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Cathy R's Father's Experience

Experience description:   

My father was dying of esophageal cancer.  He was always a strong minded as well as a strong bodied person.  When he was diagnosed, he was given only a few weeks to live.  About 3 months after his diagnosis, he was still alive, but very sick.  He couldn't walk, eat, or even turn himself over in bed.  My mother had to do everything for him.  He always refused pain medication because he insisted that he wasn't really in pain, but just felt weak and very sick.  One night, he was lying in his bed and suddenly started talking to Kenneth and William.....his brothers that had passed away over 70 years ago.  He asked my mother why she wasn't offering them a seat, and told her that she was being rude.  My mother asked him what he was talking about, and he got really upset with her.  She brought in 2 chairs from the kitchen then walked out and closed the door.  She was very shook up.  The next day, she asked my father about what had happened the night before.  He was very lucid, and told her that Kenneth and William are there to take him home.  He died that night.