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Regarding the 5th dimension...Not sure what that means either, however as we well know there are various levels/dimensions/realities. I am not sure where exactly I went, I can describe it, however... en route I definitely recall going through 2, could I call them skeins. I took this experience as possible boundaries/borders between different realities/dimensions...whatever? Hence the 5th dimension. I believe this is where we should be aiming for at this stage, as the one closest to us (call it the Astral) is concerned with "Earthly matters" and we need to move beyond that. I have only had his experience once about 8 years ago. On returning to my body I was stunned by the occurrence and feeling I did not have all the answers, managed to fall asleep again, go through the same two skeins, and arrive back where I was before, I asked my question, they, or should I say she, at first surprised that I had made it back, and then laughed/smiled at me saying I would not recall it anyway. My question was "What is my role" She opened a large book with lists of names and the role people were to play written across top of page. I read the word, recognized it, thanked her and awoke in bed. Could I remember the word...NO... but it had about 8 or so letters, I seem to go along with "facilitator". I am however unsure. There were about another 10 names on the page. I should add that in front of the woman was along queue of people of all races, ages and sex, I presume awaiting their designations? I comforted a young guy of about 4yrs who was crying and disoriented. The workers in this place seemed to know me, because I was walking around freely. Here comes the cranky part. The workers all had on white "lab coats", and the room next to the one where people were queuing, consisted of a number of glass-enclosed cubicles with reclining chairs. In each was a person with headphones on, being attuned to by a "worker" in a lab coat. My understanding was that they were being given info, that could/would be triggered at the necessary time in the future?

 As I believe I am a well-balanced, intelligent and rational individual, I do not or will not read too much into this experience, suffice to say that it left me wondering just "what the hell had happened!" But at peace, everyone at that place had been friendly and there was a feeling of love and a "sense of duty" on their parts.