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Bev G's Experience

Experience description:   

In the pages of the documented text, I will be forwarded you. My NDE’s explore the interactive workings between the human mind and the brain, in both detailed description and illustrations. I personally have no connections with the fields of medicine or science. My University degrees studied film and screenwriting, other than that I am a mother of three children. I also wish to confirm that I have never been able to control/ bring-on or prevent an NDE from occurring.

The information I will forward will be covering the following NDE’s.

1)   1987 – The beginning and development of my NDE’s. 2) How I became aware of the realisation my spirit was passing over into the afterlife and the effects this had on my physical body. 3) The first time my NDE’s were recoded down in my medical notes [1989]. The reason why and by whom.

Between the years 1987 to 1992, I did not write anything down to record my NDE’s. However, in 1992 my NDE’s suddenly changed in their natural state of occurrence. 1) Whereas I was still experiencing the same NDE’s as before throughout the previous five years. My spirit was now being permitted to meet with the spirit of another ‘living person,’ who I had first ‘physically’ encountered a few weeks prior to the new difference in my NDE’s. 2) This was a welcoming change for me, as I presumed if I was able to retain the memory of my NDE’s, then surely this man was also able too. I had many questions I wanted to ask him, the main question being, “What reason are we having these NDE’s?” 3) My spirit was now permitted to meet with his late father [who passed away in early 1960] and other members of his family who had also passed away. I have never seen a photograph of any of his family; however, I would still be able to identify them, if I was shown a photograph now.            

During the summer of 1992, whenever I met this man in our physical relationship, he never did mention or give any indication to me that he and I were having NDE’s and in such our spirits together were being shown many revelations.

One of the very first ‘teachings’ my spirit was taught in my early NDE’s, is that ‘the spirit can only reveal the truth.’ Unlike within a physical life, where an individual may be ‘thinking’ certain thoughts but he/she is able to ‘speak’ something totally different from what they are thinking, spirit is only able to reveal the truth in regard to who they are. In my NDE’s where my spirit was permitted to see this man’s spirit. My spirit saw that his spirit was ‘pleasing to look at, happy and there was no ugliness around his spirit.’ I therefore knew he was a kind man with a good heart.    

However, within our physical relationship towards the end of the summer, he began to talk very negatively and made dreadful suggestions. This began to make meeting with him in a physical relationship rather difficult for me, as I could not make sense for what was happening to him.    

Page 2 – 8th August 2010


Then on August 31st 1992, he created and acted out a situation within our physical relationship that was very unpleasant and within an NDE directly after this event, my spirit witnessed his spirit being attacked and swallowed up by a dark, ugly spiritual entity. From that moment on everything within both his and my own physical life changed. 


The shock of what had happened was so traumatic, it forced my conscious levels to basically split in half, and as a result the consciousness that governs the human spirit within the brain became active in conjunction with the normal human conscious level during the periods when I was awake, [these physical conscious changes are recorded down in my medical notes].

1)   These changes caused me to start becoming telepathic. I was also aware the nerve endings in my brain were constantly ‘burning,’ which caused a continuing severe 24/7 headache. I began to notice the intense burning sensations from the nerve endings of my brain ‘shifted from side to side, flowed over and rolled down the back of my head within my brain,’ 2) Depending upon whatever emotional mood I was experiencing at the time, laughter, tears, anger, sadness or happiness I was able to sense particular areas of the nerve endings of my brain would burn even more fiercely than other areas of my brain. 3) I am also no longer able to produce the natural chemical from the brain that stimulates sleep and I have to take prescribed sleeping tablets, as I have not had a natural sleep for the past 18 years.  4) My senses have become exceptionally more heightened, I am unable to be nearby where there is a radio playing, due to its frequency levels. 5) I am also affected by bright light, [including sunshine] and on occasions my nervous system is sensitive it makes the slightest touch of an object painful.

It was also during this period when my body would suddenly start to change in its physical form, which was witnessed by many individuals. I  would be my normal size 12, slim with a flat abdomen, but within seconds my abdomen would begin to rapidly enlarge and take on the shape of a heavily pregnant woman within the last stages of labour.  1) I was rushed up to the delivery unit at the local hospital in an ambulance and prepared for labour on two different occasions. I knew I wasn’t pregnant, but everyone who saw my condition thought I was about to give birth. I did try to tell people, I wasn’t pregnant only unfortunately no one would listen to me. 2) One man, a Mr. Terrance Upton who was standing in my kitchen and witnessed the entire change of my abdomen was so frightened by what he saw that he ran out of my house. 3) When this changing of my body occurred in front of a Dr. Bamber. I knew she was going to call an ambulance and I didn’t want to go through it all again.

Page 3 – 8th August 2010

I had not told her about my NDE’s before, but in sheer desperation, I then mentioned them to her as I did not want to be rushed back up to the hospital.    However, she stood looking at me with a horrified expression on her face and simply shook her head saying, “In all my 21 years of medical practice I have never seen anything like this before.” 4) This was the same attitude/remarks made by every Doctor who saw it.

Finally on the last occasion I was rushed up to the hospital and prepared for labour. The mystery for what was happening to me was finally revealed. As the doctor’s and nurses rushed around my bed I went into an NDE, and gave birth to a baby from my spirit. The birth did not occur in the traditional manner a woman gives birth, the baby in the spirit rose up and out of my spirit’s abdomen. From that day on my body never changed in its physical form again. Eventually, I was discharged from the hospital.

This is now the period in which I began to write, ‘spiritual writings.’ Now my consciousness that governs the human spirit within the brain had reached its peak in conjunction with the normal human conscious level. I was still experiencing my NDE’s in which I would go through the light into the afterlife; these particular NDE’s became more frequent, [sometimes as often as two/three times a night].

However, after my spirit was permitted to re-enter back into my body, rather than being able to slowly regain a full normal conscious level. I became of the consciousness that governs the human spirit, which caused me to go into a trance state of consciousness and it was during this trance state of consciousness when I was consciously unaware that I had begun writing pages and pages of ‘Spiritual writings.’ I would eventually wake-up to find my head slumped over my desk and had no recollection as to how I got from my bed after my NDE to my desk in the corner of my bedroom. 

The contents of the writings on the pages in front of me were incredibly explosive and they had been written in an almost biblical context style of writing. I did not re-read everything I had written, due to the fact I was physical exhausted, however, every time this trance state occurred, I would find pages full of writings scattered across my desk.

When on occasions, I scanned through the pages, I was amazed to realize that the contents of these pages were describing my NDE’s since they first began in 1987, and then giving the explanation for all of my NDE’s. I also noticed that sections of the spiritual writings changed in their style of writing. These particular pages covered the encounters my spirit had experienced with a spirit who was no longer of a physical life.


Page 4 – 8th August 2010

It was clear my trance state of this spiritual consciousness had been used to channel their particular communications. They had revealed their names/identity and clearly wrote their intended messages.

Some came from the spirit of Nostradamus decoding his past prophecies; others were pages upon pages of new children’s characters, illustrations, stories, the formats for feature films and blue-prints of seven new theme parks. These pages were signed by the spirit, [revealing name and identity] of whom had authored the text. One message was particular clear, [and I do remember having several NDE’s with his spirit], “Bring Back The Fairytale” was constantly scribbled across many pages. Sections of text related to historical events, man’s future, various passages from the Book of Revelations of St. John and the Shroud of Turin. Then of course there were the many pages containing illustrations and explanations of how the three levels of consciousness interacted together with each other. Together these particular pages combined a ‘Medial Study’ composing of illustrations relating to the coma, mental illness, death, additions. The Study was titled, ‘Science of The Human Mind: A New Spiritual Aware: The Third Consciousness of Human Behaviour: Science and Religion Combined.’ This Medical Study will be of interest to the medical fields currently investigating the relationship between the mind and the brain during and after an NDE.

Within the spiritual writings there defiantly seems to be ‘something of interest’ for everyone, all of which appear to indicate towards man’s evolution. However, spirit still hadn’t finished in bringing about the validation of my NDE’s.

It is acceptable that anyone can claim they have been having NDE’s and from such, spiritual writings then came into existence.  The sudden changing of my physical body would require a lot more explaining but I suspect even this could at some point be ‘explained away by sceptics.’ There have been far too many physical witnesses for any sceptic to explain away all their own personal accounts, but nevertheless I am sure attempts would probably be made, as this is part of our human nature.


However, regardless of such, spirit intended their intervention and my NDE’s to eventually become known, not only to the general public but also to all the professional sectors of our learner scholars. I strongly believe this as all the spiritual writings later became submitted as ‘documented evidence within a British Court of Law.’ Never before has the legal system allowed such a volume of documented evidence of a spiritual nature been used as evidence, until these came to be heard in a Court of Law. As a result for the first time ever NDE’s have been proven as factual rather than just an idea/theme/possibility.

Page 5 – 8th August 2010

When my spirit within my NDE’s was permitted to enter into the lives of ‘living individuals,’ my spirit would simply just stand and observe what the individuals were doing; occasionally my spirit would also be shown ‘visions of their futures.’ These NDE’s were also written down within the spiritual writings, and naturally the events that had already happened were confirmed as accurate.

Then there were the NDE’s that I personal believe were permitted to act as a ‘grave warning’ to all of us. Within three NDE’s when my spirit was permitted to enter the physical lives of ‘living people,’ three of these individuals were also permitted to actually be able to ‘see my spirit standing in front of them.’ My spirit was able to see two of these three people standing there pointing at me. I was aware that my spirit was calling out to one woman but her reaction appeared to show that she was unable to hear me. After that occasion of her being actually able to see my spirit, every time, I had a NDE and my spirit was permitted to enter into her ‘physical living life.’ I was aware she could not actually see my spirit but she was able to sense it nearby her within the room and she would start speaking to me. In one of these NDE’s my spirit’s attention was draw to the time on a clock. The following day she came to ask me if my spirit had visited her, I wrote down the time that my spirit had seen displayed on the clock and she confirmed it to be correct.

I believe this occurred to the three individuals rather than just one, as the third individual is the one I believe spirit has given us as a severe lesson, as it was of the man whose spirit, my spirit encountered within my NDE’s in May 1992. Shortly after the NDE that occurred and had altered my conscious states, I had an NDE and found my spirit entering his house through his balcony glass door, [his lounge was upstairs]. I saw him sitting on his couch reading a newspaper, he was too far away to feel the presence of my spirit, [and he was also concentrating on reading the newspaper].

I heard my spirit call out to him by his name. It was obvious he heard my spirit call out to him, as he looked up and stared directly at where my spirit was standing. His facial expression suddenly changed, his features expressed the look of sheer terror. He jumped up and started running around his lounge in a panic as if he was looking for something.

I heard my spirit call out his name again and I had my arms held out open towards him, as if to beckon him towards me. In what can only be described as a rage, he raced towards my spirit with his arm held up in the air and his fist clenched tight. It was obvious his intention was to attack my spirit. Only as he neared my spirit, I felt a force pull my spirit backwards out through his balcony glass door, my spirit was then returned back into my body and I eventually came out of my NDE experience.

Page 6 – 8th August 2010

The following day, I went down to visit this man at his house. He had been the first individual who had actually been able to hear and see my spirit at the same time. I desperately wanted to talk to him to try and find out ‘why this had been allowed to happen.’ I thought perhaps now I had been given the opportunity to tell him about what had been happening between us within the past few months. 

When I arrived at his home, I noticed it was in semi darkness. I walked down his driveway and suddenly began to feel I was treading on something, crunching under my shoes. It was particulars of glass. I instinctively looked up at his balcony glass door. I was shocked to see there was a gaping hole, [the size of a human figure] in the glass of his balcony door, which was in the exact place where my spirit had entered the evening before. 

The rest of the glass in the balcony door was intact as too was the glass of the second sliding balcony door, there was no threads of a shattering, just a huge clear hole. The man was not at home and so I left. The next time I actually saw him, I was out with a female friend. I walked up to speak to him but the moment he saw me approaching; I noticed his facial expressions change to fear. He began to run but he had to pass me and as he did he screamed out, “You’re dangerous you are.” I was speechless, I appreciate he was obviously afraid by what happened but I also needed to know why this had occurred.

This particular NDE was to be the first of many in which my spirit was permitted to ‘visit’ him within his ‘physical life.’  Only in all the other NDE’s that followed, he too was now unable to see my spirit standing there beside him but he was indeed able to feel my presence, as he would waft his arms around in the air and even attempt to hide away in different places in his house, such as behind a door or in a walk-in wardrobe but obviously my spirit was able to see through physical doors and walls.

The logic, yet most incredible and even rather strange reality of this is what most people would consider as being an actual ‘haunting.’ Individuals who have studied the phenomenon and are experts in spiritual occurrences often claim a haunting occurs when there is a ‘spirit/ghost who has unfinished business’ here or in some cases it is when ‘a spirit/ghost can not or do not accept they are no longer alive’ and so they are caught amongst the living.

However, this is the first case when the spirit who is haunting the living person is the spirit of another living person. So what was the reason for why my spirit was so focused on this particular man? And is there any physical proof to support this strange state of affairs?


Page 7 – 8th August 2010

There is actually a grain of irony truth in people who claim, ‘a haunting occurs when there is a spirit/ghost who has unfinished business here.’ The fact that I did not always re-read through the spiritual writings was the reason why I missed the reason for my ‘unfinished business.’ During some of my NDE’s after my spirit had started invading this man’s physical life. My spirit would be shown him standing by a playground watching children and other disturbing visions.

When I eventually plucked up the courage to go back and visit him. I could sense a strong evil force around him and my whole body shook with fear. He attacked me, [and according to my medical records my wounds were equal to being attacked by ten men]. He also informed me he would ensure I would loose my own children, as far as I was concerned, I never wanted to ever set eyes on this man again but that was a choice I was making within my physical life. I even packed up and tried to leave town but it was too late. He had already set the wheels into motion and I lost my three beautiful children, [for 6 months] my home and all my personal belongings. I was now left to walk the streets homeless. The more I tried to ignore what my NDE’s were showing my spirit, the more frequent they occurred. It was as if a terrible war had begun in the heavens and he and I were stuck right in the middle of it.

Then his late father gave my spirit a message for his son, “Tell him to stop what he is doing or he’ll go to prison.” I couldn’t bring myself to go back to his house; I lacked both courage and I feared being anywhere near him. My main concern was my own children and so I had no choice but to go to the local police. Only when I told them that this man was going to hurt children, the police naturally wanted to know, ‘how I knew such.’ I had no choice but to tell them about my NDE’s and you can imagine that did not go down very well, and so nothing was done about him but I ended up being the towns joke.

My NDE’s became even more forceful and my spirit was constantly night after night entering his physical life to stand watching him. Then I had an NDE [about 3 months later] in which my spirit was shown a young girl crying and walking into a police station, and my spirit was told, “Go to the police and report him.” I did as my spirit was told to do but I still remember to this day, as I walked down to the police station questioning myself, “What am I going to report him for?” Then I remembered how he had assaulted me and this had been written down on medical notes [but at the time I had refused to say who had done it] and so that was what I reported him for. The following day two CID officers came to visit me and asked me if I knew of a young girl who lived in Fleetwood? I didn’t.

The police officers went to question him but apparently they mentioned my name first. The man was more than happy to tell them about how I had lost my own children.

Page 8 – 8th August 2010

He was a millionaire and was now using this status to entrap young girls, hurt them and if they reported him, he would say that they were trying to blackmail him. The police accepted his explanation about me but then asked him about the other girl. She was the one my spirit had seen within my NDE, and apparently she had gone to the police at the exact time as my NDE. The police would not believe his story when he tried to tell them there were two girls, who were both trying to blackmail him yet they did not know anything about him. The police arrested him for raping the girl, and then on searching his home they found the indecent images of children. The man went to prison for nine months.

Although now my spirit had finally stopped entering into his physical life to stand observing him, my NDE’s connecting to him were far from over. My spirit was shown that he would come to rape again and within the Spiritual writings, even her name was revealed. I had to try and stop him but I didn’t know how. I began reading through the spiritual writings as I was sure the answer would be amongst the hundreds of pages. Each page had been dated, so it was impossible to now begin writing them [after the events had taken place]. It was like putting a huge jigsaw together. I was horrified to discover that there had been, acts of perjury committed within our legal system and false records written to cover up my involvement. I now realised I had enough evidence to put this man back in prison before he could hurt any other child. I went to see lawyer after lawyer but once I mentioned my NDE’s they refused to act on my behalf. I had no choice but to take this man to court myself and represent myself; Blackpool Courts. Sadly, by the time my case was ready for the court hearing, the man had already raped again. This time he got a seven year prison sentence. The lesson that spirit has proven beyond question is that we are all answerable to our free choices in life and that we would be wise to choose wisely.

Finally, you may wish to learn how my NDE’s are now affected the physical lives of individuals? I am still using the consciousness that governs the human spirit within the brain that became active in conjunction with the normal human conscious level during the periods when I am awake; naturally it is understandable that this level uses a greater amount of mental activity and I am unconsciously absorbing their own energies, which renders them within 10/15 minutes of being in my company drained. This then appears to activate their spiritual consciousness. I also can not go out and socialize normally, as the telepathic energies picks up on everything. One friend who has developed this more than anyone else only has to think of me and I know to telephone her straight away.



Page 9 – 8th August 2010

Another lady who visits me, began to have spiritual experiences, in which she sees and communicates with spirit who have been part of my NDE’s and she confirms certain things that I know she has neither read about or I have spoken to her about. Another man who knows of my NDE’s reported that he began to sense his own spirit starting to leave his body. A carpet cleaner came last week to quote me a price for cleaning my carpets. He knew nothing about me personally but within 10 minutes of my company, he began to feel very weak and drained and had to go outside for fresh air. He said he has never before felt anything like it and at first, he actually thought he had been drugged. These are just a few examples.

My NDE’s now seem to be more in the present, I will have an NDE and my spirit is shown a vision on the night or the night before the actually event occurs.                 

Many people have also sensed a strange presence around me. Although, the central heating is on full, they feel a freezing cold chill in the air, which moves around the room. I am aware of what is occurring but obviously it is not ‘something’ I can explain to most people as I do not wish to cause them to feel afraid. Some people, [even those who know me and about my NDE’s] when they feel the chill they will move to a different place in the room, moments later they are feeling the freezing presence around them again, as the spiritual entity is actually following them.