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As far as my OBE goes the hardest part to describe is the setting.  It happened about 20 years ago when I was living in Calgary Alberta.  I was driving through a train underpass, the road goes down underneath the train tracks. Two lanes going this way and two lanes going that way, with a big concrete divider in the middle. The lanes were narrow and it always frightened me to drive through it especially if there was a car along side me. I always took the lane next to the divider, drove close to the divider to make room for any car in the other lane.  I always used full concentration when driving through there because it was scary. I was born in Calgary and drove through this thing on a regular basis.  

Then one day I was about to drive through there while paying no  attention at all, when I realized this I got very frightened, then I was out of body about 30' in the air behind the car viewing the  distance between the car and the concrete divider. I watched as the car went through and was steering the car from out of body as it  went through, when ever I moved the steering wheel I was briefly back in the car to watch how much I moved the steering wheel, then out of body again to watch the car go through. Soon as I got by the concrete divider I was back in my body. 

I did not freak out as this happened, just go with the flow. All the correct sounds were in place, while out of body I could hear the car going through and other extraneous sounds from the out of body position, and when I flicked back behind the wheel all the regular sounds from being behind the wheel were there, didn't miss a thing.  I drove through perfectly, not a flinch.  I was so freaked out afterwards I had to stop for coffee at the truck stop just up the road.
  That was the last time I ever drove through there inattentively!!!

This is all true, no BS.