room. This is all true. There are 4 witnesses.
Remarkable shared deathbed vision and also multiple dream ADCS.


49.  LJ's Experience 9/11/10  I stood in the same void with my Father on my left and an unknown on my right. Until this particular rest period, I did not visually see my Father standing on my left and the light had been at a distance, but this time the light was upon us brilliant and there. Dad stepped from my left side into my range of vision and stepped into the light.  I watched as my Father moved away from my side into the light. He stepped into the outer perimeter of the light and looked into its depth for a few seconds then turned to face me and as he smiled he raised his arthritic arms high above his head and beamed with the greatest joy I had ever seen on his face.
Remarkable shared deathbed vision with dying father.


48.  Barbara M's Experience 9/11/10  I signed him up with the local Hospice on the Saturday before his death.  I'm sure he was tired fighting and he lapsed into a state of semi-consciousness on the following Tuesday.  My daughter, sister and I gathered around his bed for 3 days.  We talked to him and read him short stories of angels.  During this time, he would occasionally raise his hand high over his head and wave frantically.  He kept repeating the word "no, no."  This happened multiple times over the days of Tues, Wed & Thurs (the day of his passing). The Hospice nurse was due to visit that Thursday.  As soon as she arrived and I left the room for a short break, he took his final breath.  We are convinced that he was waving off the angels who had come to escort him to his heavenly home.  He had waited until someone (other than my sister and daughter) could be with me as he passed away.
DBV with husband.


47.  Veronica M's Mother's Experience 6/20/10  When they got in the room, they were shocked to see us watching my mom open her mouth and make a surprised expression.  She then started smiling and grinned from ear to ear.  We were stunned, but once again thought she had rallied and her struggle would continue.  Then she tried to open her eyes, but couldn't, then mouthed the words "good bye" and then took her last breath.  She was totally at peace.  We all sat there stunned and even waited to get our bearings before we could go get someone to declare time of death.  Her face was literally glowing.  I just wanted to pass this along.  If I had been by myself, I would have thought that I imagined it, but there were 5 of us who witnessed it.  And amazingly agreed on exactly what we had all seen.
DBV from mother.


46.  Carol M Experience 2/18/10  Just before midnight I had a "dream". A tornado moved over me. It was dark purple at the bottom and went up very high.  Looking up inside the tornado I could see the top of it with bright (not blinding) light. The tornado was not violent, did not suck me up. It was not scary but quite beautiful. But I was INSIDE the tornado. Later I wonder if this was a vertical tunnel like so many talk about. As this "dream" ended I started to slowly wake up and I realized my dad's breathing was slowing down.
DBV at the time of father’s death.


45.  Gina D Experience 2/12/10 I was sitting in a recliner in the corner of the room when suddenly I felt a presence and for one split second heard a voice that said "Daddy" from the back of the house near the back door.  I got the impression it was my deceased brother.  It was as though he was saying something else, but I heard his voice for only a second or two.  It was like a roulette wheel (or a fan) spinning very fast and for a few seconds I could see into it. It was like that was all I was allowed.  It's all very hard to put into words.  Also, the presence I referred to wasn't one presence but many.  I strongly felt outlines of people/shapes encircling the house.  I was startled rather than frightened.  One minute they weren't there, the next they were and they stayed until Daddy passed from this life into the next.
DBV around time of father’s death.


44.  Kathleen B Experience 2/3/10 I began telling my grandfather that it was okay to let go and God would take care of him and to go toward God when I felt like I was being pulled toward a great bright light.  Not a harsh light but a light filled with warmth and peace.  I remember feeling and seeing my grandfather's had in mine and him telling me he was scared and he needed me with him.  It was bizarre as I was not dead or dying but I was having this feeling as if my spirit/body was being pulled toward the light at the same time as my grandfather was.  The light got brighter and then enveloped us. We were standing in a place that was illuminated but not with regular light or lamps or candles and there were other people there but I could not make out who they were nor was I frightened or surprised to see them.  My grandfather was on my left and we were still holding hands.
Exceptional experience of transitioning with her dying grandfather into the afterlife.  These types of experiences, along with shared NDEs, are among the strongest evidence that what happens in NDEs is what happens at the time of permanent, irreversible death.


43.  CD Experience 1/14/10  After closing my eyes and beginning to meditate on correcting these three conditions my sister gently appeared smiling at me while gently floating in front of me in the blackness of my meditation. I could see her whole body as if suspended in mid air. The vision was totally silent and hyper real, more real than anything I had ever experienced including daily life. She was wearing a long white gown that covered one shoulder and surrounding her whole body was a beautiful golden translucent glowing envelope of light that was about three inches thick. This Light was fully conscious.
Meditation experience near the time of his sister’s death.

42.  Elizabeth M Experience 1/2/10
DBV apparently witnessed by one other at time of mother’s death.


41.  Cathy W Experience 11/21/09 I woke up and this is when I had my experience. I was lying on my back and my husband was on his stomach (the way he always goes to sleep). I awoke and turned my head in his direction and I saw a blue/grey light surrounding him. He was raised off his stomach (arched from his back), and was literally vibrating. Not shaking but vibrating. I was looking at his face, his eyes were closed and his lips were protruding. At the time, I was witnessing this (and I WAS NOT dreaming), I had such a sense of calm. I could not hear any noise at all and I felt no movement at all and yet I saw this vibration movement of my husband.
Empathic DBV with unexpected death of husband, after they had been married only 1 ½ days.


40.  MRG Experience 11/8/09 Aug 2008- As my brother passed, I was leaning over the side of his bed hugging him and telling him it was ok to go. His partner was on the other side of him leaning over and hugging him, saying similar things. His partner felt this sensation as well, but he no longer has any contact with me, but he confirmed it as it was happening, that he could feel it too. The rushing feeling I had go through me was right about where my torso was hugging him. It felt very fast moving and almost felt liquid like, but not really. It was almost a slight sensation of being breathless, like at the top of a roller coaster hill, but I had no problems breathing, it was just a slight sensation like that as this rushing sensation was occurring. It was very much not a part of me, it felt "other". Like belonging not to me. It began a few seconds before his machines no longer detected a H.R and stopped very shortly before his Dr. "pronounced" his time of death to the nurses.
Shared DBV and possible ADCs.


39.  Judith G Experience 9/20/09 From Australia While I was standing next to Dad, with my hand on the bed next to his hand (I did not want to touch him in case I hurt him - blue skin and very delicate) space changed around me and I felt a love coming into my numb body.  It grew very strong, extremely blissful and beautiful. The love expanded out into the room.  I was this love and I became the furniture and everything in the room.  I did not go thru the walls.  My mind was repeatedly saying 'What is happening' over and over again. I was outside my body, I was observing in a detached way inside my body and I was everything.  There was no time.  I felt I knew everything (knowledge) but was unable to pick out a thought.  There was no sequence.  I saw a light.  I then started coming down and my thoughts were very clear. My mind was clearer than my normal state. If that light was a bomb everyone would be frightened, but, there is no need to run because 'LIFE GOES ON; NOTHING MATTERS'. 
DBV with father that was also a STE for her.


38.  Iris S Experience 6/7/09 My sister died at home of kidney cancer following an illness of approximately six months.  As she was dying, I was alone with her in her bedroom for a time.  I was sitting next to her, my eyes closed, in a light meditative state.  Suddenly, I moved from my own body and was actually inside of her body.  The experience was absolutely terrifying.  I could feel myself shrinking!  The life force in "my" arms and legs was slowly shrinking, and I was horrified by the sensation that I might shrink so far as to entirely disappear.  Locked inside of my sister's dying body, I could not tell if she was inside with me.  I began screaming, "Help me!  Help me!"  Suddenly, I realized that nobody could hear me, and that even if they could do so, that there was nothing anybody could do to help. I felt deep, deep despair and utter horror.  At that instant, I found myself back in my own body.  I fled the room in terror, and to this day, after four long years, I still cannot sleep in a fully dark room.
Submitted by a college professor (Ph.D. in theology).  Rare frightening DBV.  Two points could be made.  First, this is the first experience with this type of content we have received.  Thus, the meaning may be more for the experiencer than us all.  This makes hesitant to speculate on the meaning of this experience.  Second, with any spiritual (or other) experience that is associated with a long-lasting problem in life after the experience, consideration could be given to counseling.


37.  Jo-Ann T Experience 5/11/09 This is not really MY NDE, but rather a "vision" that occurred when I was lying in bed next to my dying mother. I was called to the hospital at 6pm, and arrived from Pennsylvania at around 11pm. My mother was unable to speak. She had tubes in her throat and did not open her eyes. I asked the nurse to leave, turned off the TV and the lights, and crawled into bed with her. I began to sing some songs that my grandmother (her mother) had sung to me as a child. I noticed a light on my mother's side of the bed. It wasn't bright-more like an aura, but it was white. I saw my grandmother, flanked by her other daughter and son. All were wearing white robe type garments. Their faces were young and unlined, but not real distinct. They seemed to be walking through an orchard with a canopy of trees. In the trees and on the ground were blossoms (I think apple blossoms-white and light pink), and I smelled a sweet apple smell. I told my mother it was okay to go - and I saw a white wisp of her going to them. I then heard the hospital machine beep continuously - and the vision was gone - and my mother had died.
Empathic DBV shared at the time of her mother’s death.  Interesting account in the spectrum of near-death experience.


36.  Liz S Experience 5/3/09  It was around 1:00 AM and I was asleep. I thought I was dreaming a very "real" dream. In the "dream" I was lying flat on my back with my hands stretched out. I was in a place that seemed like a beautiful green grass field, bright sunlight coming from above. Everything was crystal clear and at the same time slightly unclear. I felt the feeling of being there -everywhere- and also of laying down in the field to my right. I could feel my arms heavy. I could feel the sensation of something in my throat. Nothing hurt, I just knew I wanted to get "up" and join what was there. But at the same time I could feel a sense of "peace" unlike anything I have ever felt before. There was no struggle. No sense of time. I was not cold, hot or uncomfortable. I was observing and yet being observed. I could feel the presence of everyone that had ever been.
‘Dream’ at time her father was dying. 


35.  Rose Experience 4/24/09  That evening as we went to sleep on a pull out sofa in my sisters home, lying back to back, I heard a radio playing in my head, it's hard to explain but it was just as if a radio was on in the house, I even rolled over to ask my daughter if she had on her walkman radio, which she didn't. The song that was playing was by the "Doors" and it was "Touch Me". The words are touch me babe, can't you see that I am not afraid, I'm going to love you till the heavens stop the rain, I'm going to love you till the stars fall from the sky. Well the next morning I asked my sister if she had a radio on upstairs and she said no and I replied well then mommy sent me a song last night to let me know that she is OK, she is not afraid anymore.
ADC from mother, and DBV.


34.  Sandra C Experience 3/3/09  A final window opened and as I was crying I watched my father walk into the window of new dimensions.  He was younger, early 40’s, well groomed and very happy to see everyone.  He walked straight to this father who was standing in the middle of the receiving line with my grandmother to his right.  My grandfather was standing there with a huge smile on his face, with great love and joy with his arms straight out ready to embrace his son.  My dad embraced his father as if to say….so good to see you again.   And the window faded and closed. 
DBV with father.


33.  Catherine Z Experience 2/15/09  Patient asked me to be with her at her time of death… With the patient, I was standing by the side of her death bed with her laying there, alone, when suddenly, out of the blue, I experienced her presence as pronounced as if she were standing there.  She was wildly joyful, totally whole and healed, and with God.  I heard the words, "Thank you" and "Good Bye", and then I sensed her spirit leaving the room through an exterior wall and then total emptiness in the room.
DBV with patient and ADC from mother.

32.  Marcine B Shared Dying Experience 11/28/2008 
And someone of great power  said to me “ that is for the living  to worry about not for you, you are now among the dead.” And I knew that I was dead and forgot totally about living and was going out and never returning. It was exactly what I wanted to do.  I could not have turned around for any reason.  I was gone.  But then, Marilyn’s mom dropped my metaphorical hand and said “you can’t go” and I dropped incredibly hard and disappointed back into my chair.  I was still in mediation and I tried with all my might to get back out but it was impossible.  The thought then  came to me was that I could find the first dying person and go with them.  To get back was all I wanted to do.  Just then Marilyn broke the  experience by saying” she’s gone”.   I told her that I knew and that I had gone with her.
Experience during meditation beside individual dying.  Apparent shared experience with them.


31.  Catherine F Experience 8/30/08 I suddenly felt COMPELLED to go to my father!  I am not kidding at all -- it was as if some unseen force were MAKING me go down that hallway.  I almost literally felt myself being pushed from behind, as if by angels! I went to where my father was resting, hugged him, and told him that I loved him.  As he looked back at me, his body appeared gray and already dead, but his eyes!  They shone from his face brighter and greener than I had ever seen them.  All his life force was contained in them.  He said, "And I love you, too.  You know that, don't you?"  I replied that I did, and told him that one of my two sisters and I fully believed that he was but simply walking through a doorway, and that on the other side would be all his departed loved ones, even his childhood dog, waiting to greet him. 
DBV - This is a good example of what the Chinese call, "the light returns."


30.  B's Shared DBV 6/30/08 He consciously watched me until 4 breaths before his last exhale. By that breath I was TOTALLY aware of how perfectly calm everything was. As I sat there holding his hand I witnessed a unexpected sight. I SAW not with my natural sight, however I SAW what looked like a whitish, wispy, cloudy human form lift out of a lying down, to sitting, to lifting form leave his body. It went upward and diagonally across the ceiling corner. I even said aloud ‘This is wild’. And I KNEW he was no longer inside the shell of the human body. No question about it. I even felt like I was a part of it. Everything seen and unseen was connected in perfection, and a joyous peace. I am also positive that T and another presence were in the room, located in the corner of the ceiling behind my left shoulder. I felt like I could join them. I was connected I sensed knew that T needed to be sure that I was okay with his leaving before he could/would leave to go on.
Dramatic ADC with husband immediately after his death.


29.  Thomas P Experience 5/27/08 From Australia I was sitting in the chair facing my Dad and holding his hand {I had been for sometime] when my sisters changed positions. My youngest sister sat next to me and very shortly afterwards a flash of light just appeared, very bright but not blinding about a meter above his head and just below the ceiling, I'm known to be a COOL character however my instant response was quote "       What the f...k was that" This happened directly in front of us and my sister Jean's reply was " I don't know what was it" The centre of this was what I saw clearly, this was roundish/oval shaped and kind of crystal like, clear however not see-through, like one of the small jelly-fish found on the beach. the closest thing to compare it to would be a camera flash in your face however that would kind of be blinding, this wasn't. The light was kind of clear, white and bright. and it lasted about 1.5 seconds. and the light would have been around 1 meter across.
Death Bed Vision witnessed by two people present.


28.  Roseann Experience 4/17/08 Original in German, Translated into English by Iris. About two hours later, after the ward round, I asked her what she meant by referring to the letter. She responded that she sensed from what I had written how much I liked my mother and she described me in detail what I had written. I insisted on the question how she could know about all this and she told me that she had watched me from above, from the ceiling. I had written the letter at a desk and worn a green bath robe. I wanted to know if she could speak Spanish. She said that she did not speak Spanish but she again accurately described what I had written. She described my pen, how everything was arranged on my desk, the writing pad which all exactly matched how it really was. She even could describe the Roman style of my chair. I asked quite desperately: “How can this be possible?” “I do not know, I have never experienced anything like that”, she answered. I could not find an explanation and finished the conversation. 
This is a second-hand report, but what a REPORT!


27.  Natalia Experience 1/30/08 Original in Spanish, Translated into English by Mariana.  Something impulses me, pushing me towards the tunnel, at the end of it there is a white light extremely shiny. In the tunnel I completely forget about the time, I am slowly suspended, I feel wonderful in peace with myself; at the same time my whole life goes in front of me like a flash of lightening. All people I met, situations I have lived, sensations that I felt, it is overwhelming, so much that I want to reach the light…I feel that my people is there, that after all I will see each other again and will be together and I want to get there, but at the same time I feel for the one I leave in life, yet I perceive that something is missing with the alive people, I have the sensation that I can decide and everything ends…  
She has advanced stages of AIDS and walks in both worlds so this is a DBV. 


26.  David M Experience 9/13/07 When he came out of the coma he told me that he had taken a trip. He did not know how he got there but when he arrived he saw two very large doors. He did not go inside the area that he called the most beautiful garden he had ever seen. There were birds and flowers and trees. He said it was wondrous. He said he sat down next to the doors but he did not go in. He said it was funny but, "I saw people of all ages, male and female, and all different nationalities go in the doors, but I only saw babies going out of the doors." These were his exact words.
Death Bed Vision from father.


25.  repeat of 24.


24. Sammi G Experience 8/18/07 I had my face toward the lamp, and heard Carol's breathing stop...I say her head and face in three views...on the left side I saw her right profile, on the right side, her left profile, and in the middle (larger) her full face.  She was looking down at something...and behind her was the most beautiful landscape I have NEVER seen. There were rolling hills, a blue sky, a stream, and strong clear "sun" light. She had her normal hair in this vision...like when she was in her thirties.  She was looking down at something that made her break into a pleased, delighted smile.  There was no sound, but I felt flooded, swept away, snatched up and filled with love.  I was pushed back...but knew it was going to be OK for her, and I felt the connection between us stretching like a string.  I sat up as her body started breathing again...but I knew she was not in it.
Shared DBV with partner who was dying of cancer.  Remarkable experience!


23. Lynn's Experience 8/17/07 On her last day, she had been lying on the sofa watching television.  Her mother heard her speaking and thought she was talking to the TV as she had been known to do that on occasion.  She walked into the room to ask her if she wanted some juice or something else to drink.  Lynn then asked her mother why Dorothy and Cookie were there (Dorothy was my mother, who Lynn dearly loved, and Cookie was her grandfather, my great-uncle, and she was closer to him than anyone.  My mother died in 1969 and Uncle Harry, aka Cookie, died in 1975.).  She also named several other people, all of whom had been dead for years, said they were all there looking at her and she wanted to know why. The thing is, Lynn had NO long-term memory and very little short-term memory.  Under normal circumstances, she would never have remembered the names of those people, so even if seeing them jogged her memory so she'd be able to actually name them all, the question is...what or who was she seeing??? 
Cousin's DBV as told by Lori D.


22. M B Experience 7/7/07 When the vibration reached my chest, I knew that I had to “open the doors” of my chest cavity.  I purposely allowed the chest to open -- as if it were enclosed behind two large oak doors.  At that very moment of knowing, my chest was raised as my back arched, the sound became even louder, and then a wide ray of white light connected me/my chest to the heavens.  At this moment I don’t recall the sound being there anymore.  As I’m arched in the recliner, breathing very heavily with some difficulty, I look up to my right and I see the profile outline of Jesus, who is very far away (but not small as normal human perception would have it) , but who is seriously looking down and watching the being who is in front of me. 
Vision shortly after death of spouse.


21. Kathleen N Experience 11/10/06  As I stood at her bedside, it seemed as though a wall in the room opened above her head.  I looked through it and at that moment I could feel the presence of another being standing over my right shoulder.  It felt like my Aunt (deceased and no direct relation to my cousin). I couldn't see the presence.  I could only feel and mentally hear it.  I watched the activity through the wall.  Bright sparkling, radiant lights were bouncing in the distance over a green landscape, like birds and butterflies but undefined.  The landscape was green and the sky was a cloudless beautiful brilliant shade of blue.  A sense of more than one planet in the sky.  Could not see or just don't remember but the feeling was there.  The presence over my right shoulder told me that this was my 'gift' for helping my cousin and that I would share in this experience now.
Cousin was dying of Hodgkin’s disease.  Contributor had OBE, traveling an enormous distance to be with her cousin as she died, where this profound experience resulted.

20. Sandra S Experience 10/6/06
 Suddenly I heard my name being called very clearly, Sandy, Sandy.  It was a man's voice but didn't sound like my dad.  It sounded like it was coming from a computerized place or a long hollow tunnel.  It was being heard inside my head but not by anyone else in the room (verified later).  I turned around as I suddenly felt it must be Dad calling me but the only thing was he was still on the bed going through the death process. I had turned to my right and as I turned back around my eyes glanced up toward the corner of the ceiling on my  right and I saw a circle of mist hovering in the corner.
Death Bed Vision which was experienced by daughter around the time of her father’s death.

19. Sydney A Experience 10/6/06 
I went to sleep I immediately felt a warm loving peaceful feeling wash over me and felt myself go out of my body to the hospital, I seen the hospital hallway and went through the door to my grandmothers room I seen my aunty on the other side of the bed who was reading a bible and I was opposite her .Then my aunty got up and went out the door… I described the room to my mother and where the other lady in the room was. including my aunty reading the bible and leaving and found out it was as I seen it.
Dream OBE and DBV (Death Bed Vision).

18.  Linda L's Son's Experience 9/7/06 
After a few minutes, everyone was in the room with us and there was complete silence as everyone watched in awe as Grant appeared to be answering to someone.  It was if he was being asked questions and with a very intense look in his eyes was answering with his head movements of yes and no being very pronounced.  After a few minutes, I sat by Grant's left side and started talking to him.  I asked him if he "saw" someone....he looked at me and gently shook his head "no".  I then asked him if someone was "talking" to him.  Again he looked at me intensely and shook his head "yes".  Due to the intense look in his eyes, I asked him if it was scaring him...he again looked at me and gently shook his head "no".
Son near death at age 26 communicated he heard voice that did not frighten him, and appeared to be significant.  Of note, medically he was not on medications that could cause hallucinations.

17. Snowy's Experience 2/04/06
At about 7:00 pm  Snowy suddenly sat up bolt upright, looked as if she was looking at an object very, very intensively and following that object with her eyes and her head slightly moving from side to side. If a dog could smile, she was smiling. You could see there was a certain happiness radiating from her. She began to wag her tail and within seconds she then plopped down and went back into coma.  
The family witnessed "The light returns" phenomena in a beloved family pet.  This is identical to the phenomena in #8 Andrew's mother's DBV below, except occurring in a dog.

16. Doug H's Experience 12/25/05
Once my son’s aunty has left the room, I was sitting quietly holding his right hand and felt the need to close my eyes which I did.  I felt very calm and began to move very fast through space, similar to a tunnel effect, where there was a brilliant white crystal clear light. I didn't seem to be going anywhere other then forward through this space at a very fast speed. I felt I was in control and could get off anytime. I don't know exactly how long it lasted but I would say about 30 seconds to almost a minute.  I didn't feel shocked, surprised at all just very quickly accepted it was a sign from my son that he was going to be OK when he passed.
Experience in son’s hospital room shortly before 15 year old son died of leukemia.

15.  Cathy R's Father’s Experience.   11/8/05 
My father was dying of esophageal cancer...  One night, he was lying in his bed and suddenly started talking to Kenneth and William.....his brothers that had passed away over 70 years ago.  He asked my mother why she wasn't offering them a seat, and told her that she was being rude.  My mother asked him what he was talking about, and he got really upset with her.  She brought in 2 chairs from the kitchen then walked out and closed the door.  She was very shook up.  The next day, she asked my father about what had happened the night before.  He was very lucid, and told her that Kenneth and William are there to take him home.  He died that night.
Father dying of cancer, and he spoke to two of his brothers who died 70 years ago.

14.  Sherry M's Grandmother's DBV 10/8/05 
The amazing thing about this was the last 18 hours of her life was like she had no sign of her Alzheimer's, it's hard to believe but it's true. There was so many family members that was there, they all thought the same thing. As I said  the last 18 hours she was alive she was talking to family members that had past on before her, but I was so happy to hear her say, look look how fast he can run, look look at him go. I looked at my Aunt Barbara then I looked at my cousin and thought what is she talking about? Then She said it again, I said Granny what are you talking about? And she said it again. Then I said Granny who are you talking about? She raised her hand up and spread out her fingers. I new then she was talking about my son Brian, he was buried in the number 5 jersey. She could have not knew this because. She didn't even go to his funeral, so she had know idea that he was buried  in his jersey, and wouldn't have remembered any way.
Death Bed Vision where she apparently identified a deceased great grandson who die very recently, and who she could not have know was dead.

13. Florence P's DBV 8/8/05 
My mother had been ill for quite some time with different ailments, such as CHF and other Heart problems. she had been in severe pain for about six months. three weeks ago she became confused (a normally very sharp minded woman) we took her to hospital and she was admitted with pneumonia and heart failure. we were told she would most likely not make it through one night. all of us gathered around and even the nurses were sad. any how she was like this for three days so confused she did not know what the heck was going on. when she woke up on the third day she was so peaceful and stated she had had a dream and she was no longer afraid of death. this 78 year old woman had such a since of peace it was overwhelming. mom told me her dream and it went like this: She dreamed she was in a boat on the river of death, she just wanted to get to the shore and die, these large arms drew her out of the boat and set her on the shore and she say the brightest sunshine she has ever seen, she said god then sang to her all night and put her back in bed he did this for three nights, my mother is a changed person , before she was bitter at times and now every thing is wonderful she sees the good in ever single thing she talks different she has told everyone how much the mean to her and she doesn't care if people don't believe her she knows god was there on the river of death with her. she says now she is afraid of nothing she is at peace . and she is well her heart looks great and she is in no pain she is walking again and enjoying life.  

12.  Marion C's Son's Experience 4/16/05 My son was not expected to live.  A friend & I were sitting by his bed, when he whispered,  'She is calling me, she is beautiful'.  I asked my son 'who is calling you? He said 'the angel'.  A cold chill went through my body.  I felt my son was about to cross over.  In desperation I begged my son not to answer the angel.  He then whispered "I can't' with that I went to the corner of the room and prayed for his life.  After a few moments, his friend said to me," Cam said the angel shook her head".  Without a shadow of a doubt I knew from that moment my son would live.
Deathbed vision in which the experiencer did not die.

11.  Keith F's DBV 3/7/05 
My very severely retarded cousin died recently. He was so retarded that it was impossible to administer an IQ test. He lived in his parents' home for 60 years. While lying on the hospital bed during the last few days of his life he pointed to the ceiling three or four times (he commonly pointed when asking a person to look at something) and said in his idiosyncratic way of speaking, "Hello John." John was his nephew who died about two years earlier.

10. S.A.'s DBV 11/16/04 
My wife, aged eighty-two, two days before she died, visited me at my breakfast table, entering at the closed door and stopped at my side.  She was absolutely beautiful and looked age thirty, not eighty two. Looking at me, and pointing hard at her chest, she said very plainly, "This is the real me, the other, (meaning her own body at the nursing home, sixteen miles away) is but a carcass." She then walked from my side to the front of me, bent down and kissed me on the lips, which I felt. She then vanished. Although her body and brain had deteriorated to child proportion, her mind was absolutely intact. She wished to see me and her mind controlled all her subsequent actions. It took away all fears of her passing to the beyond and it was a joy to see her.

9.   Carolyn's Experience 011/16/03 
My husband was dying or had just died from a heart attack.  I had an experience that changed my life forever.  It was a cylinder of light.  In the cylinder, I experienced the tremendous energy of love, great peace, understanding, truth and knowledge of everything anyone ever needed, given to me in an instant.  Plus, I experienced a journey through and around the earth, and into the realms beyond the earth.  Then great wisdom and knowledge instilled in my soul you can't even imagine just given to me through this light.  I was not aware that my husband was dying or dead yet I was experiencing an out of body experience and left with things so strong that the world could never have taught me.  This was given by a superior spirit.  Great beauty, peace, understanding, LOVE, absolutely everything.  It happened on July 18, 1984.  this was not of my mind.  I could have never imagined.  It can not be put into words.  But others have said it came from the grace of God. A gift to me.  I was not dying, but saw the tunnel of light as clear as day.
This experience is a variant of a DBV (Death Bed Vision) with very vivid NDE-like imagery.

8.  Andrew's Mother's DBV  6/22/03 Chinese Account.  
There is well recognized phenomenon among the Chinese which is like a DBV.  It is called HuiGuangFanZhao (The Light returns). This is a commonly reported situation where a dying patient would be comatose or confused but suddenly becomes alert and lucid, often acknowledging the loved ones around him/her before dying.  During this phase, they may or may not have a vision of their departure.  My mother was dying of Ca breast with liver mets and was going in and out of a coma but was very lucid and alert and could recognize the people around her seconds before she drew her last breath.

7.  Sharon G's Experience 06/14/03 
I looked back at mum and there was a light forming around her, the color is hard to describe but it was like a golden pale lemon color.  The light seemed to be completely around her.  Then the light started to move up towards her head and then it was completely above her.  When I looked at the light above mum I couldn't believe what I was seeing as mum was in the light, floating above her body!!   Then she moved slowly towards the corner of the room she was reaching for before, and once again stretched out her hand to greet someone, then she was gone.
Wow!  What an interesting death bed vision (DBV)!

6.  Myra E's DBV  8/6/02. 
We got closer and closer to that light. I began to feel warmth and a feeling of being drawn to that warmth. Is it corny to say that I just "knew" that if I could reach that light that everything would be okay. It was everything we love wrapped up into light. It was the feeling of home, family, reassurance and love. It was a feeling of belonging that I have never found since. Then the shadow beside me abruptly stopped. We had not yet reached the end and the light and we stopped. "Why?" I asked. "You have to go back now" the shadowy figure said softly, "You can't stay."
Wow!  This is a Death Bed Vision (DBV) where the granddaughter walked with her grandfather through the death experience - described just like a typical NDE.  The interesting part is that Myra describes it as a dream, yet didn't realize it was her grandfather with her until someone later told her that her grandfather had died.

5.    Randi N's DBV 
"When her breathing got irregular we both took her hands and I kissed her forehead. She took her last three breaths and the room was absolutely silent. I felt locked to her for a minute or two and could only focus on her. While looking down at her face I saw a very soft yellow glow and my peripheral vision saw it in the whole room. Then the feeling I actually physically felt was the most calm feeling of warmth and well being that came from somewhere inside me."
It is not uncommon to experience a loved one passing through one's own body, leaving feelings of universal love and connection when they go to the other side.  7/23/02

4.    Judy R's DBV 
"During his illness, he complained frequently about the little girls chatting so much.  At dinner one night, I asked if  they had wings because my husband thought they might be angels.  His eyes widened and he said he never looked at them, but he knew they were girls because it was "yakety-yak all the time."    I asked him what the little girls wanted him to do.  And he choked emotionally, and said he already felt overburdened and they wanted him to go to another planet. " 
He was hearing angels after he found out he was dying of cancer, and the neighbor was seeing angels outside the house in a tree.   5/20/02

When she came back home after 6month one day at about 11.20a.m, she was laying on the floor and she started shouting and screaming, i don't want to go with u -2 and she cried also.  I was sitting next to her and i asked what happened.  She said there were two -three person in white cloth, they came here to take me and was fighting with them, than they said they will come again.
Not only does this account have a death bed vision, but also music heard at the time of death.  5/14/02

2.  Marilyn E - Husband's DBV
 "I think his motto was "If you can't see it, it doesn't exist"  So I was keen to find out what he now thought about the previous night's experience, of course.  "Do you believe in life after death now, then, Den?"  "Why on earth should I?"  "Well –after what happened last night!"  "What happened last night to make me think any differently?" 
An amazing story that shows how memory in an altered state of consciousness may not be accessible in our every-day state of wakefulness.  The conversations were with people on the other side, and he knew things that nobody knew - yet when confronted the next day, he had no recollection of the events.  5/2/02

1. Marilyn E - Mum's DBV  5/2/02
"I then asked her several other questions which she immediately answered with her thumb.  Was she comfortable?  "Yes."  Was she worried about any thing?  "No."   Was she hungry? "No."  Did she know she was I going Home?  "Yes."  Was she afraid? "No."   Was she able to see her Mother, my Grandmother, who had passed on several years before? Mum had nursed her to the last and who 'died' with such a lovely smile on her face seeing someone she obviously loved very much and was very special to her, who was waiting for her there: Her answer to this last question was a very clear "YES!" with a very firm thumb press, twice. " 
The hospital staff considered her mother unconscious, but she was able to see everyone in the room (even in a coma with eyes closed) and her mother was conscious enough to communicate through a thumb press on her daughter's hand.