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Caroline D's Experience

Experience description:   

A few years ago, a loved one of mine died in a plane crash in Africa.

About nine months later I had an experience that felt amazing. I was asleep at home, but also awake. I felt myself being in another place, where I met with Chris (my friend who passed away) and he told me a lot about where he was right now. He looked the same, but his eyes looked like shining stars. Then I felt like I was travelling through the whole universe, the planets, the stars. And then there was what I can best describe as an "explosion" of information. I knew and understood everything and I mean everything of the universe, death, life, the past, why things happen, who we are etc. etc.

Then I "woke up", just in my bed in Holland, and the information stayed with me for what felt like about a minute or so and then it disappeared.

I wanted to "get it back", all that knowledge, but for some reason really couldn't. But the feeling never left me that at that moment I knew and understood everything.
I did not tell anybody about this, because it sounds so weird. I have only shared this with my younger brother once.
Then, this summer, for some reason, it started again. Not as strong as it was before, but still I have, even sometimes three times a week or so, experiences that it feels like I am going out of my body and "fly out" to a different world. Where the nature is so beautiful, everything so bright and my senses are so open that it is sometimes overwhelming and a bit scary to me.
Then I started to read about near- death experiences and I found it shocking, but also delightful what similarities I found between my experiences and their near death experiences. The only, to me very weird difference is, that I am and always have been, really not injured, not operated, not in the hospital, but just healthy and at home when these experiences happened and are happening to me.