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Beth F's Experience

Experience description:   

I have experienced two out of body episodes – both of the events were precognitive.  I will share both stories with you. I was not taking any prescriptions and there was no life threatening event.  

The first dream occurred when I was around 38 (I’m 50 now.) I worked in a 4 story late 1800’s Queen Anne Victorian in downtown Modesto. I was an advertising rep for our local cable TV company and worked on the 3rd floor. The persons whom I dreamt about worked in the basement for channel 9. The only association I had with the two people in my dream was our shared weekly sales meetings. Every Wednesday we would meet for 30 minutes and share creative ideas. The female in my dream was a successful sales person for channel 9 and the winner of many Eagle awards, and she worked for the company for 18 years. The male in my dream was her manager. Her name was Susan, his name was Bob. 

The dream: 

I was in the basement and hovering over Susan and Bob. I was close to the ceiling. He was firing her. She was extremely frustrated because she didn’t feel that she had done anything wrong. (I don’t know if I can’t remember why he fired her or if he never said why he fired her but the overall feeling was that she had done something unethical.) When I awoke I told my husband about the dream and how it all seemed so real. 

That morning I went to work and was at the copy machine on the first floor. Susan was waiting for me to finish so she could use the copier. When I saw her I remembered my dream and shared it with her. She laughed and then asked what it was that she had done to get fired. I told her that I couldn’t remember but that what I could remember was that she had done something unethical. Her manager was a few feet away getting his messages from our receptionist and overheard me talking about my dream. One hour later Bob walked into my office on the 3rd floor and asked me how I knew that he was going to fire her. I was shocked when he told me that he had just fired her and that she just finished cleaning out her desk. When I asked what “unethical” thing she had done he told me that she was using the company credit cards to take her family out to restaurants instead of taking clients out. He told me that she was frustrated because she felt that it wasn’t unethical.  

Note: The dream was vivid and in color, I felt emotions and smelled odors. When I have these types of dreams I intuitively know they will come true because of the “realness” of them; color, scents, emotion, etc. The same “realness” applies to the next dream that came true: 

Dream II: 

I was in a military helicopter and, instead of hovering over the people like in my first dream, I was actually standing (or at eye level.) I counted  around a dozen men – all in uniform. They were panicking and yelling but they weren’t hysterical. They were trying to fix a problem with little to no time left before crashing. I could smell electrical burning and there were sparks coming out of a metal box on the wall. I could hear the sound of the helicopter rotor slowing down – kind of a wha..wha..wha sound and then it crashed. At this point I woke up in a sweat which woke up my husband - it was around 3am. I told him about the details of the dream but that I didn’t know where they crashed. The next day I turned on the computer and MSN’s headline was of a Army Black Hawk helicopter that crashed in N.Y. and 11 of the 13 soldiers were killed. The date was March 11, 2003.

During both dreams I felt as though I was wide awake and in the moment. Unlike crazy strange dreams where things change rapidly and images are strung together randomly, these images were sequential – it was like watching a movie only you’re in it.  

I shared my experiences with my family as well as many déjà vu experiences which I believe are from precognitive dreams. If I have a “life like” dream about one of my family members I tell them. If I tell them not to board an airplane because in my dream it crashed they will not board that plane.