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Chen D's Experience

Experience description:   

I was a very cheerful, sociable and pretty much intelligent guy with a bright future waiting. But 3 years ago, something out of the ordinary hit me. I start to feel sort of not being myself. I no longer am able to enjoy the pleasures I used to like, etc social outings/sports/TV shows. I am not angry or sad over any particular stuff. There is no trauma or any events that is happening but somehow I just gradually becoming 'depressed' for no reason.

Then there was a 3 nights which I was sleeping so deeply that I was apparently weaving in and out of consciousness. My parents was anxious why was I so sleepy that I have to sleep almost the whole day for 3 nights but I was too listless to explain anything and keep silent. And it was this 3 nights that I was in this so called NDE/OBE experience.   

When I went into sleep, it wasn't like any other time, I knew I was sleeping. I start to be able to view all around be 360 degree with just a thought of the mind. Then I began to feel light beings and a manifestation of Guan Yin (Mother Goddess in Buddhism) appear. I'm not the religious sort in fact was a Atheist but I am attracted reading Buddhist philosophy since young. So I thought it must be due to imagination. As though reading my thought, the being said non-verbally (mental projections) ,'No my friend, what you see is you've seen. It is due to past links that make you more attracted to Buddha's words.' So I began to ask questions about religions and existence's meaning. 

She goes on as though understanding all I've wanted to ask, 'All religions are essentially the same if you get the essence. Some are more attracted to a particular one due to past lives connections. But according to how the religious are taught in this modern era there are some which are not of higher truth. People has to start to move past the idea of religion to understand its essence. Words of all the saints etc Jesus/Buddha/Krishna are words of the ONE SPIRIT, but how people interpret it is another issue. And this ONE SPIRIT is in you, me and every existence and it is called by so many names like TAO/GOD/Nirvana according to a place's culture.

Yes, there are old souls and young souls but it doesn't matter, it seems like spiritualist nowadays like to be considered an old soul thinking that it will be a higher spiritual level but this bring a smile to me. We have to move past even such comparison to evolve.

The spiritual moment on earth is accelerating because we are nearing an unpleasant phase according to the actions of the world. Those who have bring along mission (can be self-cultivating/contribution to mankind etc) with them into this life will start to feel the urgency at a younger age. But this doesn't mean we look upon those who has no spiritual interest at all as lower beings. We are all just moving at our own pace, according to how we want or meant to be, there is no need to compare. We should be equally happy for whatever journey we are in.

You are ready to go through a transformative phase, hang on and the transformation will eventually be reached. Those who went through hell know deeply what is heaven. Who says hell is a bad place, it just part of another process. There is not really hell anyway, it is just a manifestation to understand ONE SPIRIT better. The ironic thing that is happening is some groups think GOD only belongs to them and the rest will be condemned. Faith is good but only with wisdom. GOD condemn no one because how can he condemn himself.

There are many many worlds out there, but this knowledge is not to mystified existence but to tell us to keep our ego in check that we own the world. How can anyone ever own the world when we are owning one another. This is to say existence is all connected, if we own positively, pleasant things will result and vice versa.

Intelligence can be such an obstacle nowadays. It makes people try to figure things out too much, let go of thoughts and go into the heart. If one think through the heart, the thoughts are powerful. Be careful about egoist intelligence, real intellect is not about the best way to earn stuff for oneself but the best way to not having to earn anything for oneself. This is tricky in such a material world but you are knowing well.

It is good to see religious study being part of higher education. But the problem is many just leave it as that. Scholarly debate and intellectual understand is futile if one don't practice. There a many ways to practice, explore and find one that suit your heart.'' 

My condition gradually improve over the years and change me into an amitious person to someone who prefer quietness and simple lifestyle.

Was the kind of experience difficult to express in words? Yes     the 'being-ness', something that one has to feel for himself

At the time of this experience, was there an associated life threatening event?          No      

At what time during the experience were you at your highest level of consciousness and alertness?    in my deepest sleep, so deep that I even realise I am sleeping

How did your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience compare to your normal every day consciousness and alertness?    More consciousness and alertness than normal

            in my deepest sleep, so deep that I even realize I am sleeping

Did your vision differ in any way from your normal, everyday vision (in any aspect, such as clarity, field of vision, colors, brightness, depth perception degree of solidness/transparency of objects, etc.)?  Yes     feel my aura and others too. not by sight and sense.

Did your hearing differ in any way from your normal, everyday hearing (in any aspect, such as clarity, ability to recognize source of sound, pitch, loudness, etc.)?            No      

Did you experience a separation of your consciousness from your body?     No

What emotions did you feel during the experience?            peaceful considering what I was going through at that period of time

Did you pass into or through a tunnel or enclosure?          No      

Did you see a light?           Yes     mandala kind, circular and spinning

Did you meet or see any other beings?           Yes     Apparent she is my spiritual guardian due to past links

Did you experience a review of past events in your life?    No      

Did you observe or hear anything regarding people or events during your experience that could be verified later?          No      

Did you see or visit any beautiful or otherwise distinctive locations, levels or dimensions?           No           

Did you have any sense of altered space or time?   Yes     Tough to describe but it is very timeless. No worry or thoughts about the time frame. Feel like the moment just exist continuously/seamlessly.

Did you have a sense of knowing special knowledge, universal order and/or purpose?     Yes     As described above and some private messages

Did you reach a boundary or limiting physical structure? No      

Did you become aware of future events?       Uncertain
            Déjà vu of small future events

Did you have any psychic, paranormal or other special gifts following the experience you did not have prior to the experience?     Yes     Higher sense/energy

Have you shared this experience with others?         No       I will be elevated from depression to psychosis if I tell to anyone

Did you have any knowledge of near death experience (NDE) prior to your experience?    No      

How did you view the reality of your experience shortly (days to weeks) after it happened:            Experience was definitely real    Because it really transform my life and the mental toughness of not needing to conform to the material society way of thought

Were there one or several parts of the experience especially meaningful or significant to you?   

How do you currently view the reality of your experience:            Experience was definitely real    As above

Have your relationships changed specifically as a result of your experience?           Yes     I don't really enjoy intimate relationship as much. I love to be in company of anyone.

Have your religious beliefs/practices changed specifically as a result of your experience?           
Yes     i meditate more and discuss/debate less about life and religion

Following the experience, have you had any other events in your life, medications or substances which reproduced any part of the experience?         No                  

Did the questions asked and information you provided so far accurately and comprehensively describe your experience?         Yes