Cousin's Experience


Experience description:   

Something quite extraordinary has happened. I gave some of the NDEs I have translated to Spanish to a cousin of mine about 2 months ago. Yesterday, she called me on the phone because she had something really important to tell me. This is very briefly what she told me:

At first she was not very much interested in the NDEs I gave her and did not read them. But one night, about two weeks ago, she had a very unusual dream. It was only a dream, but it was different from the ones she usually has, and even though she did not fully understand what it meant, she considered it to be some kind of “message.”

Well, that was on a Saturday night. The next morning, Sunday morning, she woke up and was puzzled about the dream, so she started telling her husband about it, and she also had a strong desire of reading some of the NDEs I gave her… so she started to read any of them, and opened the papers by the “Howard Storm NDE”… and as she read it, she realized that the dream she just had the night before was about the same thing that Howard Storm described that happened to him (bad people calling him, the Light, etc., etc.), so after reading all that, she started to cry and started praying to God. And at that very moment, she had a very powerful STE.

Basically, in about a second (as she says), she had instant access to ALL KNOWLEDGE regarding her own life questions. She means all the questions she has wondered about all her life, and she tells me that now she has no doubt whatsoever about anything which is important to her. She also received a high dose of PURE DIVINE LOVE which was so wonderful that cannot be described in words. That being so, right after the STE  she started to explain her husband the meaning of EVERYTHING (regarding her life questions), things that she did not know before, and she kept talking to him non-stop for a long time (more than an hour I think)… she also told me she would like to write the whole thing down and tell everybody.

That is very briefly her story as she told me. Something very important to her: she has stopped being afraid of death, as she has been all her life. She is also feeling spiritually transformed. She told me that this experience has changed her life.

This is wonderful! I also feel good because now I don’t feel so alone anymore, since she belongs to my same family and can directly talk to the rest of my relatives.