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We appreciate your interest in considering volunteer service with OBERF (see "VOLUNTEER INTEREST FORM" below)!  We have a number of interesting projects ongoing, and could certainly use some help.  We hope our efforts together will help us all understand the message of Spiritual Spectrum Events. Your volunteer service submission will not be shared with any other party unless you grant explicit permission.  You will receive no commercial solicitations from this site as a result of your completing the following form. 

Be sure to click the "Volunteer Submit" button below to submit completed form (THANKS)!

*** PLEASE avoid using commas (,) or quotation marks (") in your entries below as it greatly compounds data entry!  (Though if you accidentally do... we'll work through it :-) THANKS!***

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OBE books & answering questions

OBERF web development (graphics, hosting, upgrades)

Database data entry & manipulation (Software: Access 2000)

Monitoring other web sites for important
OBE material

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