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Read Any Good Astral Projection Books Lately...? By Philip Paul Books on the Out of the Body Experience have been few and far between, but now Philip Paul tells us the dry spell is over.


A journey into Spiritual healing & Kirlian photography – David Clements

BOOK ON MEDIUMS . By -  Allan Kardec
NOSSO LAR - a spiritual home by Francisco C. Xavier

Secrets in the Fields, The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles, by Freddy Silva



A journey into Spiritual healing & Kirlian photography – David Clements

ISBN: 0-646-34545-1(AUSTRALIA) 

    PRICE: A$ 25/= 

I confess, I have a bad habit of yellow high lighting documents whenever I find some thing important or interesting for quick future reference. I read this book few times from cover to cover and discovered the whole book has become yellow. 

Another excellent feature of this book: the book has been well presented using many small articles, each 2 to 3 page long. Therefore, when you complete one article quickly, you are automatically encouraged to read the next. He has used good number of photographs and sketches for easy explanation. He has used many valuable phrases from his experience. 

David has presented very difficult aspects of metaphysics in easily understandable way. Some of my earlier confusion in some area became very clear.  

This book is very useful companion, if you want to be a healer or would like to receive any kind of spiritual healing from a healer. It will help you to attain a spiritual receptive state.  

My notes for future reference: 

Important phrases: 

·                 The power that made the body can heal the body.

·                 You can do very little with faith- but you can do nothing without it.

·                 We must have faith & trust in our Spirit friends.

·                 As you saw, so shall you reap

·                 As one door closes, another opens.

·                 You don’t choose them-they choose you.

·                 The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

·                 A conversation with a wise man is better than reading of 100 books.

·                 Don’t forget to keep your healing simple and sincere.

·                 True spiritual love is unconditional. Love is never wasted, even if it has no effect on receiver, it benefits the giver.

·                 Love conquers all things

·                 Always remember that your spirit friends are always close to you, to help you, for they love you, more than you can possibly imagine.

·                 They who suffer much know much.

·                 Aim for the middle path in all things.

·                 Every experience is a link in our chain of development.

·                 The body is the temple of spirit.

·                  Problem shared is a problem halved.

·                 Only when the pupil is ready- does teacher arrive.

·                 Spread the Gospel & heal the sick. 



Important pages: 

1.    All spiritual healing is subject of spiritual laws, and every healing is planned act directed by an intelligence far superior to our human (P25) 

2.    In spiritual healing energy flow from divine source to spirit of healer to spirit of patient (P26)

3.    Science cannot explain the questions: Who am I? , Why I am here? What happens after death? (P38)

4.    Some people with scientific backgrounds have been instrumental in spreading spiritualisation (P38)

5.    We come into this world with nothing material, we play our part & we then depart with nothing material (P55).

6.    Endocrine glands are primary regulator of both physical and spiritual being. We have seven charkas & each gland is situated close to one of the energy centres and works in complete harmony with appropriate centre to which it relates (p 68).

7.    Immediately surrounding our physical body is etheric body, which is regarded as a blue print of the physical body. Next is astral or emotional body. Outside of this are three mental plane bodies namely instinct, intellectual & spiritual which contains our thought and beliefs. Beyond this is the spiritual body.(p74)

8.    Concentrate our conscious mind in sending love, and visualise healing helping to make person healthy (p103).

9.    Uncross arms & legs, make patient relax, remove glasses, and remove heavy dresses. As an healer you relax your mind, listen to music, visualize the healing energy or may be a white light entering the patient’s body & encircling that body (p115)

10.                    Talk to patient before healing and give some tea after healing (p116)

11.                    After healer is ready, place hands on both shoulders, keep hands above head. Give healing in 4 postures with each about 5 minutes.

12.                    Before healing think of a rose bud opening. Keep the rose open. After healing think of the rose close to a bud again.

13.                    Absent healing is the use of power of thought to help people get well.

14.                    Spiritual healing is complement to medical treatment and it is not a substitute of medical treatment.

 Uday Mukhopadhyay     10th April 2006   Uday_mukhopadhyay@hotmail.com


                                                      BOOK ON MEDIUMS . By -  Allan Kardec

                               Book on Mediums; Or, Guide for Mediums and Invocators                       ISBN : 0 – 87728 – 382 – 6

                                                      SOURCE : www. amazon.com 

Allan Kardec a famous 19th century Sprit medium wrote this book in 1874. Since then, it had been sold in million copies all over the world. His findings are so fundamental that even today there is no change . Allan Kardec did in-depth explanation of spirit activities & mechanism of different spirit communication techniques. He explained about Ghosts. There are many pages on how to practice spirit writing. Following some of important notes with page numbers for future reference: 

·            Souls reach the supreme degree only through the efforts they make for self-improvement (P16 )

·            Angel’s are god’s messengers, charged to watch over the execution of his designs through out the universe ( P16 ).

·            Spirits are the souls of human stripped of their corporeal envelope ( P16 )

·            Spirit connect body through a semi-material fluid known as peri-spirit.( P17 )

·            You should not discuss spiritism with some body who don’t believe in God, Soul, reincarnation  ( P18 )

·            Discussed types of Spirits and their properties ( P63 – 65 )

·            At death, spirit leaves human body but keeps peri-spirit with it. They preserve human form & in fact when they appear to us it is in the form in which we have known them before(P70)

·            Peri-spirit acts like electrical connectors between body and spirit. Spirit transmit its will on different human organs thru peri-spirit ( P72 )

·            Combined effect of peri-sprit of a spirit and universal fluid of a medium can temporarily solidify and can do any physical phenomenon of shifting, lifting & throwing off objects ( P 86 )

·            Inferior spirits are more suited to perform physical manifestations as it require more strength( P88&101 )

·            Discussed behaviour of disturbed spirits and ghosts                   ( P111 – 114 )

·            During any sickness, material ties of our body & our spirit becomes weak. Therefore visions are more frequent then         ( P132 )

·            An elevated soul can appear in two places at  once ( P156 )

·            Discussed different physical manifestations by spirit                   ( P164-168 )

·            Human of genions of all kinds- artists, scientists, men of letters – are doubtless advanced spirit. They are most frequently mediums with out knowing it. ( P223 )

·            Discussed how to develop medium-ship and start automatic writing. ( P246 – 260 )

·            Discussed dangers of medium-ship ( P265 – 268 )

·            The whole space is peopled with spirits. We have them constantly around us, by our side. They see us, observe us, follow us or fly from us, as we attract or repulse them ( P 297 ).

·            Discussed how to distinguish good and bad spirit ( P334 – 352)

·            Discussed how to do invocation and effect of invocation.            ( P353 – 385 ) 

Uday Mukhopadhyay                                       6th January 2006

     Extract from the book “NOSSO LAR - a spiritual home

    by Francisco C. Xavier   ISBN : 0964990717 

It is an auto biography of a doctor (Andrew Luiz  ) on the other side, transmitted  through a famous 20th century Brazilian medium F.C.Xavier.  This book gives a vivid description of gradual spiritual development of the doctor on the other side and gives a vivid description of what are happening on other dimensions. This is a transmission just before WWII and by now there must have been many improvements/changes on the other side.

Nosso Lar is a hospital city located in a spiritual sphere above Brazil and they look after people after transition. They rectify the physical damages and make them fit for surviving in the other dimension. They also arrange reincarnation of souls. Following are some of important notes with page numbers for future reference:

·                Visual awareness improves a lot in next life after physical death and every thing looks much brighter ( P 25 )

·                Spiritual music  and collective prayer  service is a practiced there ( P25)

·                Big electronic visual projectors are used in collective prayer service ( P26)

·                Blue flowers are considered more spiritual there and used for spiritual development ( P 27)

·                Spiritual body carries a detailed history of an individual’s habit on Earth and give the indication of damages done to different organs ( P 29 )

·                Magnetic healing is used to treat damaged organs ( P 34 )

·                Tears are a cleansing medicine, if they aren’t caused by the wrong feelings such as hatred and anger ( P 35 )

·                Every day we ought to bless our physical bodies, especially the microscopic organizations that make them up ( P 35 )

·                Self-pity is a symptom of mental illness. ( P 37 )

·                Workers take any hardest responsibility as an opportunity for spiritual ascent. ( P 37 )

·                Works there is aimed for the everlasting development of immortal spirit and for it’s benefit ( P 38 )

·                Every thing there is improved version of that in Earth. Great trees, full orchards, beautiful gardens spread out every where. Ground is reacher in the variety of its greens. Graceful buildings rose up at regular intervals, all diverse in their architectural styles and each building entrance decorated with by wealth of flowers. Skies are full of birds. Domestic animals moving and grazing beneath the trees ( P 40 )

·                Any worth while wish must have three components : an active will, effort & your own worth ( P 42 )

·                A group of distinguished Portuguese pioneers founded Nosso Lar in 16th century. ( P 45 )

·                They don’t use violence but use perseverance, brotherhood and spiritual love to get their  job done ( P 46 )

·                Central administration has a stuff of 3000 and they have a Governor ( P 46 )

·                 Citizen use good breathing technique & use absorption of life-sustaining elements from the atmosphere and water ( P 48)

·                They have public transport like bus, operated by wireless energy source ( P 52 )

·                 Water comes from Blue River. Water is of different density.  It is much lighter and purer. They use Sun & Spiritual magnetism; add nutritional components and medical components before it is used by everybody. ( P 54)

·                They use different instrumental music in work places to enhance productivity. ( P 59 )

·                 After physical death, the spirits that are still caught up in their earthly fixations – always a huge number, stay in spirit region closest to the planet. This lower zone is a kind of continuation of the earthly  incarnate plane (  P 61 & 63 )

·                People grow many different types of fruits and vegetables. They cook appetizing soups and fruit cocktails as their food. Body also need energy-filled substances in more rarefied form. This process becomes more shuttle, more delicate, the farther along they go in their ascent ( P 86 & 87 )

·                 Women can not remain inactive there. It is necessary to learn to fulfil the roles of sister, mother & wife. They are not confined to home only but do jobs which are compatible both from feminine sensitivity and dignity- nursing, teaching, communication, social work and any kind of occupation which require patience. ( P 98 )

·                 The present might be a joy, but the past requires correction from us so that the future will be in harmony with eternal law( P 100 )

·                 A limit is put on the past life memory recall of people for their own well-being. If they try to go beyond it, they usually become emotionally unbalanced and might even go insane( P 101)

·                 Any one interested to know about his past lives has to apply to education department where all archives are maintained. Specialists there encourage reading the files at his spare time. Those archives span three centuries. Meditation, therapies, mind magnet treatment allows vivid recollection of past lives ( P101)

·                 Citizen who don’t work, get bare necessary food, common-shelter and normal clothing. People who work hard and accumulate bonus-hours can get the comfort of separate home and extra luxuries.

·                 Earth’s society seems to be a long way off from being able to evaluate the real quality of someone’s work, but in higher spiritual plane, service is never assessed with out considering the quality of personal effort that went into it ( P105)

·                 When some one take a reincarnation , all the unused credit bonus-hours goes back to society and only family member can inherit home if some one physically present on the other side to avail the accommodation ( P 107 )

·                They have radio service in their home ( P109)

·                 Some people while in earth forget to trade some of their material currency for spiritual currency , such wealthy-of earthly pleasured people become pauper in the spiritual world ( P127)

·                 They have internal telecommunication system for day to day communications. ( P 133 )

·                 Some earthly people in flesh with highly evolved spirit are true servants of eternal wisdom sometimes temporarily leave their body and travel to different spirit spheres. This is called austral travel. During this travel the austral body and earthly body gets connected by a cord ( P 154)

·                 Dogs are valuable helpers in the lower zone (P 154 )

·                  Anytime we follow our mind and heart in doing what is good, God gives us help, we need to achieve our objective (P162)

·                 The mind (consciousness) during the state of rest can separate itself from the spiritual body. This process is in all respect similar to spiritual dreaming or an out of body experience in the flesh ( 171)

·                Advanced minds, whether discarnate or incarnate, can communicate mentally without needing spoken language. Thought is the basis of the mind’s silent message that in the wonderful planes of intuition, are shared by every kind of being ( P172)

·                 A spirit who has lived exclusively in France can communicate, mind to mind, with an incarnate person who has only lived in Brazil. The language in which the message is articulated will always be that of the receiver.(P172)

·                 Public address system is used for addressing mass of people (P191)

·                 We live within the atmosphere that we create, inside us and around us. If we give in to sadness, we become slaves to depression. If we get wrapped up in thoughts of illness, we breed ailments in our bodies. There is no mystery. It is the law of life and works for both good and evil (P201)

·                 More evolved one could, if they wanted, travel fast through space at will. They could also communicate mind to mind over great distances using only power of thought.( P229)

·                 Mango and Eucalyptus tree can give us healing energy (P 230)


Uday Mukhopadhyay                          7th January 2006

Book Review:  Secrets in the Fields, The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles, by Freddy Silva



Freddy Silva is one of the dedicated crop-circle researchers.  Being a resident of England, he could actively participate, photograph & enjoy them for many years. He has discussed in-depth,  when, where, what, why & how crop-circles are formed and has enclosed many colourful photographs of beautiful crop-circles. Some of recent crop-circles are in 3D. Crop-circles of recent years are so big , elegant and complicated that it is humanly impossible to generate them overnight by  hoaxers. It is a must read book for any crop-circle enthusiast. He has also explained many metaphysical aspects in modern  scientific terms . Following notes from different pages of the book give many clues how to identify a genuine crop-circle - Here are just a few that I found fascinating!



    Watches, pocket knives, bicycles get magnetised inside a crop-circle.    Power from battery cell get depleted if you place it inside them

    Camera electronic circuit boards get fried if  it taken inside a crop-circle. Grains inside crop-circles get altered DNA. Some times Silver disc hover over the field before crop-circle formation & luminous orange objects are found to fly at high speed  over field before formation of crop-circle.  A dramatic increase in radiation is very common inside a crop-circle.


Uday Mukhopadhyay                                                11th August 2006