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Morning Dec 9 (Tuesday, ended 5:45AM):


As usual, I suggested that I’d project from a dream and I’d have 100% lucidity and that in my reality check I’d remember who I was, where I lived, and where I worked (last time I didn’t remember it. I was in an outdoors place, near an ocean and there was some kind of games (festival) in the streets (all Brazilians for what I gathered). At one point I began to jump up and float, and in one of the jumps I paid close attention at my left knee (I suffer from advanced arthritis caused by a sports injury and have trouble walking) I did not feel a thing! From the streets I floated to an enclosed area with rooms and corridors. There I met a woman who shoed me around. At one point I asked her if many “projected” people showed up there, and she told me no. I asked why I was there then, and she told me it was because my spirit was there. I did not understand what she said and asked if that was my “native spiritual community,” and now it was apparently she who didn’t understand. I asked if I lived there before coming to earth (reincarnating), and if I’d be returning there when I died but I don’t know if she replied or not, for I don’t remember.


Suddenly I had Gabriela (my daughter) in my arms and thought whether I had sense of smell out of the body. So I smelled Gaby’s hair and smelled the scent of her shampoo. Then I sent her on the ground and noticed that Ana (my other daughter) was there too. I looked back and saw someone taking my silver cord from over his left shoulder. Then I looked at Ana’s silver cord and saw a stretched, silky silver thread, then I saw it larger, as a slacked ? silver ribbon and checked both of my daughters to see if they were intact. And they were. I asked the lady what was the risk of the silver cord snapping there, and she said none.  I told her, amazed, that it was really true that we do not die, because that place was real (not a dream) but a real place.


    Next we ran into some men and I stopped to talk to them, and talked to them extensively, while the girls played nearby. I told him again that I was amazed to have discovered that there’s life after death. And saw that they had a large barbecue grill and were barbecuing sausage (the type we barbecue in Brazil). Then I told him that in one of my trips I met a young man who told me that he loved the gaucho soup there, and a man to my left heard it and came to tell him that it was really delicious (he was a gaucho). I asked somebody’s name and he told me, and I asked it they had to have a name there, and he said yes. Some of these men had blemished on their faces, like small sores, and some were unkempt.


    The guy whom I talked to the most said that he was 41 years old (probably the age he died) and they had no qualms about being “dead”. This same guy told me that he would spend only two months there, when I asked him where he’ d go next he said Brazil, and I figured that he’d be reincarnating. I was surprised about the short length of time, may be the time is not the same as we know it. I tapped the man’s shoulder before I left him and said that we’d talk longer when I came back for good.


    Then I left there and met the lady again, who asked me if I’d give an interview to a radio station. “A radio station from earth or from here?” I asked, and she said that it was from there. I agreed and she gave me a small microphone to talk into, and I was asked to tell about me, and I said my full name, that I lived in Miami, and worked on One Biscayne Tower, suite 6100, which is incorrect information. Next I was asked what car I had, and I said a Nissan Quest, I was asked what color and I said, gray (all this info is correct) then I tried to remember the license plate and I gave her part of the number because I can’t even remember it when I'm in the body.


     Right after I left the man I was talking with I asked the lady if my girls had gone back, for I didn’t see them, I she said no and pointed them on the other side and they were playing with their silver cords, which became entangled, I tried to disentangle them but couldn’t, then I checked mine and there were some knots on it.


    The radio station thing was a part of some kind of game that was participating, which was part of the festival, but I didn’t know that I was in it.


    This was one of the most vivid experiences I had. When I came back to the body my heart was racing and raced for about 30 seconds. At the same moment I woke up I heard my daughter Ana moving on her bunk bed above the on I was sleeping in. Gaby had gone to my bed at 1 in the morning, and I went to hers. Ana didn’t remember any of it.



November 30 – around 1:45 AM (Sunday):


Before falling asleep I affirmed that I was going to know that I was dreaming and at that point I’d project myself from the dream. I became conscious flying over a long roll of tall trees and as soon as I noticed I was projected I yelled: “I knew I was gonna fly tonight, and this is wonderful. My name is Admir S."  (I worked at Ericson in Brazil from 1975 – 1982), then it came the thought that I no longer worked at Ericsson;  I tried to remember where I worked but couldn’t. I looked down again and saw a broad street lined up with houses on either side. Then I said, “Get down and check it out.” And instantly I was standing in the middle of the street. The street seemed to be unpaved, but it wasn’t dusty. The houses were small, painted white (immaculate) and somewhat baroque architecture, typical of old Brazilian towns.

   Up ahead, about 10 yards in front of me, I saw a young man coming down the street, looking for someone, to my right, across from this man another young man appeared, and the first asked where so and so lived (I heard the name and repeated it to myself to memorized, but cannot remember it.) I passed by them I said something in the way of greeting and proceeded. I crossed another street and looking down I saw some young men playing soccer in a dirt field, enclosed by a wire fence. (A setting very typical of Brazil). I meant to keep going up, but went down with the idea of jumping the fence and try to keep the soccer ball with them. I was totally aware that I was projected, that it wasn’t a dream. I thought of jumping the fence when I approached them and saw myself inside, and immediately surrounded by 4 or 5 of them.


    One tall guy, probably in his early or middle twenties asked me where I was from and I said that I lived in Miami, and thought to myself that I should tell them that I was projected, but didn’t, but I have the impression that they knew it. When I said that I lived in Miami, the guy told me that I could not imagine how far was from home. Then I asked him if he could show me in a map where I was in relation to the earth. He said that they could and one of the kids went to get something for this purpose.


    I then asked this guy (the only one I spoke with, the others just stood around me. We spoke in Portuguese), I asked him where he was from and he said “Carandiru” a suburb in the North part of Sao Paulo where I lived and I told him that I used to live in Vila Gustavo, near Carandiru and he said that he knew it. I told him that I used to get off the metro at that station and asked him if he knew that the prison there had been demolished, he knew about the prison, but I don’t remember if he knew they were build a park in its place. Near Carandiru was also a slum, which was demolished and replaced with cheap apartment houses. I don’t know if he might have been a resident there, or even a prisoner, for the prison held about 10,000 inmates.


     I mentioned to him that I liked the town, that it reminded me of my native town, Bocaina. I asked him if he knew how many people lived there, but he didn’t. Then I asked him if studies and entertainment were their regular activities there and he said they were. I asked him if he liked it there and he said he did. He also said that he liked a “Caldo Gaucho” (soup) but I’ve never heard of caldo gaucho. I will find out what it is. (DEC 5, 03: I just found caldo gaucho in the internet (I had never in my life heard about  or eaten it:  CALDO GAÚCHO Feijăo Manteiga, Bacon, Carne de Sol, Peito de Frango, Dobradinha e Mocotó.)


     The kid who had left to get something to show me where the place was brought some material with him but I couldn’t tell what it was, I had the impression he was going to assemble some kind of figure, and I told the guy was spoke with that my energy was weakening and that I might leave soon, and I took deep breaths to keep it up, but soon awoke. I felt I strong pressure on my chest and heart, and got up to drink water.


Morning of Sep. 22 (Monday):


SIMPLY AWESOME: I became lucid in a huge meeting hall  were hundreds of people were meeting, many walking in an out, a stairway connected the outside with the inside of the area. No sooner I had entered the place and girl took my hand and led me flying outside, and I found myself flying over people entering the from. The girl left me floating under the most gorgious, blue, sparsely cloudy sky which partially hid the sun, "What a marvelous thing, people!” I shouted.


I then returned to the meeting hall and saw a room, I entered in the reception area and saw a woman dressed in white, like a nurse. I asked if that place was a recuperation place (for the recently diseased). She told me to ask another woman, who was coming to the reception area, and so I did, but the regreted and appologized saying that it didn’t matter, for I knew that it was it.


I left the room and walked outside and saw at a distance a person sitting on a “curb”. He had his faced covered with a dirty bandana typical of Brazilian farmworker, mainly those engaged in suggar cane cutting. I approached him and said that he’d grow older sooner if he kept a sad face, that by smiling he’d exercise many facial muscles and wouldn’t wrinkle so soon. At that he stood up and faced me, then 3 or 4 other guys surrounded me and I noticed they were all farmwokers, the had bad front teeth, very common among farmworkes. I asked the one on my left where he was from and he sai “Branca” (White). Possibly the nickname of a farm, like Santa Branca, also common in Brazil. It could also be Franca, a city in the the State of Sao Paulo with many farms around. Another told me he was from Santa Rita (a very common farm name in Brazil) and another said, Clemente (Sao Clemente??) A short exchange followed and soon all of them walked away, and one of them asked me “Are you always happy like that?” I said, “Yes, because life is marvelous.”


They left and I walked outside, and awe struck me hard. I was in a farm! Looking at rolling hills typical of the State of Sao Paulo, a wire fence separated the buildings and the farm, I approached the fence and saw as clear as i’ve always seen in person a bunch of mourning doves, one next to the other, pecking at scraps of food on a cement structure, and to my right, 4 or 5 cows, black and white (Zebu type) were munching on the grass. I tried to cross the fence, pushing my body against it, but couldn’t go through, the fence was also from astral material, I felt like jumping up and flying over it, but intuition told me not to. Marveled I walked along the fence, beholding the scenery. I hear children talking on the back and crossed the dirt street, and found myself in from of a cafeteria. I heard the clanking of silver ware and walked towards a door intent in getting in, but someone by my side, whom I didn’t see told me that I was not allowed to go in.


   At that moment I lost lucidity, and soon found myself flying over a tall building, and “swam” in the air to gain flying speed and noticed that I was over a large, sleeping city. I looked down and saw a Brazilian flag over a doorway. Soon after that I landed in a grassy back yard near a lemon or orange tree, and no sooner had I landed and glanced around two dogs saw me and started barking, coming to near, I startled because I was sure that that was a real city and the dogs were real dogs and couldn’t see me, but they did and I returned to my body.