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I have many SOBE and OBE experiences. More of my SOBE experiences occurred a few years ago before I practiced OBE exercise. I practiced OBE using the state between wake and sleep. Using an affirmation, I affirm that my body will sleep but I am still aware! And all my OBEs occurred after I fell asleep. Generally I can fly and pass through the wall, ceiling, and roof. I can see my physical body sometime. I can go anywhere in a second. I have seen your Liberty statue and feel the sand of the moon in my hand.  But I will share the exciting one. 

I feel tired after a full day journey. I fall into sleep very early. Suddenly I feel something wrong with myself and my body. I am out of my physical body. Then I remember it is the time for me to explore more than before (I always want to get more OBE experiences). As I want to go far away, then I move upward passing through my ceiling and my roof. I can see my roof from a plan view. I feel excited. WOW! I am up and up, suddenly 'Oops' I can't see my house...the earth. I only see many stars blink. Wow, it's wonderful! But after that I feel fear. Not long after that, I am pulled into my body. But I can't move into my body. I try hard enough and concentrate at my will to move in, I can do it! Then I realize that I have an excited OBE experience.  I didn't wait until morning, I shared my wife about it at that night (past midnight)


I give you permission to post my article on the website. In my country (eastern) few people can accept my experience. So I would like to share with others on the other side
Thank you. Namaste, Antonius W S