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I was approximately 7-8 yrs old. Sometime after reluctantly going to bed I would find myself floating/hovering three feet off the ground. This happened in the front yard of my childhood home. I assumed that I had sneaked out of the house and somehow learned the art of flying. After numerous flights , I started to notice my body. It was the same as it was during play during the daytime. Fully dressed in my "play clothes". Sometimes I would wait for my friends to arrive, other times they would be waiting for me . We "swam" around my house. Never walked or floated. Swimming was difficult. Like pulling through molasses . We would play hide and seek in the bushes. When I took a break from the games and looked around, the street lights were off but there was always the same intensity of light- lighting everything ..   but not from any particular source. Not bright light, but consistent .

Numerous times I would "wake up" to find myself sitting on our roof. Dressed in either pajamas or play garb. It never dawned on me that this was odd. I felt the urge to wait for something every time the roof "dreams" happened. When waking on the roof I would already be in the process of looking and straining for "them". My eyes pouring over the starlight sky.  I would start screaming at the top of my lungs saying : " wake up everyone their coming.... their almost here....hurry up their coming ......your not going to see them....hurry.....hurry". Now, what always happened next was weird for a 7 yr old back in 1965. Either while screaming or silent, as I watched the heavens, there would suddenly be a pulsating multi colored star. I would only see it for a minute then it would bolt over to me and be directly above our home slowly descending and slowly turning like a gyroscope would move on is axis. They looked like the scout ships in Close Encounters!!!! Others times I would "wake" on the roof and they would already be hovering within yards of our roof already in the process of slow ascent. Every time I was roof dreaming or playing hide and seek I was fully awake. Fully awake. Sometimes I would sit up there frustrated that I had no idea how to wake my family or neighbors.

I had no idea what a UFO was. If I may have seen one back in 1965 on TV or magazine.....they probably were the std mid sixty type saucer UFO . The ones I saw were pretty much like the CE types. Note: as an adult I would wake in a dream and be stating at the exact same ships while standing in a field. I had no idea where I was..... I did not care either- too focused on the light ships. 

FForward:  about 15 yrs ago I was laying on the windshield and hood of a car under a night sky bursting with stars. I drove out to a two track dirt road to be alone with the sky. It was around 3 am. Minimal noise. As I lay there I relaxed and fixed my eyes on one star. Fixing on one star, I imagined that the earth was too small to see and that only suns could be seen. I imagined our earth as being like a star. I imagined that the earth and the stars in front of me where all around me....like being in 3D not the 2 dimensional sky we normally see due to the star distance not easily detected by the naked eye. I became immersed in this "3D" perception . I imagined being on the star I was focused on and was looking at the earth star. The moment I finally "got it" my consciousness expanded at what seemed the speed of light. My mind/consciousness was the universe. This only lasted 2-3 seconds...  due to the shock my body jolted coming close to falling off the car. As a result I started to meditate on a daily basis. I went through the std breathing methods and had very minor results due to fright on two occasions: on one , my body started to roll like swaying waves in the ocean. I was about to pop out and I choked and it ceased at once.

Another time, breathing, I started to feel like my body was under the weight of three aircraft carriers. Sinking down into my bed. I choked again. It stopped . I never took the time to meditate again . I am currently practicing with the Monroe HemiSynce CDs . About 3-4 yrs ago I woke up in dreams on three or four occasions. I found myself standing in my old high school. No one was there but me. Same light source as roof/ hide and seek stuff. I was walking around the school and was starting to realize that I was in my fifties and that I should not be here. I started to wake up. I woke up. I started to get excited and wanted to go outside.  I started trying the doors but they were opened to inside rooms. I tried another door. It opened to a large round room, 100' in dia, with arched windows around the perimeter. When the door slammed it sounded like the door of a gymnasium slamming. I was excited. I walked to the center of the room and turned 360* . I saw no doors, not even the one I walked through. The floor was tiled in a pattern. The windows, walls ceiling very ornate. I walked to the the center tile and looked straight up into the dome. I was laughing my ass off that I was really awake!!  It was open at the top with tiles around the opening. It opened to a wall of stars. I jumped and flew straight through the center out into the sky. I was giddy. I was giggling like a school girl. I flew back toward the earth and saw the streets, trees and few cars. I thought : wow , I am awake and can fly anywhere I choose. I don't remember much more. I woke and found the pillow soaked with tears of joy. Another time, my mother had passed a few years earlier. I woke up in a dream and found myself in a movie theater type setting. There was an easel just ahead of the front row seats. I thought that I must move to the front row. I did. As I sat there I thought that I would leave the side door and see where I am. As soon as I thought that, my mother came out from behind the easel. I said MOM I AM AWAKE !! MOM I'M AWAKE!!! " What are you doing here "I said? She said something but I do not remember. Then I remember being taught something . I could not stand it any longer and leaped up to hug her and she dashed behind the easel and said " no sweetly, you cannot touch me yet". I asked why? She said it would be uncomfortable for both of us. I then woke. I have also been (OBE) to houses that I have visited many times.

I am currently working on having self induced OBEs in order to help the recently deceased who need help orienting to there situation. I envy the other posters here. Some of their stories sound great. I also envy the folks who have OBE with little effort. Maybe soon I can get good at it and attain that state with enough experience to help people and ward off the negative energies. Thank you for this wonderful website!!

Any associated medications or substances with the potential to affect the experience?   No   

Was the kind of experience difficult to express in words?   No   

At the time of this experience, was there an associated life threatening event?   No