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Cindy F's Experience

Experience description:   

Date: July 15, 2012

Time of OBE: 12:00-12:59PM

Classification: Wide Awake OBE

Experiences: Two OBE Experiences

Author: Cindy F.

Occupation: College Student

Geographic Location: Texas, USA

Cindy's Background History

Cindy F. was born with a genetic, degenerative eye condition called Cone-Rod Dystrophy (CRD), which causes continual vision loss as time progresses. Presently, Cindy is legally blind, but she doesn’t let this stand in her way. Cindy attends Texas Woman’s University where she studies music with an emphasis on classical guitar.

Her future endeavors are to become a musician, pastor, and spiritual leader. Back in June of 2012, David Warner received an e-mail through his contact form from Cindy asking, “Can you meet Jesus when you Astral Project?” About a week later, Cindy signed up with the Astral Academy and maintained communications with David via the conference room and e-mail. Cindy was able to achieve her first Out-of-Body experience a month and a half later.

Here’s Cindy’s extraordinary first Out-of-Body experience!”

OBE Experience I.

I had been staying with my friends, Khadijah and Kalina, during the weekend at their apartment. On Saturday night, I slept in my friend Khadijah’s bedroom for the first time. This was the first time, in fact, that I’d been over to their place. I awoke briefly on Sunday morning, as Kalina and I had planned on going to church. Kalina informed me that she was too tired and I decided not to go alone. So, I fell asleep again on my left side with astral projection in mind. Having slept for a longer time than usual, I was more fully able to catch myself in the mind-awake/body-asleep state of consciousness. Amidst this state, I thought, “This would be the perfect time to astral project.” I recalled that David had told me that if I tried to get up out of bed while in this state, I would most likely end up awakening in the astral realm rather than in the physical. So, I thought to myself, “Let’s try this.”

The first time I tried but was unsuccessful. On the count of three, I tried again, successfully projecting my soul out of my body into the astral realm. Upon exiting, my physical body moved slightly. From the astral perspective, it felt as if my soul had been cast out of my body like a fishing line being cast out into the ocean. My astral body settled facing the opposite direction from which my physical body had been facing. (In the physical, the bed which I’d been laying on sits in the middle of the room, its head against the back wall and its foot resting closest to the television, which sits against the front wall on which the door is located.  Naturally, my head rested at the head of the bed and my feet at the foot of the bed). Had my physical body been still lying on the bed in the astral, I would have been able to stare my physical self in the face. In the astral, my back was to the door, I stood rightward to the television, and I was facing the window, which was covered with open, horizontal blinds that were white and allowed bright daylight to penetrate the room. The sun must have been shining high in the sky, because the light entering the room was bright but not golden. Still, the sun was angled toward the window. I did not actually catch glimpse of the sun but knew that this was so. (In the physical, the sun does not actually shine in that direction). The window was located on the far right side of the back wall just to the right of the bed. (In the physical, the window is actually located on the right wall toward the back of the room, so it is as if the position of the window was flipped in the astral.

The window is not covered by blinds, but by a large, heavy comforter that blocks most light from entering the room. Because my eyes rely much on light due to my visual impairment, the comforter blocks my eyes from really being able to see the window and I was therefore not sure of the location of the window until I sought it out after my OBE).  Anyway, though I really couldn’t see anything outside of the window, it seemed like I could see the window itself more vividly than I would actually be able to see it in the physical. Though I could not make it out, I perceived that below the astral window, there was a desk with a laptop sitting closed on top of it (as the desk and laptop are located in this position next to the bed in the physical). The next thing which I noticed was that I did not see my physical body lying on the bed in the astral. All I could see was light being shed at an angle from the window onto the right half of the bed where my body had been asleep in the physical. There, I could see a pillow at the head of the bed and a comforter lying messily on the bed. The pillow, comforter, and mattress I interpreted to have a bluish cast, although it may have been the way the light was hitting them.

On the more shadowed left portion of the bed, I thought I could see my friend Khadijah wrapped up from head to toe in the majority of the comforter, but I was not certain. On the left wall, I thought I could see something, but could not make out what it was. (In the physical, there is a nightstand/shelf on the left side of the back wall to the left of the bed, and a closet with a mirror on the door on the left wall. I was unaware of this until I sought this information out after my OBE). Just to make sure that my physical body was not on the bed, I walked (or glided) over to the bed and placed my hand on the spot where my physical body would have been. Not finding my physical self, I wondered if I had actually gotten up and if I hadn’t actually projected. Exploring the possibilities, I traveled around the end of the bed and made my way to the restroom, passing the television on the way, which is located next to the restroom door. In passing, I saw that the television was on. I saw quick motions, shapes, and light changes moving across the screen but was unable to make out in detail what was showing. (This is approximately the extent to which I am able to see television in the physical, although I could see well enough to comprehend television shows when I was younger and had more sight). The television was either muted or the sound was turned down because I did not hear any sound coming from it. The only sound I recall hearing in this experience was the sound of my own thoughts.

The bathroom door was open, extending out into the bedroom and a fuzzy (red?) robe was hanging on the inside of the door (as was such in the physical). The bathroom light was on, which had a yellowish glow and made the bathroom very bright. (The brightness, shading, and color of the light looked exactly like they do in the physical. I did not realize this until I turned on the light and observed its traits after my OBE). Upon entering the bathroom, I saw that the sink and mirror (which were directly to my right) and the toilet were on the right wall, the industrial-sized toilet paper roll was on the back wall next to the toilet, and the shower (which was curtained) took up the left side of the restroom (as is such in the physical). My bath towel may have also been folded up on the corner of the sink (as I had left it in the physical). Out of all of it, I could see the counter top most clearly because the light bulbs shine directly above it (possibly better than I am actually able to see in the physical). I could not see the color of the shower curtain and had difficulty visually processing that portion of the bathroom, and I still do not know the actual color of the shower curtain. Then, I decided to see what it would be like to (ahem… use the toilet) in the astral. I sat on the toilet (which the seat was already up) and just sat (or floated) there for a moment. Then I thought, “Why would I want to do that? I might end up wetting myself in the physical.”

With that, I stood back up. To mention, I do not recall what I was wearing. In fact, I was not concerned about clothing at all, though I am positive that I was not naked, or else I probably would have noticed and been embarrassed. Turning to stand in front of the sink, I may or may not have tried to look at myself in the mirror, since I remember at one point thinking, “Why can’t I see very well?” (I had expected to have 20/20 vision in the astral). Still, I am not 100% positive that I actually tried to look at my astral self in the mirror. (Normally, in the physical, I am able to see features of myself such as my shape, skin color, hair color, clothes, the shadows of my eyes, my nose, lips, etc. I typically cannot see small details such as makeup, eye color, eye lashes, prints on clothing, etc). I probably wasn’t able to see as well in the astral as I thought I would because I am not used to seeing in the astral realm, and though I was able to rationalize and make clear decisions, I still wasn’t all there mentally. Anyway, I then decided to try phasing through the wall. I placed my hand on the wall to the left of the mirror and was able to feel the texture of the paint. (In the physical, there is a cabinet there in that place on the wall, but it did not seem to be there in the astral. I wasn’t aware of this until I felt the wall after my OBE). Pushing against the wall, I unsuccessfully attempted to phase through it. I wondered, “Why can’t I phase through the wall?”

Turning to face the door, I began to lose consciousness. I tried to fight it because I did not want to leave yet, but couldn’t and everything faded as I was pulled back into my physical consciousness. It felt as if my astral mind had teleported back into my physical mind. It did not feel as if my astral body were being suctioned back into my physical body as many out-of-body experiences describe, although I had been expecting for it to feel that way. When I returned to my physical body, I remained in the mind-awake/body-asleep state. Then, I thought, “I actually did it; now I can finally tell David.” I am not sure whether the room which I projected into was a past version, present alteration, or future version of Khadijah’s room, or whether it was someone else’s bedroom altogether in the same on-campus apartment complex. Nevertheless, my astral experiences were not done for the morning.

OBE Experience II.

After the first portion of my experience, I projected once more from the mind-awake/body-asleep state, thinking "Let's try this again." I entered into the astral realm in the same manner which I had entered before: pretending to sit up and get out of bed in the physical but in actuality projecting my soul out of my body. I projected back into my friend's room as it had appeared in my first OBE. Everything looked the same as it had before.  This time, I decided to try opening the door. I tried to reach for the door handle (which I think was on the left side of the door) but could not open the door. (In the physical, the door knob (which is not a door handle) is on the right side of the door, which opens inward into the room). The door handle was sort of long and curved like a sideways S, and seemed to be a smooth, bronze color (though I cannot say for sure). Since I could not open the door, I tried to phase through it but also could not. At this, I briefly thought that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to open or phase through the door anyway because Kalina and her boyfriend Ayo would probably see and freak out.

Then, I turned around, looked out the window, and decided to fly through the window. This time, I ran, lifted into the air, and flew, phasing through the window (which had been shut and covered with open blinds). The next bit of scenery was quite hazy, and I recall little of what it looked like. Once I flew out of the window, I landed safely (where exactly I do not know). Again, I attempted to fly a number of times. I was able to fly for short distances, but could not sustain flight. I remember thinking, "Why can't I fly?" It was a bright day outside, and the sky was clear and blue. Then, I thought to myself, "Hey! I can run now!" (I am unable to run by myself in the physical because of my visual impairment). So, I ran around across sidewalks and through the green grass. The scenery was still vague and difficult for my mind and eyes to process; but nevertheless, I knew where I was going and was not afraid of running into anything or tripping.

I do not remember seeing or encountering any other people, but that does not mean that there weren't any.  After running around and having fun, I decided that I would climb a tree, as I was standing amidst a group of trees. The tree that I climbed had a long and somewhat thin trunk that was a rich, medium brown color. The tree had long, bright green leaves and it sort of resembled a palm tree. I climbed the tree rather quickly. The trunk was flexible but sturdy enough, and the leaves rustled as I climbed. When I reached the top, I decided to try flying again. I shot straight up into the air through the blue sky. Next thing I knew I was speeding up through space. I do not recall seeing the atmosphere of the earth upon exiting (perhaps I closed my eyes while flying).

The sudden acceleration and rapidly changing location may have taken a slight blow to my consciousness.  As I whizzed past and through the stars, it seemed as though the stars were speeding in the opposite direction; that is, as I was flying upward, the stars naturally appeared to be flying downward. The stars light up bright white against the blackness of space. I recall that my mind and eyes were having difficulty processing the stars fully, as if they were all the same size and distance away (though they probably were not). I remember thinking that they looked odd and almost unrealistic, but I could not be certain. Nevertheless, they were beautiful.  On the way up, I encountered some sort of being. I do not recall his features, other than that he seemed to have a reddish glow and strange smile. He seemed to have a high pitched, smooth voice that lingered, although he was probably talking to me via thought communication. It was like he was sweet-talking me, but not in a flirtatious or endearing sort of way. He seemed thrilled to see me and was floating closely around me sort of affectionately. He seemed to have a glowing red tail that trailed around me, but it wasn't really tangible. To me, he seemed kind of creepy, yet friendly, and I thought that he might be a type of devil or something. There was something about him that was both magnetizing and eerie at the same time. Still, I was neither scared, disturbed, nor concerned because I fully trusted that God was watching out for me. After he spoke to me, he left and I shrugged and continued flying. I do not recall what he had said to me or if I said anything in reply.

Anyway, I continued flying for a time, and the travel through space began to feel disorienting, like time was slowing down, though I did not slow down my flying as far as I could tell. Despite this, I was neither worried nor concerned, nor did I feel lost, and I was still going with the flow. Then another being (who I originally assumed was Jesus) instructed me, "You can't go any further. "Why not?" I asked. He said, "Because time is going to speed up and the dimension is going to change." I consented, "Okay." Then, he asked me to wait there while he went to go help someone else. As he had been talking to me, I thought that his mouth might have been moving and he was making gestures as if he were speaking, but he was probably communicating with me via thought.

He led me over to a red (perhaps burgundy) couch that was floating amidst space. There were a few magazines piled on top of each other, sitting in the middle of the couch. I did not read the magazines or see what was on the cover. Anyway, he had me wait there and he made sure not to leave me by myself. He left me with another being, who appeared to be someone I know, but I do not remember who. (I think that this someone was a guide appearing to me as someone I knew in order to make me feel more comfortable. Perhaps she was appearing as my sister Mel or my Nanna's friend Kim... I really don't know for sure). I thought that maybe she had red hair or dirty blonde hair, but was not certain. Anyway, she was kind, talked with me for a little while, and we held casual conversation. I do not remember what we were talking about, as at that point I was probably growing tired and it seemed like I wasn't quite with it. As we were talking, I was sitting on the right couch cushion and she on the left.

When he (Jesus) came back, he asked me if I was ready to go, and I consented. He told me that he was going to take me back to Earth. Either we linked arms or he took my hand, and he flew me back to Earth. He seemed to have been short and thin, maybe with short, dark hair and perhaps he had wings. Come to think of it, when he had been instructing me earlier he may have been holding one of those pointer sticks that teachers sometimes hold when pointing out things that are written on the board; but again, I really can't say for sure what he looked like. Anyway, the Earth looked like a blue sphere, and I could see the gaseous, hazy glow of the atmosphere. The Earth appeared larger and larger as we steadily flew closer and closer, and once we hit the atmosphere, I returned to my physical body in the mind-awake/body-asleep state of consciousness. 

Now that I think about the experience, I do not necessarily think that the guide who helped me was actually Jesus. He may have been an angel or something... I'm not really sure. All three beings which I encountered almost had a cartoon-like look to them, but again, my mind and eyes were not fully processing things, so I don't quite recall what they really looked like.  The whole experience was very amazing! Meeting Jesus (or whoever he was) was a touching experience, especially when he was flying me back to Earth, during which I felt very loved, cared for, and secure. I wish I'd asked him what his name was. Throughout the entire projection, I felt such freedom and exploration, and not once was I afraid. The whole experience seemed surreal, as if I'd been just making things up as I went along; but I know that it was very real because unlike typical dreams, I was able to actively think, rationalize, and make decisions.


Submitted by David Warner www.astralpulse.com