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My Bright Nights Vision
by  Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. (July 20, 2013 A.D.)

I was day-dreaming the other day, and a powerful vision unfolded in my mind's eye.

The vision was multiple growing Universes beginning to overlap each other and "collide" in the way that galaxies are now passing through each other but without member stars actually smashing into each other.

Those of you who know me probably also know that I have reversed Einstein's famous equation by solving for "m" instead of solving for "E". This is what we get when we reverse that equation by solving for "m":

m = E / (c * c)

This is a formulaic metaphor for Creation, because it literally converts Energy to matter "m" by dividing the quantity of Energy "E" by the velocity of light squared.

This process is similar to the physical process by which steam "condenses" into liquid water. In our formulaic metaphor, Energy "condenses" into matter. I worked out the math and proved to myself that this equation is true in both directions!

This theoretical solution was gifted to me in the Fall of 1995, long before black holes were discovered to be emitting huge bursts of gamma rays and other high-energy particles in a process we now call "galactic core explosions". The term "black hole" definitely needs to be changed to something more descriptive, because these galaxy cores are anything but "black" or super high concentrations of matter that are so dense, even light cannot escape their immense gravitational forces. Of course, a galaxy's core will appear "black" as long as
one's measuring instruments are unable to detect energy that is outside the miniscule spectrum of visible light, or light that is visible to the naked eye.

More recently, astronomers have also confirmed that some galaxies are emitting not only enormous quantities of gamma rays, but also entirely new stars on a regular, predictable schedule. For example, use a search engine like Google or Bing and search for: "star factory" images.  Hopefully, you will encounter such exciting titles as:  "The Splendor of Orion: A Star Factory Unveiled"

When we extrapolate this observable process by which galaxy cores actually create new stars, sometimes as quickly as 2 new stars every 24-hours, the conclusion is inescapable that our Universe is not "expanding" but "growing" as Thomas Joseph Brown explains
in one of his recorded lectures.  In a growing Universe, the quantity of observable matter is constantly increasing, instead of remaining constant or fixed. There was a time in the recent past when cosmologists were deeply engaged in a debate over whether an "expanding" Universe would some day expand so far out into the void that everything would return to absolute zero on the Kelvin temperature scale. The empirical discovery that our Universe is actually "growing" has made it necessary to reject fully the notion that our Universe would some day end up as an immensely large but very cold and dark place -- much too cold and much too dark for any living  organisms to survive at all.

What my recent vision helped me to visualize is an immensely large multi-verse that results from literally merging or converging our known Universe with neighboring Universes which astronomers  are only now detecting, because of gravitational anomalies in the patterns of observable matter near the Event Horizons of our Universe.

Picture this wonderful future for our known Universe: by joining the process of star formation at galactic cores with the process by which multiple Universes end up overlapping each other, the density of stars in the night sky should increase by a very noticeable amount.
I can even safely predict that the night sky will become a glittering kaleidoscope of multi-colored stars whose combined light will be bright enough to read books without the aid of a flashlight. If like me, you also think that this vision may be a foretaste of the real Heaven that awaits the Children of God, don't let me stop you:

I believe that you will be right on the money when it comes to exercising the freedom to let your imaginations run wild about this glorious and magnificent future that awaits us. As Jesus once said, even your wildest imagination cannot even come close to the world which God has created for those who love Him and are permitted to enjoy  eternal life with Him.

I took that to mean that my imagination was surely permitted to run wild, because even then I would still not come close to what God has in store for his Eternal Family. Why anyone would choose to forfeit such a glorious future is totally beyond me.