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Experience description:   

I began praying to God when I was 4, day and night I prayed to Him. Initially I prayed the 'Our Father', and The "Hail Mary" prayer. By the time I was 7 years of age, I read enough of the NT to know Jesus did not want us to recite repetitiously prayers over and over, and that He gave us the 'Our Father as the prime example of how to pray. Especially that we should prayer to the God our Father, and ask all request in the Name of Jesus. So I made up my own sincere prayer. Such as "Dear God, help me to not be a stumbling block to anyone, but rather let me be a stepping stone for them to know YOU and your good ways."  

In the Spring of 1960, I saw my body in my bed as I rose above my bed and then out the Window and I kept rising up and up watching my home and neighborhood and the land where I lived in getting smaller until I actually rose above the Earth looking at Earth, then I found myself entering a very very beautiful landscape of rolling hills, lots of Greenery of plants, trees, and colorful flowering plants, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, it was very very awesomely beautiful, but then I pondered why I did not see any living creatures at all, anywhere. I felt very lonesome. Next I was back in my body, and I pondered about what I saw, I loved what I saw, but it seemed so lonely. Is this place, and I wondered if this beautiful place was prepared for future living beings. I would think about this place every once in awhile over the years that have past till now. 

In Spring of 1964, I was in the habit of feeding Squirrels nuts, mostly peanuts. Sometimes in my yard, sometimes in my bedroom window sill on the 3rd floor. In the yard one day as I was throwing peanuts to the squirrels, my free hand was holding peanuts felt some plants with stickers, Then I realized that we had no stickers where I was sitting, I looked down and saw a squirrel gently trying to pull a peanut from my clenched fingers. Another time a friendly squirrel jumped on my lap, I panicked and stood up, but then I realized the squirrel was meant me no harm, he just wanted a peanut. From my 3rd floor window I would break up the hard nuts such as pecans and walnuts for the squirrels, a familiar black squirrel was a regular customer. But one day I decided to give him a walnut that I did not crack open. The black squirrel took the walnut away and was chewing on it. Then he stopped trying chewing the walnut and decided it was hard work. So he jumped back on the window sill and entered my room, holding the walnut with his two paws, looking at me, and seemingly pleading with his eyes for me to crack the walnut for him. So I took it from his paws, he handed it to me, and I cracked it open with my nut cracker, and put it back on the window sill, I closed the window, and he ate the fruit of the walnut. 

This leads to my 2nd out of body experience. I laid on my bed and was pondering what it must be like a squirrel. And often I included God in my thoughts and I asked God what it is like being a squirrel. It may have been a dream, but I was on the tree branch on the Big Tree near my window in a squirrel's body. I could see my house and yard as i looked around, then I started to move around and was jumping from branch to branch. I decided to go up the tree until i could see my own window. but it was dark inside, so I did not see much there. Next thing I know, I was in body in my bedroom looking out the window at a squirrel who looked at me and went his way. I was 12, and it seemed so real to me. 

My 3RD out of Body experience happened when I was 50 years old in late 2002. It was similar to my first experience. My Spirit leaves my body and rises above the Earth, and I find myself sitting at a table with three other beings in human bodies. They approached me with an offer for my future, I could return to Earth, to my family, and I would face very difficult times. Or I could be sent to another planet in the universe where I would be born into, that they could use me there. (yeah, weird isn't it. I didn't fell that needed on earth.) There was talk back and forth between me and them that I do not remember. It was as if some things we talked about were erased from my memory. I do remember that I decided that I wanted to be with my family, I had 3 children (15, 13, and 9) and I felt needed to be there for them. At that moment, they disappeared and a bright light enveloped me and I perceived that light to be Jesus, and it poured in my chest (Heart?) a flow of of something wonderful (Love?) filling my heart (Chest?) and I felt wonderful. And I awoke and I felt great. Now, having a science (Physics, math, electrical Engineering, and history, earned degrees I had to chose one of them) I probably would have conclude it was just a dream. But this wonderful feeling in my chest last for about two months. Everyday I was expecting it end, but I felt that wonderful pleasure emanating in my chest for about two months. 

The next three years were horrendous and painful, regarding work, then on September 17, 2005. 3 years after my 2002 experience, I had a stroke related to work. It affected my mind, and I was disabled, unable to hold a job. In 2008 my wife and I declared Bankruptcy, and in 2009 we could no longer pay our mortgage or taxes. One shining light is that we are still in our home, I know not why. It's been peaceful. 

So these are my experiences.

At the time of your experience was there an associated life-threatening event?   No 

Was the experience difficult to express in words?  No    

At what time during the experience were you at your highest level of consciousness and alertness?   

1. In the beautiful Landscape I ever seen that had no living creatures, but me at that time. 

2. As a squirrel. 

3. When the bright white light that enveloped me which I recognized as Jesus.

How did your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience compare to your normal everyday consciousness and alertness?      More consciousness and alertness than normal   I still have vivid memories of these events while many things I do not remember, and I have memory problems due to my stroke.

Please compare your vision during the experience to your everyday vision that you had immediately prior to the time of the experience.
   I can recall the experiences well enough, before and after I do not recall beyond what I wrote above.

Please compare your hearing during the experience to your everyday hearing that you had immediately prior to the time of the experience.

1. The Beautiful Landscape was silent. 

2. The squirrel one I heard sounds of branches moving as I jumped on them. 

3. We had a discussion going on. They spoke to me and I them. The light was physical, no discussion.

Did you see or hear any earthly events that were occurring during a time that your consciousness / awareness was apart from your physical / earthly body?   Yes   Only the squirrel one. I felt breezes and the branches moving as I jumped around. The other two were beyond this world.

What emotions did you feel during the experience?   Exuberance. I was not nervous or afraid.  

Did you pass into or through a tunnel?   No  

Did you see an unearthly light?   Yes   Yes when I was 50, as described above.

Did you seem to encounter a mystical being or presence, or hear an unidentifiable voice?   I encountered a definite being, or a voice clearly of mystical or unearthly origin
What I wrote above.

Did you encounter or become aware of any beings who previously lived on earth who are described by name in religions (for example: Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, etc.)?   Yes   On 1st experience above, I felt a presence, but did not see any living thing.

Did you encounter or become aware of any deceased (or alive) beings?   Yes   Jesus, when I was 50. plus 3 others, who talked with me at a table. I saw their faces. I remember thinking back then they looked a bit like pirates.

Did you become aware of past events in your life during your experience?   No   NO

Did you seem to enter some other, unearthly world?   A clearly mystical or unearthly realm
The 3rd one, the Light that poured an energy into me that felt great and it lasted about two months. The best I ever felt.

Did time seem to speed up or slow down?   No

Did you suddenly seem to understand everything?   No

Did you reach a boundary or limiting physical structure?   Uncertain
I saw the beautiful Landscape, I seemed to be floating from above. 

I saw the 3 men, the wood brown table, we were sitting and talking in a room with brownish walls, no bright light until Jesus arrived and the romm disappeared.

Did you come to a border or point of no return?   No

Did scenes from the future come to you?  No 

During your experience, did you encounter any specific information / awareness suggesting that there either is (or is not) continued existence after earthly life (“life after death”)?   Yes   yes, as I wrote above.

During your experience, did you encounter any specific information / awareness that God or a supreme being either does (or does not) exist?   Yes   Jesus came as light, and three men talking about my future, back to Earth, or on to another planet.

During your experience, did you encounter any specific information / awareness that you either did (or did not) exist prior to this lifetime?   Uncertain   Being offered to live on another Planet suggest I may have lived on another planet, or Earth, prior to my current life, and I will be somewhere upon death here.

During your experience, did you encounter any specific information / awareness that a mystical universal connection or unity/oneness either does (or does not) exist?   No  

During your experience, did you encounter any specific information / awareness regarding earthly life’s meaning or purpose?   No  

During your experience, did you encounter any specific information / awareness regarding earthly life’s difficulties, challenges, or hardships?   No  

During your experience, did you encounter any specific information / awareness regarding love?   Yes   Love was passing from the light whom I intuitively knew was Jesus. My Lord and Savior.

During your experience, did you encounter any other specific information / awareness that you have not shared in other questions that is relevant to living our earthly lives?   No  

Did you have a sense of knowing special knowledge or purpose?   Uncertain   Nothing clearly relayed, but to love, love , love.

What occurred during your experience included:   Content that was both consistent and not consistent with the beliefs you had at the time of your experience   I was not expecting 'pirates' to visit me, nor Jesus coming into me as Light, and that awesome feeling in my chest that last day after day, for about two months, perhaps a little less than two months. It was amazing lasting as long as it did.

How accurately do you remember the experience in comparison to other life events that occurred around the time of the experience?   I remember the experience more accurately than other life events that occurred around the time of the experience   1. They were very vivid, unforgettable, stayed in my memory. 

2. Other life events I have forgotten, specially since my stroke which damaged my recall of memories past. But it did not effect these 3 experiences.

Discuss any changes that might have occurred in your life after your experience:   Joy that God is with me. looking after me.

My experience directly resulted in:   No changes in my life

Did you have any changes in your values or beliefs after the experience that occurred as a result of the experience?  
Uncertain   I've loved God at least from when I was four years old. The experiences reinforce His love for me.

Do you have any psychic, non-ordinary or other special gifts after your experience that you did not have before the experience?   No  

Are there one or several parts of your experience that are especially meaningful or significant to you?    
Yes, but I can't put it in words.

Have you ever shared this experience with others?  
Uncertain  I may have, but I do not recall.

Did you have any knowledge of near death experience (NDE) prior to your experience?   No  

What did you believe about the reality of your experience shortly (days to weeks) after it happened:   Experience was definitely real  

What do you believe about the reality of your experience at the current time:   Experience was definitely real  

Have your relationships changed specifically as a result of your experience?   No  

Have your religious beliefs/spiritual practices changed specifically as a result of your experience?   No  

At any time in your life, has anything ever reproduced any part of the experience?   Yes   The hard times that were predicted.

Is there anything else that you would like to add about your experience?   No.

Did the questions asked and information that you provided accurately and comprehensively describe your experience?   Yes   To the best of my knowledge, and as I perceived it to be.

What could a national organization with an interest in near death experience (NDE) do that would be of interest to you?        Love, Love, Love. and trust God. Accept the atoning blood of Jesus for washing away all your sins - Past, present, and future, receive the Holy Spirit, and follow Jesus.

Are there any other questions that we could ask to help you communicate your experience?                  No, I never thought it important, just interesting. there will be a new heavens and a new earth, perhaps another planet elsewhere. Perhaps a bit better, and perhaps I'll be a bit better.